And now for the audience on the spectrum, I present you the last thread (gay):

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Shit thread. Please somebody make one better.
I refuse to post under such under quality thread


Happy Domingo de Ramos, /copalib/!

Easter is upon us! Rejoice!

you mean primeira feira .

Oh no, guys, this dude isn't posting in the new thread
What are we gonna do?

New thread please, argie, o peruano, chilebro, culombia, anyone

domingo is not the first day of the week here, as it should be

Another manga incident ocurred today

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This fella is named after a borges' short story

>“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

all according to the portuga's plan

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>Domingo de Ramos
Fuck I remember when I was a kid and mom would send me to church with a big as palm leaf and I'd get upset because all my friends went with olive branches.
Kids worry about the lamest shit

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Domigo de ramos

Fuck you bahianon

Piscinão de Ramos >>>>

Coxa líder

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Botafogo botafogo campeão...

>Filme dos Trapalhões de 1989 'profetizou' título alvinegro de 2010
Inscrição que aparece em cena anima torcedores do Botafogo após conquista da Taça Guanabara

thinking about getting an electric bike

this is THE kit

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2nd best kit imo after the 1998 one, a shame we threw that match for France

Today is his birthday /copalib/
Say something nice about him

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Pa-pa-pa-parabens Ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-Gago

>strongest gremista
>weakest colorado

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Is this true

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Léo Gamalhovic, señores
Coritiba 2-0 Goiás

Jít Záliv Moje Mrdka

Bellintani OUT

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Com medo DEMAIS do coxa branca.

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They're showing the minute now

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The white kits are nice

so who won the WWIII of avellaneda?

Yes but not for the reasons implied in this picture, an argie player that does well in the argie league is going to be less expensive than a brazilian player that does well in the br league simply because our league fucking sucks and it's much easier to be an outstanding player in a league with teams like Patronato, Central Cordoba, Barracas Central, etc.

>And now for the audience [redacted], I present you the last thread [redacted].
Holy based. Thank you.

>wake up
>dia de rodada do brasileirão
life's good

No, it's a stupid meme made by someone with a victim complex.

the idea of scoring a point in a sports match and taking your shirt off in front of thousands of people it's kinda funny, isn't it

you have never been so excited that you just can't control yourself and you take your shirt off?

Imagine if a player scores a hattrick and take off his shorts and celebrate naked... what would happen.

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just a test

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Palermo scored one time in the last minute and pulled down his shorts, after that Riquelme started dry humping him very intensely

No,it isn't.

los argentinos menos homossexuales:

fuck a.nal

Straightest argentinian players

Love has no sexuality, race, skin tone, or gender, you bigots


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what are some good screen recorders for the equivalent of a janny's weekly wages

I hope you got a good deal on that VPN

this is the year of the island

fuck my internet provider blocked pirate sites
how will i watch footy now


Download SportZone

change provider.

Gabigol Jesus scored

Mais forçados impossível.

>pelé trending on twitter


Jesus confirmed titular in Qatar 2022


why have you never played hax with us anymore

rip Pelé

O reibros...

Pele did WHAT