Haskins killed

Holy shit. F

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Global warming claims another victim.

>walking on a highway
for what reason

In Florida no less. May as well been suicide by cop

>Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Lt. Indiana Miranda

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>walking on a highway
N and S

>dump truck kills eggball negro a week before Resurrection Sunday
Is this another miracle performed by Genarín?

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Some anons were speculating yesterday that he missed the airport exit because he was trying to catch a flight so he left the car on a spot on the side of the road and decided to try to run to the other side so he could get there but sadly he was hit by the guy on the truck. I feel bad cause he was too young to die like this.

>hating nigges is le good
Calm down, 4reddit.

What are hue talking about?

>so he left the car on a spot on the side of the road and decided to try to run to the other side
I live by the area. There is no way anybody could be THAT retarded.

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>third-stringer literal who


Rumour be he ran out of gas like an idiot and had to hop out

Who runs out of gas?

Another case of CTE. Many such cases.

yep his car had run out of gas and he tried running to the other side of the hwy. i'd say it was a risk miscalculation that ended up with him paying an undeserved price.

Reminder not to gamble your life like that over a flight, jesus.

Not multi-millionaires

How high was he?

I would be very surprised if he wasn't stoned out of his mind

I ask because he has the exact same crazy crackhead eyes we see in niggers that live in the streets downtown here

vax claims another one, heh

Are there any video or photos of the scene? Florida is really good about reporting events, that's why Florida Man is such a phenomenon.

As much as I hate the steelers this is really sad, what a crappy way to go.

I know the cars are going fast but i feel like i could quite easily walk across a motorway safely if i had to

>nigger died
Maybe know americans will actually celebrate easter

That’s just hideous

in my opinion, he shouldn't have tried to cross the highway on foot

this was a valiant attempt.

disabled vehicles on highways are actually very dangerous situations. high mortality rate.

It's gigantic, nobody in their right mind would try to walk across that.

It is usually easily but there's always a chance you miscalculate. Humans aren't always the best judgement makers. I always avoid those situations where I can because you never know what can happen.

Freaking out about missing a flight makes more sense than any non-suicide explanation imo. I'm sure when you're a bust/backup they look for any reason to say you're a "bad team guy" so they can cut you

Holy fuck how soulless is American infrastructure and roads.

It's really more of a problem with our white supremacist society, but keep watching fox news

You guys are fucking retarded. He was obviously drunk or high partying in Miami all night. He's a nigger.

A busy highway no chance

go back

Are you implying a sober man wouldn't walk over, across, and through this?

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Mods Sticky plz.

the oppressive white supremacist society that stops black people from crossing busy highways at whim

Even if that was true, does it excuse him dying like this?

I dont think poles are watching fox news user
You anglos are the only nigger worshippers in the world

I'm not excusing anything. I'm just explaining what most likely happened. There's literally people saying the dude was exercising or ran out of gas or something. You guys are dumb as hell.

i h*ckin hate our white supremacist society bros.

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If he was under the influence wouldn't that info be out by now?

He was obviously out jogging and decided to check out a road construction site.

You don't hang out on busy ten lane highways early in the morning?

They're probably just now getting lab results back. It's not like they did a field sobriety test on him

Just another example of the struggles that black quarterbacks face in the NFL. Tom Brady has never once been hit by a dump truck on the Interstate

not really, it happened just yesterday and he was run over by a dump truck. there's probably not much of him even left.

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NFL players after running more than 3m without oxygen masks

Liberals usually go full defensive mode in these instances because he a gud boi dat dindu nuffin

>doesn't have any information to support his stance
>still makes it aggressively

i bet you're smart and have a lot of friends

This. Why was he in south Florida "training"? He can't train to be a backup QB in Pittsburgh? Lol, All he was doing was running train on white girls and getting high.


I read he was training with teamates
Maybe some people from the steelers were really there

>Killed by a truck
Just like in my Japanese animes

that's extremely common, zoomer.

Chris Henry ain't got nothing on this nigga

He was with other teammates. But they are just down there partying and getting high. Why do you have to go to Florida to train to throw a football? Because it's miserable here in Pittsburgh and it's not a great place to party.

Do people not drive here?

>dump truck takes out the trash
Many such cases

>Being 4chins is le reddit
Ask not for whom the deep derps.

What's your argument bucko?

are you saying you would have hit him too or what do you mean?

I didn't know Adam Schefter posted here