The master has become the pupil

The master has become the pupil...

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Emma sucks and knows it. Just milk the sponsors until they realize it as you cruise control through second round exits

Emma does look pretty cute next to the creature that is Osaka


Naomi is clearly MtF

Emma a CUTE :)

they should learn mental strength from each other

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God she's so ugly

I don't really like her but I don't like seeing her cry :(

One of the few pics where emma doesn't have a massive chin

Looking at her upper chest, why does Osaka have a Z necklace? Is she a Putin supporter?

vile creature, yikes

the sponsors isn't the only thing she's milking

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Emma is a STRONG-MINDED, PATRIOTIC, English Rose.

Osaka’s black side is why she’s weak mind, always complaining about something

Who is Chris Evert and why is he commenting on young women?


Sweet emma

Emma is a sweetheart; the goblin is just another nogger.

At least Naomi was good at one point, Emma is just a shitter


EMMA cuckitini YOU SUCK

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Meds. Now.

He's some guy that demonstrated the lack of thick skin while being interviewed by Jim Rome

>I'll now pretend that those hundreds of voices cheering for me around the stadium don't exist and focus solely on this nobody who said I suck

average women mentality, they freak out over one negative comment on insta ignoring all the compliments as well (mostly because they know deep down the praise is empty because they all do that to each other)

Do asians players have a distinct smell to them?

Women are mentally weak. This isn't some new revelation. Two places where people can actually handle and feed off of being booed are MMA and wrestling and yet Ronda Rousey has had a meltdown over being disliked in both. They simply can't deal with criticism because everything has to be perfect and feel good all the time.

It isnt over

k finally decided to google this radacanu bitch since you fags always spam her. she isn't even that good, she peaked at rank 12. The way you guys go on about her i thought she must be a perennial top 5 player.

she's playing her first year on tour u muppet and had a meteoric rise from 350th to 12th in 3 months

I hope they're both lesbians and marry each other eventually with Emma being the passive


If Yea Forums crowdfunds me $5 million I’ll follow her around to every tournament and just call her a nigger until she breaks down for the rest of her life

Which would you rather fuck, emma or naomi?

Don't know what any of that means and you're gay


it means she will be the undisputed GOAT in precisely three years

This is the weakest mind generation of rivals ever.


>calls her a nigger at one tournament
>has a breakdown and retires
>user now has a little less than $5 million to live on

pot shots as in like scrappy returns or like mean twitter comments?

Rams QB


Osaka wore the names of violent criminals on her tournament outfits. No sympathy. Also, she's worth 10s of millions for hitting a ball with a racket.

someone shouted "You suck" at osaka during a match from the crowd and she broke down and started crying

She does suck. Zoomers are weak


Emma is a weak fraud who keeps getting exposed by literal whos, and with clay coming up, her losses will only be even more embarrassing.

Naomi, on the other hand, is starting to get back in form with play as seen in Miami. I expect her to go far in the French Open.

Is that Jimmy Butler?

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Yeah, he got to fuck too

i thought that was fake, how the fuck?


based. too bad you'd just get a lifetime ban from all wta tournaments after the first nigger screech,.

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Emma fags are deranged but next to Osaka she might just be the hottest chick to ever live

Emma is a shitter

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