/mls/ general - BRING THE NOISE edition

>Sun. 4/10
Charlotte FC vs. Atlanta United, 1:30pm EST
Austin FC vs. Minnesota United, 7:30pm

>Tues. 4/12
Cruz Azul vs. Pumas, 10pm (CONCACAF)

>Wed. 4/13
NYCFC vs. Seattle Sounders, 9pm

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Just one of those weeks...

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loons bros

charlotte any good?
we got enough mexicans in the state, we oughta at least be able to make a good soccer team.

>charlotte any good?

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How do we fix Sporting Kansas City?

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They aren't gonna win the spoon this year
Playoffs might be difficult though

Imagine getting this angry over your league-appointed four-year-old zoomerball franchise

Man this is grim

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It's all been downhill since their rigged cup win in 2018

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>Brandt Bronico
Porn star or mediocre pop-country singer?

That's a half-decent lineup, we'll win by 4.


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You damn right


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He's barely done shit with the Fire

Move the franchise to Rochester


Every time I see Gutman I think for a second that it's Michael Bradley

How was the game in Houston yesterday?

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>outdoor stadium in the southeast
>using artificial turf

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this Charlotte crowd is the most plastic, corporate thing I've ever seen in person

For me, it's clit fc

The grass at BoA was always horrendous
No way the ground would have been playable

They should just get better at maintaining it. They clearly have the money now.

... when you don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked

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He is better than your entire league

I expect he will demonstrate that eventually, but he's underwhelmed so far.

god damn man

i never noticed the fucking nyan cat shirt

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how did this guy get a red cross flag, is he in ukraine healing our brave soldiers?

its stunning and saddening to me that i go to all >my team's home games and yet there is still an echelon of autism that i just will never even come close to

i need to put on 200 lbs

also what the fuck did this guy do in his life in his 20s? the team is only like 4 years old, what was his personality before them?

>Cruz Azul vs. Pumas

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based numerical sorcery

>tfw my brother is in the Canadian football league and he says the fans that approach him are way weirder than NFL or College fans

I assume the same is for MLS since they're about the same popularity in their respective countries

Schweinsteiger unironically was better for Chicago, almost took them to a world cup

Pirlo and Zlatan could barely make it in this league, this guy is a literally who

>the man from Cuckfield
I keep forgetting that Dom Dwyer is still playing

No era, unfortunately.

It saves the owners money at the expense of the players. I don't understand the controversy.

Is your body ready?

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Charlotte is a plastic, corporate town

>not even a million people
town is right

Watching the RiNYs on mlsnextpro.com sucks. This big ass black bar at the bottom never goes away.

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Why is Rochester in that league? I thought it was just for MLS development teams.

For anyone still unclear on why the Laffs goal was disallowed yesterday, this explains it very nicely:

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blessed post

Stay mad, bitch boy. :^)

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Vermes needs to go.

I remember when Landon Donovan literally killed one of our players by accident.

I don't

lel Urruti just one-uped that Italian guy, he got up from rolling around in "pain" and immediately scored

Was yours?

It is. I think Garber invited them as a way to kneepcap a NISA expansion market. The PKs after ties are really gay too.
Yes. There's a stadium named after him. I always wondered if that was the reason Landy was such a sad boy.