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>Countdown to the Gran Premio dell' Emilia Romagna e del Made In Italy Pirelli150™ 309,049 all' Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola (BO):

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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 71 (+26)
RUS: 37 (+15)
SAI: 33 (+0)
PER: 30 (+18)
HAM: 28 (+12)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 104 (+26)
Mercedes: 65 (+27)
Red Bull: 55 (+18)
McLaren: 24 (+18)
Alpine: 22 (+6)

>WEC Standings:
HAM: 168.00 (+61.56)
LAT: 149.63 (+48.49)
RIC: 139.54 (+17.09)

Fuel leak for Amx, not the same issue as Bahrain
Vettee: "PAIN"
El Plan: "Noooo bad luck is ruining my plan"

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Reminder to not fall for fake Hamilfag doomposting. The mercedes is still garbage

3st for depressed driver's championship is already over

Spain breos

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There is literally no reason for Vettel not to retire post-haste.

Latest results

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just shave it off bro


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Man, I wish we had some got female drivers or race queens to ogle at..

>Charles said that the Ferrari SC would be 5s quicker than the Mercedes AMG SC.
Not like this Mercedes sisters....

who's on page 1 in Formula Autism?


>leclerc is so fast because all his time spent watching baby shark familiarised him with the porpoising rythm

Verstappen ends up alternating between wins and DNFs for the entire season with zero inbetween

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not me

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Why are there two grand prix in italy. This in not correct and fair

amxbros.... youtube.com/watch?v=dwLCjZVEtpE

Max Gunther did it in FmEme one year iirc
Also FmEme on later today I guess

>3 races of FWL and LWL

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Girl's name?

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Fernando was cursed by Queen Elizabeth in 2007 and the curse will only lift when she dies

>Source is on the webm
How far we've fallen

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Reply to this post with MEMRI memes or this will be the year the dinger gets his 8th.

yes we should have more races in parking lots in bumfuck america and in desert oil sheikdoms

just fuck my shit up

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waiting to get banned desu

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who was the bloody noonga that said it will rain in melb today?


they're 'cute', but that's a guy

Because San Marino is too small to host their own race so they loaned it out to Italy.

Bottasbros, how are we feeling?

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just a bit of cheeky baiting for >girl (You)s my friend. I like getting em, people like giving em

Trust in spaghetti strategy lad. Mercedes is unterhunding something huge to game der kostkappen while RB try to get the taurine mix right in the bio-fuel without blowing up vtec

>su per fast doo doo doodoo dodo doo doo
>fas test lap doo doo doodoo dodo doo doo
>grand slam sharl doo doo doodoo dodo doo doo
>su per fast

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do not redeem cuckass


Oh wait I thought I culled them all


It's on

Why vote ric and not norris? Wasnt ric up his butthole the whole race.

impressive, vettel
very nice

are you shitposting in the football threads again?

It's based and redpilled.

Fernando just wasting away Piastri's youth. What a fag

to whom it may concern:

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Do you think we'll ever see Verstappen move to Ferrari

Perez for the wdc

Got me. Guilty as charged

Oh that's the world standings not FAutism ok

Me. If I remembered to set my team for the first race of the season. And no, this isn't cope.


He would've quali'd 4th if his car didn't break mid lap

Another race of not being able to overtake Tsunoda then somehow ending up in the points
I'll take it I suppose

I still remember the preseason hype

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not unless charl leaves
teams dont want 2 good drivers, they want 1 good driver and 1 cuck

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That's the other Twain.

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>just 5 100pt prediction rounds away from page 1 of the world rankings
meme season = meme predictions tbrh

And then what? He was still slow as shit.

he already burnt that bridge

To be fair there was no signs of Mercedes fucking up their engine

Quite forgettable race for him. Didn't shine, didn't shit, he just was there.

Oh, you weren't even watching. Opinion discarded

my mistake. T Wain is not the same as Twain


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goattas-redemption-arc cancelled?

Leclerc's turn to get a carbaby wdc.


Oh that's it?
Dunno. I kinda like the early starts in super formula, but it feels different for F1. Feels like I didn't even watch the race.

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sir redeem pussy please

by 2028 when his rb contract is done Ferrari will have already found a decent driver pairing, and unless sharl leaves there won't be any place for amx in the team

they want the big bong chip

didn't ask