Tumbling down edition:
heemvious 04/15 - Bellator 277 - 7pm ET
04/15 - LFA 129 - 9pm ET
04/16 - UFC Fight: Night Muhammad vs Luque - 5:30pm ET
04/17 - Rizin 35 - 12am ET
04/20 - PFL: Manfio vs Madge - 5:30pm ET
04/22 - LFA 130 - 9pm ET
04/23 - UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs Andrade - 6pm ET
04/23 - Bellator 279 - 8pm ET
04/28 - PFL: Cappelozza vs Austin - 5:30pm ET
04/30 - UFC Fight Night: Font vs Vera - 4pm ET
05/06 - Bellator 280 - 11:30am ET
05/07 - UFC 274 - 6pm ET

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Dear schaub please eliminate the black scourge from this planet amen

Walk up in the thread like what up I got a pink cock


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what the fuck was it with the microphone during Volk press conference

Aljo being champ still rubs me the wrong way.

He's not even that good at wrestling and quite a few weaknesses.

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ONE is the only promotion that scores grappling correctly

Seeing khamzat develop a scouse accent is hilarious

I don't think the card was shit but considering I was pretty hyped I do feel a bit underwhelmed

Not entirely sure why though. Maybe because out of all the main card fights, only Khamzat/Burns was good? And fun as that was it was also quite sloppy kek.

Just me?

Are the Chinese still seething about it?

Aldo has a path to the title now kek

Zabit is the last hope otherwise weight bully Borekanoski is gonna pillow fist his way to boring ass rematches and trilogys no one cares about.

Aljo owns russia

Chinaflag user, we’re you the guy telling me of Leech and how if he could beat kahmzat he would get all his hype (on the topic for first Asian champion)

1.Aljo for dominating cheatr yan
2.Ray Longo for humiliating cheatr yan
3.Merab for intimidating cheatr yan prior to the fight

1.cheatr yan

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Burns won rounds 1 and 3 and aljo won 2 rounds max, this card fucking sucked shant be viewing the ufc with frequency anytime soon

ikr, that one clip where Till looks at him funny made me kek

yan sisters....

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Zabit has been out a while and might not even come back
But yeah I struggle to see who challenges Volk at 145 now other than Max. And even Max, I thought he looked sort of slow in that Yair fight

>had to quit our first sport cause white men cucked us in it
Uscucks... not like this...

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No. But i guess he could get lucky aka 0.00001%

no that's everyone. This card was shit

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story win, chronicle win, and overall life quality win for aljo

yan can go back to farming potatoes or whatever stupid slave shit he does that no one cares about


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midgets speak at a different frequency

This is now a committee for ricecels only. How do we get a rice to step up and be champion in a respectable male division?
The only rice fighter there was that is respected is Sakuraba. Zombie is flushed forever. Ya Dong fights in a manlet division.
Leech should be the chosen one but he has no wrastling


You’re not wrong. I enjoyed aljo man handling yan to victory for the memes but I can see how people got bored of it. And the KZ loss was just sad.

this nigga name Kamarusneed

Pulling back significantly. Clear exposed hype jobs and marketing gimmick is more important.


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I can’t wait to go back and fap to dern in that fight, her booty was poppin off the whole time

Nah I asked a question like “who can be first Asian champion” and some Chinese flag user was telling me about leech and how he could if he beat chimaev

Just wondering if that was yoy


Natty Paulo

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>Not entirely sure why though
>Olympian robber shitter
>nuthugging and bum "champion"
>mismatch because there were no other matches for the sickest of cunts
>not entirely sure

Lmao imagine if burns connects that kick

Never forget 50-44

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newfag here, other than aldo vs conor and conor vs khabib what are some cards that displayed this level of animosity right after an event on /heem/

What is marlon thinking to himself right now

Chansung-hyung's sharp decline in skills may be due to various reasons, but personally, I think the biggest thing is working with Park Jae-beom. Since then, the style has been leaning at entertainment rather than technique, and eventually leads to tragedy.

>No one hits hard
>No one has a quality win
>No one is good
Only the hottest takes on heem

Zombie had no chance
chinmeme was exposed
people who shit on aljo for months are absolutely seething
dern finally didn't look like a fat pig
aspen got ladd'd again
and oilyneck got a decent sub

overall a 6 or 7 out of 10 for me really, fight were about a 5 but the seething and memes push it up a bit

should've been Volk vs Giga...

this is a tame level of animosity for /heem/

Holy based.

>boying chandler

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Never forget 49-45

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holy based

>Burns won rd3

>not boying the human meme that is "Iron" Michael Chandler
why do you watch mma

Ufc should be boycotted for their ruleset its fucking embarrassing that knees kicks on the ground are illegal

Lel Conor vs Dustin was way worse than this, even Colby vs Masvidal was worse, I guarantee you tomorrow it’ll be back to talking about either one of them all the way through till the next big card

Then no.

But I mean IF he did, then just MAYBE.

But he didn't so its pointless speculation. It will take a miracle for him so asians have to find someone else to root for.

Why would they seethe? He's still the same fraud they always said he was. He's impotent now. No one is gonna take Aljo seriously anymore they'll just laugh off his fake championship.

Reminder that this was Khabibs 11th fight

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yeah and he heemed that faggot

Oh for sure Burns won rd 3 a hunnert percent B

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imagine what he would have done to burns... it actually makes me sick thinking about how badly Burns would be beaten, truly harrowing.

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real ones
fake ones
>colbussy cuckoldton

and he killed that nigga

he handled yan on the ground pretty easily so if they don't take him seriously they'll probably suffer the same fate
sounds like a pretty stupid thing to do honestly

Trans btw

he’s fighting tj next…yanbros that was supposed to be our money fight

Unironically would've been a better fight kek. Giga is a can and a massive gaslet but I feel like him vs Volk would be a fun fight, especially for the first 2 rounds

>this is what winning looks like if you're black

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Khamzat won but basing your argumentation media retards scoring is a bad look

>michael "smellator" chandler
>michael "my wifes son" chandler
>michael "taunt myself into a loss" chandler

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>cockhold wanting grapplelet paulo costa or darren till to fight next
kwab hopefully dana makes the khamzat rockhold fight again before colby

how much did you lose user?

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I did say he was a human meme

He would have peached up Khamzat badly had they fought

Yan had over 5 minutes of control time but nice cope Asian faggot.

K-khamzat... did... d-did we do it? Did we save the card???...

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I can’t think of a fun fight for him at 145 other than Max. Yair looked good in his last fight but I see him and basically everybody else getting pieced up and wrestlefucked

No Dern ass or soles webms?

okay i concede he's a based retard

1k all I needed was yan

Burns said Shavkat has better striking before the fight, looks like he was 100 % right

>going life and death with a lightweight that gets heemed by featherweights
What did Cumshot meme by this?

Nah, I meant I asked that before the fight happened. That was like a month before the leech borz fight and I’m wondering if that user that answered me was you
(Don’t see a lotta china flags )

/pol/chud seething lmao

I'm sorry but I can't for this dude. Thank God GAycheese heemed him

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1k down or return?

what's "off" about Khamzat/Burns?

It was definitely a good fight but I don't really think of it as some amazing shit thought it could be

If khamzat is scheduled for 5 rounds against colby, colby will win. Never underestimate the power of pitter patter wrestlefuck.

Dookie Dan vibes

lmao hell yea!

THE Asura Shanaynay??? BEAST of a match b

I lost $1000 would have made 2k

no, this card was complete garbage
a sizebully and a fat lw having a sloppy kickboxing fight, nothing special

g'night heem

Of course it’s going to be a 5 rounder, so yeah Cumshot has no chance.

cope dookie fanboy

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Fucking disgusting, this guy should be hung

they both kind of suck at striking and rely on grappling, similar to colby vs usman

Khamzat completely fell apart near the end. He can't be going life and death with Gilbert Burns. He will be better than this.


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There is only one WW prospect that can beat Khamzat

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had i known failed takedowns don't matter i would have trusted aljo when he said "put your motherfucking money on it" at the press conference

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Khamzat essentially went retard mode and his striking looked horrible which doesn’t bode well for fighting Usman. Also, there are other guys in the division coming up with way better striking who would probably finish him if their tdd is good enough to deter him for a couple rounds

They are both grappling guy doing a striking match where they are not most comfortable.

That PPV was fucking sad to watch

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>He will be better than this.
I don’t why the nuthuggers believe this

asian boys
its not over

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lel was it just a Volk Khamzat Yan parlay?

Or he's a 35 year old featherweight with 4 major surgeries and lingering shoulder issues. Korea needs to remove that mandatory military service for their athletes.

what's a ppv

to be fair to ratlip that was a step up and he really did really well even if he obviously has shit tier cardio

What does this guy have that can beat Usman at this point?

He's Kazakhstan, which is Russian soil

How dumb must you be as a russian to fight outside of a russian federation in these times. They get suspended in every other sport. Why did Yan think they would let him win against a black american in these times? Not to take away from alja he did what he could and fought smart.

his work ethic is insane. if he pivots and just becomes a khabibesque wrestlefuck machine people would seethe but he'd be a double champ

Idk if this is pasta but I like it

1. Khamzat underestimated Burns and thought he would win immediately
2. Khamzat did not use his wrestling to prove his striking
3. Khamzat had a rough weightcut
4. Khamzat left himself open for shots to look cool
5. Khamzat was fasting in Ramadan
6. Khamzat is suffering from the Toilet Till curse
7. Usman was coaching Gilbert

List of legitimate factors, excuses, and copes behind Khamzat's lackluster performance.

ricecels don't get to claim Shavkat, you guys weren't there when he was buck breaking Olivera

I still think he gets heemed by Khamzat

Mr schaub worst pain in yo life

can you imagine being chandler looking at that thing in the face and thinking "yep, this is my son"

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the superior asian, asian 2.0 infact.
asian world is trying but they will fail to prevent the neo uprise of the mongols.

izzy vs whittaker 1. /heem/ was so fucking nuclear it was hilarious. cocky undefeated black man vs le heckin white gaymer whittaker. i've been posting on /heem/ for a long time and never have i seen so much one-sided seething.

look at this reddit faggot reflecting on the event

chandler is so CTE'd he probably thinks hap is white
bless him



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I lost my cheeky fiver on KZ, that's now 6 straight cheeky fiver loses.

is it just me or does the audio from the press conference hurt your ears as if there's a high pitched sound that isn't audible but is there, like a dog whistle
I've checked and it's not my own ears

Don't worry. If you're black and lose JEWFFA and the JEWFC will come up with some reason why you didn't actually lose.

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>Shavkat is ranked and forced to fight unranked fighters
>Pereira is unranked project and given a top five opponent

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If the rest of east Asia had more mongol genes I think there would be less racial identity crisises , and more Asian athletes

are you just picking singles?

punished dillashaw will avenge us yanbros

Well that clearly tells us Aljo won since that smurf bitch is straight retarded

Kek yes
Didn’t account for the
>Russian loses split decision in Florida scenario

Suck it bitches

Seriously though I think the biggest issue was his ego. He could've easily won with wrestling

the only thing ill pay for is if jon jones chokes this midget fag to death on ppv

Why do we need more Asian representation in the west? They are perfectly okay in their own part of the world and are completely uninterested in being praised or liked here. In fact they just treat the west as a bank account they scam every year

We already have blacks as our sympathy race, can’t be juggling too much here or people get confused

Why did he stop wrestling after the beginning of round 1? Did he forget?

Yea just random people with shit odds that I want to win. Moutinho vs O'malley was one of them. I'm not looking to make money it's just funny.

>tfw no card will ever compare to ufc 268

>putting your hopes on pilly willy now that yan got exposed as a wrestlelet
absolutely dire