Name a worse World Champion* in any sport in all of time

Name a worse World Champion* in any sport in all of time.

Pro tip you cannot

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>shit personality
>whiner on and off the grid
>unjustified winner (*)
Why should anyone like this faggot?

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>roastie girlfriend with a child from another man

The list goes on

wow what a complete failure at life.

>Hasselt, Belgium
That's where I live

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KWABmon hill

How ashamed do you feel?

It is a very clean city but knownig that this "Dutch"man set foot here makes me cringe

OP at cock gobbling


What a chud
>muh car is leaking
Keep driving pussy

KWABis KWABalestier KWABilton

>sperg out because you are getting btfo
>lose control of your bladder
>piss yourself
>gu-guys the car is leaking fluids my pants are so wet from fluids
>retire and sprint to change underwear before Horner bullies you


All those female tennis players who never won a single GS

It's true, he should have done a rosberg

>white man succeeds
>low IQ mongoloids seethe
name a more iconic duo

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Explain the mongoloid features then? Leclerc is a true white man

>literally nigger genetics

I'm pretty sure Hamilton is the only black that was ever allowed into Monaco not to clean toilets so I don't see Leclerc having negroid gentics

every country closer to the mediterranean has nig genetics
brown features, dont look germanic or anglo or anything
sorry but its true

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None of you are white

Why are Austrians so unfriendly? I was in Ischgl 2-3 weeks ago. I have never come across such unfriendly people

He has ugly lips

They are the most racist posters I've ever seen. Like half their posts are racism of some kind

Who cares, Max is WDC, Hamilton will never win anything ever again and he's taking a shit on his legacy by getting raped by his rookie teammate, I'm happy.

I know euro has a very low understanding of NZ but anglo and maori people are very separate here

First 2 Austrians I think of is Hitler and Fritzl

Probably because they’re around lesser races more than you.

got a good feeling about imola amxylophones

>denounce your heritage for sponsor money
>get assraped for several seasons
>have one lucky season
>immediately retire and start doing beer ads because you know you would get exposed

absolute pissbitch and probably a homo based on his looks

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>Wins sprint race
>DNFS main race


At least he had the common sense to retire before getting exposed. Hamilton will forever be remembered as the guy who got raped by Russell.

>win 1000000 titles
>get old
>start to lose to young people

Oh no, what a travesty this has never happened in the history of sport before!


>spend years in the best car
>everyone always asks how he would do with a decent teammate
>gets decent teammate
>gets raped

>he didn't get old

Truly the Peter Pan of our generation

That's not my fucking problem. He should have fired Cuckass earlier and proved himself against a better teammate. But he didn't. And now he will forever be remembered as the guy who got raped by Russell.

he broke the buck so I must like him

>hes so great he should have found his own competition

kek what a legacy he has in your mind

He found it. And he's getting raped.

Explain yourself because you just seem silly at the moment

I wonder what your hands look like

Weird fetish

He's getting raped by Russell, it's a simple concept, really. I'm not sure what needs explaining.

In what way exactly silly billy

cope and seethe

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This is bullshit.

this has been debunked

> Doesn't think time or age has anything to with it
Truly zoomer tier thinking

Ok blackie

both of these people are poor and probably had criminal/whaler ancestors

He said before the start of the season that "if we thought he was good last season, we should wait to see him now"

By his own account, this is the best he's ever performed, and he's getting raped.

phenomenal driver.

You also think he is a psychic and believe his predictions for the future? You really adore him huh?

He has personal doctors, trainers, all kinds of tools to measure how he performs and he declared at the start of the season that he's at his peak. And he's getting raped.

This is the type of DTS driver rivalry bullshit that shitting up the threads.
You need to go back

What is your metric for 'rape' though?

Not being able to keep up with a rookie who has just joined the team