/heem/ - Burns won Edition

Aljo also won btw

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Fuck Dana

>Burns won
>Brazil flag

based burns and aljo won understander

Wish I still had the Yoel standing webm because that's all Yan did in round 1 lmao

Doesn't matter what the decision was. Burns exposed Khamzat. He's not a monster.
That's the take away.

Burns got fucked up by a retarded overconfident khamshat. Seethe macaco

If Burns won, why didn't he win?

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that fight should have been 3 rounds and also this fight proved that you shouldn't just get top fights off fights, if khamzat just built himself up more with some more fights I don't think he would have been so amateur in the second round

would be nice if the record reflected reality because now we get redditors going
when before they were acting like burns was a complete no hoper who would get finished in the opening frame

Does Aljo hold up the division now? Yes or no

kek imagine how bad Gilbert would've fucked up Till

i think he can beat tj since tj has so many injuries past that hard to say

Aljo loses to aldo

Aljo actually won for real this time

I feel validated

It should have been a redflag when Khamzat said he wants to learn striking from Toilet Till

He put his ass down more than once, almost finished him, and exposed him as a regular hittable top 5 WW instead of the double (even heard triple) champ material his fangirls claimed.
Burns was awesome.

Comeback-mode GSP heems them all.

If he beats TJ that just clogs the division up even more.

how so? i think TJ would just retire or become like dom and just fight in 10-15 ranking range

GSP was afraid of Tyron Woodley lol. He acts all humble but he actually cares a lot about his legacy which is why he only came back to fight the weakest champion in middleweight history.

Chimaev will kill Usman and Izzy with the lessons learned from tonight

Burns won
Yan won
Idk who the fuck thought tkz vs volk was a good idea

Usman is cruising to a retirement. Hollogay Stans on suicide watch

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This except Burns lost and Yan lost

>Burns won

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Imagine what he would've done to Burns....

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Why is he such a cazzie magnet?

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Post webms of William playing with her big fat tits

>GSP was afraid of Tyron Woodley
for sure my dude

Why did he fall so hard bros

he smesh hahaha

yep, Adesanya murks Khamzat.

>it was a robbery!!
>Dana rigged it for Aljo because he's black!! (even though Dana wanted Yan to win)
>Yan just didn't have his camp, that's why he got dominated!!
>Yan was just too cocky!! emotionally stable Yan would do better!!!
>taking your opponents back for 2 rounds straight and ground and pounding them means n-nothing!
>Yan wins the trilogy (even though he's 0-2)!!
What's the next cope from Yancels? Aljo poisoned his food?

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King Colby will finish him


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Does Aljo actually have champion level grappling or was Yan just a grapplet?

Which one is more based?

>Aldo 2 division Champ
>Dillashaw 3x Champ

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Yan actually skipped breakfast the morning of the fight so he wasn’t 100%.

I was losing it watching this fight if he had connected that kick it would have been bad bradda

Fuck Salty Tomato

Aljo did it for Ukraine.

Aldo would have won against Yan if he backpacked him like he did to Chito Vera

was the entire fun this fun?


You didn’t doubt the undisputed champion did you?

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he wont fight for another year now and seize the belt

>provides infinite seethe to laugh at
Why haven't you embraced AMERICA'S CHAMP yet?

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I feel like Aljo is legit but Yan had amazing submission defence.

He represents Jamaica.

>burns won

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Aljo is legit, he also got gifted the belt fucking twice in a row

Aljo is very good grappler Yan is also very good which is why they did lead anywhere. I think Aljo has like 5 submissions under is name right?

Korean Zombie vs Volkanovski............
I thought Henry Cejudo had us bros. that was sad as fuck to see. I even turned it off because it was just too much to handle.

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135 Volk would run through him

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Jones had Gustafsson
Conor had Mendes
Khabib had Tibau
Adesanya had Gastelum
Khamzat had Burns and we need to see what next for him

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>doesn't get knocked out by Burns' huge overhands

Only one meng can stop Khamzat

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It was always a long reach anyway.

Really sad indeed. Like feeding cowboy to conair.

Colby is taking this trash out next

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is that idiot still in prison?


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is that an elden tree tattoo?

he will be in prison soon™

I honestly only expected the NPC MMA fans to root against Aljo and be unhappy with him retaining the belt. If you don't like Aljo holding the belt and pissing off NPC's, you shouldn't be on /heem/.

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>you now realize that Khamzat has more top 5 wins than Colby does

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How would Burns vs Khabib at 170 go?

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This. Aljo is the most /heem/ champion ever. Everyone is so cartoonishly racist here that they can’t even have a bit of fun anymore

I blame Darren "The Can" Till for this.

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>noooo you have to root for the crying black man
Fuck yourself
>a fucking leaf

colby, a true welterweight, took him down and publicly raped him.
khamzat is a light heavyweight, he would ragdoll that felonious retard.

That's Jones.

I thought burns won

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bone also had santos
and reyes

homeboy can really take a punch

Khabib pulls out

gonna post more black dicks? Cope.

Jones is the GOAT
kill yourself

>unironic leaf chinks sucking nigger dick to cope as their ricel zombie got raped
You supported aljo all along right? And if zombie had won you would be spamming these threads about how superior Asians are you little emaciated betas lmao smelly chinks.

I always liked Aljo.
I just don't believe he should have won the belt that way.
No one should.

Why is he ranked so high when he hasn't won against anyone significant in their prime and his only achievement is knocking down a has-been with a flying knee?

I'm pretty sure this black dick poster seething over aljo is actually a black dude, I don't know why but I feel like I can tell.

Pigg Rigg had GSP like no other

So is shooting to take the back instead of trying to takedown the opponent the new strat? We've got two champs that uses this as their main way to initiate the grappling.