/afl/ sunday spergout edition

aints v hawks
bloos v snus

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snus are apparently legit dangerous this arvo

uhhh bluessisters.....

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*scuttles up it's own bum*


fatguts believes that the ball is remote-controlled, like a drone

Hawkxirs? I thought we had 2 all australian defenders in our team...

poort have the most recent brownlow medal winner in theirs

Gold Coast vs Carlton
Battle of the tummy logos!

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*twitches antennae nervously*

name a comfier match up than melbourne vs dogs circa 2012 on a sunday twilight at the mcg

slovenian prozzie and 2 points of ice circa 2018 on a saturday night/sunday morning at my place

sat night brisbane v west coast at gabba

Nah the Gabba's gross, not as bad as Subiaco was but still not comfy

shut up dickhead

st kilda will be making a serious case for top 4 this year

legit dangerous this year bros?

t. boops

thinking suns

No I won't, you dumb little pussy. The Gabba has shit aesthetics and no soul


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shut up dickhead

what position does cooper play

the biased position

You wouldn't say that to me on the street, you sissy. I'm massive


shut up fatguts

nice hawkins push

i'd say it twice cunt. once to your face and then again while you're unconcious on the ground

If I recall correctly he starts in the ruck, roves his own tap, kicks it inside 50 to himself, then goals from the impossible angle, so it's hard to put him in one box. A positionless matchwinner a la James Hird

I read that in Chief's voice

>he captained cripps

literally 1 good team this year
melbourne will win 20 games the next best will win like 15

>Saad can't let water pass his lips because le ramadan

Good thing I captained Rowell haha

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You'd avoid eye contact and brace yourself before breathing out a sigh of relief as I strolled confidently past you

rowell is a legit meme

true, no other good sides except the piegods and poolong

>cripps injured again

kek carlton are done




Anything else to do

I’m thinking Sunday night footy time

hard to believe sam collins got delisted by fremantle i think, he's a gun


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any scuttlers in?

any dogs hitting?

just checked my tips, and realised I'd tipped aints whereas I thought I'd tipped roaches.
finna smart, me


would I be retarded to pay this much for a glorified holden?

also I wonder if prices will drop once meme shortages are over

Lads, King just posted

decided that i've got depression

yeah me too now carltons losing
was on top of the world for 3 weeks

psgf 2022

my tips are in the FUCKING trash today lads

bookies LOVE him

tfw want to go buzz cut but too fat

i reckon booper must've gone through both of his socks by now

did Cripps do his hammy lol

realizing the last time i was happy/life had purpose was 2019

Take note other teams

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droneball again

wheres the guy who said to tip snus, you're a bloody genius mate

Lads, Suns just posted

Told you they were legit dangerous this year.

ok this is a repost though