old: 04/15 - Bellator 277 - 7pm ET
04/15 - LFA 129 - 9pm ET
04/16 - UFC Fight: Night Muhammad vs Luque - 5:30pm ET
04/17 - Rizin 35 - 12am ET
04/20 - PFL: Manfio vs Madge - 5:30pm ET
04/22 - LFA 130 - 9pm ET
04/23 - UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs Andrade - 6pm ET
04/23 - Bellator 279 - 8pm ET
04/28 - PFL: Cappelozza vs Austin - 5:30pm ET
04/30 - UFC Fight Night: Font vs Vera - 4pm ET
05/06 - Bellator 280 - 11:30am ET
05/07 - UFC 274 - 6pm ET

A. Volkanovski def Chan Sung Jung via KO/TKO, 0:45 R4
Aljamain Sterling def Petr Yan via Split Dec
Khamzat Chimaev def Gilbert Burns via Unanimous Dec
Mackenzie Dern def Tecia Torres via Split Dec
Mark Madsen def Vinc Pichel via Unanimous Dec

Ian Garry def Darian Weeks via Unanimous Dec
Anthony Hernandez def Josh Fremd via Unanimous Dec
Raquel Pennington def Aspen Ladd via Unanimous Dec
Mike Malott def Mickey Gall via KO/TKO, 3:41 R1
Aleksei Oleinik def Jared Vanderaa via Sub, 3:39 R1
Piera Rodriguez def Kay Hansen via Unanimous Dec
Julio Arce def Daniel Santos via Unanimous Dec

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fuck mma

Attached: bumzat.jpg (1014x572, 115.77K)

Fuck Dana

I'm tired of Koreans choking lads.

Every time they get my hopes up and flop.

At least Willy Zhang got a title via sheeming.

ayy we finna scam that nigga TWICE. yo slobba youcryin bitch

Attached: aljo.jpg (273x185, 6.64K)

Affirmative action win

do we feed song yadong to petr next or what?

Both Burns and Khamzat starch Colby

You bitches ready to apologize or are you still coping? I tried to warn you that Aljo just needed a good breakfast but you retards wouldn't listen.

Attached: aljo-smile.webm (1280x720, 2.97M)

Yan forgot to eat breakfast
doesn't count

Khamzat needs to avoid doing a Gooby moment and fucking leave his journeyman camp immediately and join a top team. Fuck it he should join Khabib and the brazzas. If this guy wastes his career with a bum camp I’m gonna fume.

Attached: 79F2ADBB-CD4A-41A6-9BC4-23CF623AA909.jpg (690x804, 124.96K)

Attached: chimaev-burns-dropped.webm (960x540, 2.22M)

koreans are a shit, b

the only asian you should back is ALJO STERLING, the black shogun

Attached: 1649472735243.png (382x360, 341.63K)

Someone post a link for the Kammy fight

Attached: 1632074355219.jpg (900x1200, 155.33K)

What the heck are we doing? Watching these people beat the living crap out of one another.

There is something very sad about what we saw tonight with Zombie.

If this is MMA, I want no part of it.

Attached: ah.gif (320x240, 3.01M)

aljo is an evil little troll and therefore my boy

yan got exposed as a hot head retard

i was clenching for when either would destroy the other then call out colby, now im somewhat confident they'd get pitter pattered by the one and only colBEAST GODvington

Khamzat is essentially Gaethje

Finna add aljo into this mix

We run MMA

Don't ever forget that

Attached: 1617212513028.jpg (526x526, 45.12K)

Yan after the fight:
>u-uh I think I w-won round t-two . . . I mean 1, 4, 5 I want rematch now! now!! *starts crying*
Fucking kek. Massive story loss.

Attached: aljochamp.jpg (1440x1785, 131.61K)

UFC is so goddam boring now. ''champs'' like aljo and izzy just play safe and abuse the rules making shitty boring fights. The champ is supposed to destroy the other person. Shitty fight and it looks like cocmplete garbage for the rest of the year...


We're all getting old...

Attached: Jung better times.webm (1280x720, 2.94M)

fucking nft shill lmao

do you want Pee Odor to die in the cage?

Attached: Song YaBoy Dong.jpg (1387x2390, 436.88K)

thanks for that stoppage herb, very nice

Attached: draft dean.jpg (1000x562, 165.63K)

so Belal vs Khamzat would've been a competitive fight?

They can give him a fast track Title shot and maybe he could pull it off.

Aljo at the end of the day is still mostly a crotch sniffer.

Heem, please don't Faceapp Yan to have a big toothy grin, I'm beggin' ya.

Did anyone expect KZ to perform any differently? The guy's got a lot of mileage and shouldn't have been there.

Attached: 1562879971176.png (327x316, 187.94K)

that would have literally killed normal men

i would trade the whole population of either korea for a kz title victory

Attached: f43533c01a0f12eb74298021176656a9_dab4c398_400.jpg (400x300, 22.68K)

how the fuck are you 5'4 and still an oversized FW lol

Russians just can't stop losing

Yes I do think Khamzat has a chance against Colby

Unironically this performance is only going to improve Khamzat massively. He's green and still managed to eek a win over Gilbert Burns. He'll manage to fix a bunch of his mistakes and become overall a better fighter. Better to do that in a win as well than a loss.

But as for Colby, Colby won't have the power to faze Khamzat. Khamzat can fight with forward pressure and Colby unironically has a suspect chin when even a fully gassed Mengsvidal can drop him.. Khamzat has good power. Wrestling probably cancels out.


uh, no
Belal is an actual bum

>Look at me smile while I achieve nothing
He got his win sure, but he didn't change anyones opinion of him.

It's hilarious to me that when Izzy is elusive and picks apart his opponent, everyone here calls him a pussy and says he just runs.

Then Aljo legitimately runs the entire 1st round and gets outstruck, and everyone here applauds it. Yall truly next level tards.






Attached: kz.jpg (1200x800, 57.48K)

>The champ is supposed to destroy the other person
The two "goats" of this sport have some of the most boring fights of all time.
Tired of this "the ufc isn't exciting NOW" narrative

>Burns trying to kick his head off


i don't give a fuck about who wins with colby vs chimmy all i know is it will be a fun as fuck fight

Tecia Torres was the only one who got robbed in that entire card

>tfw main event

Attached: Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 02-30-18 _sp_ - _heem_ - Sports - 4chan.png (375x357, 176.94K)

Never forget 49-45

Attached: 1305747971.0 (2).jpg (1200x800, 97.78K)

khamzat has shit defense, i unironically won't be shocked if colby cracks him and gets a TKO.

Colby has one path to victory against Khamzat:
>pitter patter pillow fists for points
>manhug grappling against the cage to stall for time
>decision in this way

that's literally it

Can't be winners without losers b

Attached: brandom cute.jpg (1056x1200, 169.59K)

okay then how does your boy do against sandhagen?

Oleinik bros nobody is talking about us but we are the real winners tonight...

These are all true but don't change the fact that Khamzat had a underwhelming win and didn't show champion potential.

>yan is gaethje user was right

Attached: 1573012907131.png (305x323, 126.57K)

I thought he was probably going to get finished 2nd round but after everyone was hyping up Ortega as some striking master for beating Zombie, I knew he was going to be out skilled by Volk.

Fuck this was ana amazing fight, too the steam out of the other fights it was so good

aljobros, we always said that aljo always comes back stronger after a loss. we did it bros, aljo dominated yan twice, best 135 champ already he will beat the fuck outta pillashaw

Reminder that Burns is a fat lightweight

Just a reminder to that frenchfag who wrote the fanfiction that Burns would beat Chimaev

I told you that once you wrote that, it was a foregone conclusion that Chimaev would win. You fanfiction posters are awful and literally get btfo and manage to be wrong every time.

Uhhh, what exactly did he mean by this?

Attached: excuseme.jpg (1235x841, 83.65K)

>That flag
>Talking about boring champs now
GSP is p4p the most boring champ in MMA history

Lol @ this goof saying "now" as if he's not some casual who started watching in 2019

hey b you dropped your post
don't worry, I picked it up for you

Never forget 50-44

Attached: hi-res-09547201694cb20f3d0595fe3661b23c_crop_north (3).jpg (3072x2048, 538.6K)

Pride rules, baby!

>colby cracks him
good gravy colby fans are literally retarded

Yeah start your coping now because you’re going to be one of the loud mouth faggots who rope over it

We were all hoping for a lucky punch.

Speaking of which, I was disappointed how he completely disregarded any defense. I get its a korean thing but I thought training in the west until Triple Cringe would help him drop it.

I was expecting him to lose (even though I was hoping he wouldn't), but I wasn't expecting him to get outclassed that badly that early in the fight. He was sitting on the fucking floor by the end of the first round

>tfw you realise Albeast got his breakfast

Attached: 1845D4A2-3284-441A-A1D9-424CED570998.jpg (690x804, 340.77K)

>get hit in the face
>motion "come get it" while backpedaling
>put your hands up like "what?"

Max Holloway moment from khamzat.

my boy aljo kneeled for the first responders
now wearing all white for domestic peace.

there wasn't a moment in the fight where yan was visibly rocked

He had shit defence because he chased the KO and gassed. He'll tighten that shit up for sure after this imo

khamzat need to never strike again and focus on the wrestling , if he try to strike against usman like he did today he will lose

Not to discredit Volk either, he was sharp

colbycels will cry get used to it

1 year early

Don't worry. Right here.

Attached: 452ccy3hslx71.jpg (400x400, 29.77K)

Me in the back

kz has fought the same for years
predictable and slow

VGH....... BOLISH BOWER!!!!!!!

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cares. So fuckin happy for the old man

not if he keeps chilling with darren and slurping up soi products

>Renan Barao
>Cody Stamman
>Jimmie Rivera
>Pedro Munhoz
>Cory Sandhagen
>Petr Yan x2
Is he legit the best bantamweight of all time? If he beats TJ I think there's no doubt that he's the GOAT.

Attached: atoast.jpg (534x566, 22.78K)

I was hoping he'd have put up a better performance, but I think we all expected him to lose. Just hoping for a miracle.
Really should have expected it though in hindsight. 35 year old featherweight with like 4 major injuries and shoulder problems.

I'm just worried he won't want to go out on such a bad loss and will keep fighting to end it on a good win, might get sucked into a losing vortex.

Colby wins if he drowns Khamzat.
He didn't look like he had a 4th round in him tonight. And Colby will push a harder pace than Burns did tonight. Colby could still get blasted though, but I don't think Khamzat hits harder than Usman. So if Colby can take those shots, we can finally survive long enough to drown him.

we're alright, bros

Attached: yan and aljo with belt.jpg (603x606, 104.24K)

colby literally has pillows in his hands

Keep it up with the seethe

Attached: 1647106594698.jpg (828x823, 137.37K)

colbitch fans are delusional

>didn't show champion potential.
nah there is still potential there but he need to not be a brainlet next time and also try being more humble

Honestly I don't even mind the result as much but I just wish Yan had a good performance. The fight was kind of shit. Yan didn't get to show the things that made him one of my favourite fighters to watch. No real adjustments, nothing very sharp on the feet. Just poor from him


Attached: 03350.jpg (1080x436, 52.38K)

The only asian in the hall of fame is him losing a fight.

Attached: 2316688946_HOF_SwansonChoi_1200x1200_ENG.jpg (804x804, 115.11K)

>proves chin
>proves heart
I bet you thought Yan won too you absolute brainlet kek

Attached: 1562874708086.jpg (605x586, 55.75K)

>Speaking of which, I was disappointed how he completely disregarded any defense.
his camp put a lot of emphasis on defending volks body and calf kicks hence why his hands were low


and still

>colby will colby him

Zombie had absolutely nothing for him.
I'd like to see Volk fight Arnold Allen or Josh Emmett next but they each seem a fight away from a shot.

No that would be fake hype cels


Aljo just said he wants a bit of a break kek

He's been out for like a year what does he mean

Colby can't do enough damage to faze Khamzat. Khamzat will TKO him in a 5 round fight.

Why is aljos girl going to be a nurse? How little do they pay these fighters?

>Colby wins if he drowns Khamzat.
Colby has shit striking and can't rely on sloppy takedowns like he used against Masvidal. Colby will try his best to duck and call out someone else like Poirier.

nigga got eaten up by a lightweight, gm3 wins the rematch

yeah, that's what I'm saying
gastank is his literal only weapon

>Luxembourgese retard still mad he will never have a champ


Attached: Kazushi-Sakuraba-and-Renzo-Gracie.jpg (900x602, 119.68K)

Three losers.

Yeah I feel like this experience is definitely gonna benefit him. Based on what he said to Sanko backstage, he knows it too.

what moment was justin rocked vs khabib?

Already knew it. He’s going to fight once a year and hold up the entire bantamweight division

dana says yan won
therefore yan won

Volk beats Emmett easily imo
I don't see many people at FW currently who can challenge Volk.

we have an uncharacteristic lack of bushido and ikimashou posting, just saying aljobros

How we feeling CUMCHADS??

Attached: ALLAHU AKHHHBAAAARRR.jpg (1080x1729, 619.24K)

it means LET'S



Attached: 1615152109885[1].jpg (1296x729, 183.7K)

Retirement hopefully since no one will ever respect him

I’m glad Khamzat’s difficulty setting is finally in the right spot and we know how good he is

Usman deserves a ton of credit, he's one of the best ever. Izzy and Ngannou are champs of historically weak divisions and Izzy got dominated by the 2nd worst LHW champ ever

khamzat striking got exposed
nobody in his weight class will be able to take him down

not him but when he got slept

i have no idea what the khabib fight has to do with gaethje being homer simpson

Aljo shit doesn't even affect me cause everyone knows he's a fake bum.

>chin proven
>cardio not bad considering what a war it was
>just beat his hardest matchup in the division outside of Usman
Not bad. Would feel better with a finish but you can't get everything you want.

ahh dude my neck it really hurts dude I might just sit out for a bit

aljo has more title defenses than yan

Attached: 1645917854965.jpg (612x574, 66.12K)


be honest bros... you know Dana is a great businessman
a Russian champion in times like these is a bad look... so he pulled a few strings with the judges

Attached: PXL_20220401_235825417.jpg (3024x4032, 2.43M)

you are a fucking idiot if you think khamzat beats colby. khamzat got fucking exposed tonight. all he has is wrestling and its not going to work against usman/colby.

welterweight is literally a two man division


Aljo has more title defenses than Conor McGregor.

Attached: 1621981906903[1].jpg (1296x729, 297.08K)

>khamzat striking exposed
He showed he's a decent striker and has a good chin

I think they'll try and do another Max fight asap.
They need to get Zabit back in the mix if he can actually fight.

Usman and Izzy about to get dominated by Khamzat

only holloway has a chance against volk

arnold allen could be the one

BJ Penn is in the HoF

Koreans are quality punching bags

Attached: usa_today_9739363.0.jpg (1400x1400, 186.59K)

Three undisputed champs
Jones is the lineal LHW champ
Bro why are you fiending?

based boomer appreciator. Oleneik being 70 yo and getting his 60th win and his 47th sub is amazing

Attached: oleinik-vanderaa.webm (640x360, 2.26M)

It means he realizes that he didn't deserve the win again, so he's going to not fight for another year so he can maintain the title of champion to feed his ego.

Dude fights like a bitch, and has the heart of a bitch. A true champion that hugs his opponent for 2 rounds and makes faces at the camera but fights less than anyone else in the division. And all these dickriders tonight hoping they get the chance to swallow his nut.
Really makes you wonder.

You’re delusional bud

>good chin
>getting putting on skates constantly and chinned by a lightweight

Yea if he had done his normal KEEEEEL EVERYBODY post fight I would be worried but he knows what the competition level is, he knows that it's not going to be a cakewalk but with a little work he can definitely be champ if not double champ.

Arnold Allen is 145 Leon. Ironic they're both British. Neither is a legit contender despite their record

How is this niggas chin still so good

Attached: Screenshot_20220410-093813-01.jpg (510x546, 97.14K)

I hope he overdoses

They all lost therefore they are trash. None of them can even heem anymore.

I knew Algoat was gonna win the whole time, the Yan pick was just for menes

Starting to think this is the best possible outcome for Chimaev. If he just walked in there and heemed Burns in round 1 he would go into a fight with Usman overconfident and get destroyed. He will improve after this unless Till drags him down the shitter.

Attached: architect.jpg (1500x1000, 103.6K)

he arguably already lost against a much smaller burns

>dropped by AIDS Dookie
not a chance

Colbrokenbuck got dropped by >>>>>>>>>mengvishit kek you boy the fucking saddest bum alive
Zhatdaddy is flatlining that broken jawed buck

THE Khamzat?

>every black champion ever is illegitimate

Attached: 8191 - 221c28535170ea06e4b52c693fe676c1.png (597x373, 406.5K)

seems dumb putting arnold right away for a title but him beating hooker sets up a dumb rivalry that UFC loves

there's like 300 luxemcels b cut him some slack

Yan won but Aljo is giving a good post conference

stylistically Burns was supposed to be the counter

colbitch gets heemed

Brainlet. Colby has no chance. His striking is shit and his sloppy takedowns only work against strikers like Masvidal.

Based and I believe you.

Attached: 1649546952561.jpg (1284x1579, 568.63K)

some people are just born like that and it's not just his chin his recovery is elite and inhuman

koreans have such great chins they're notorious for shaving their jaws off.

Cumshot needs to change fight camps.

Training in SWEDEN YES will make him a can like Gus

everyone knows u suck dick

It should have been a redflag when Khamzat said he wants to learn striking from Toilet Till.

Khamzat will be -250 vs Colby. He's way bigger than Colby and has way more power. Colby does nothing better than Khamzat except cardio

I hope they make Merab vs Yan to flush Yan forever

Attached: gooby distressed.png (561x483, 216.23K)

it’s sad to see korean zombie retire like this

Did he get 50gs? He deserves it

>except cardio
and that does matter

We run MMA
Straight up
How many champs do you got?
0 right?

Brazilians and Africans run MMA
Go watch competitive darts or something


>nothing happened
even gays have more pride

The higher you get in the rankings the less money you should make so only the truly dedicated heemers would want to become champions and every card would be beyond kino. pay journeymen millions just keep the rosters full and prospects fighting 4-5 times a year.

Actually yes. Unironically this.

Attached: 1649551938580m.jpg (1024x512, 83.12K)

That was an awesome fight.

Oleneik had his back taken twice in one round, and somehow escaped it. Still not sure how he did that.

It was really cool how he was just on the ground snaking around Vanderaa's legs. I've never seen a take down like that.

excited for her next onlyfans content, should be extra lewd i hope.

burns would put his back against the cage throw hooks from the hip and catch khamzat


not good for me ;)

Attached: file.png (873x1056, 618.89K)

Perfect for him considering he is

pillow fist ortega tagged him a few with some good strikes, i'd give arnold allen a chance depending on how his next fight goes

>Sterling won fair and square, he showed the pitter patter walk forward man what dominance on the ground looks like

Attached: 7655 - 81e213f3ba1b474cbed03e6154d120a3.png (918x1306, 69.76K)

Till really isn't a bad striker though. It's his grappling/fight IQ that sucks. You don't have a competitive 5 rounder with Whittaker and drop him if you have shit striking.

Khamzat is trying to get the hard mode out of the way first it seems. Jizzrag is the easy fight for him, Usman is the hard one.

reposting this gem

Attached: 1649547294971.png (600x383, 253.11K)

Lol it's not. He almost got finished like 4 times before Herb saved him. Volk never finishes anyone.



small dick energy in this post

>Incentivize being a loser
You'd be a billionaire in that case

Wasn't there some Korean boxer who made some noise in the 90's for some ridiculous chin or something? Literally died in the ring cause he refused to go down

lol what a dumb whore


Attached: 1647077310080.jpg (643x694, 62.64K)

>and not a one of them can fight
Bitchmade nation

Colby has better cardio, but he's tremendously outclassed in wrestling and striking. He also lacks power.

Yancels are really crying a lot tonight. I haven't seen cope like this is a long time.

if three men had been in that octagon yan would have been raped. need i say more

Usman lost to white guys in wrestling and a light tan Brazilian mutt in MMA. Israel lost to white guys in kickboxing. Ngannou lost to a white guy in MMA. Therefore the idea that they are superhuman is out the door. All have lost to white men.

Sterling won fair and square, he showed the pitter patter walk forward man what dominance on the ground looks like

Attached: 01230194143123.png (960x770, 382.83K)

Aljo is so humble bros. Truly a master of the bushido code.

Attached: 1247570433.0[1].jpg (1200x800, 59.91K)

yeah I think his name was Chin

>"Don't call me champ. Just Aljo."


Attached: 1630441337227.jpg (200x356, 16.21K)

He probably beats Colby and Luque, loses to Usman and loses to everyone relevant at MW

Chimaev was mentally heemed today

He got flushed by Masvisoi and Woodley Meng

>Khamzat will be -250 vs Colby

if thats the case smart money will be betting huge on colby

i thinks he should unironically train with khabib


Attached: 8056 - 0bee2fe9b35d1557b8bf76db3a824884.png (717x716, 49.18K)

Then you don't pay enough attention

>cant answer a simple question

Why cant yall win championships? Finna post more cope images?

is this supposed to be hot? just sort of weird honestly

On the contrary

Its brave and all but lets face it, if you wanna be champ you have to fight smarter.

Volk heems anyone but Zombie and Max with those shots, dropped Zombie in every round

but is he the triple champ

Attached: 4216246.jpg (275x183, 9.37K)

Israel lost to a white guy in MMA as well. Also none of them can get heems anymore and they're on their way out.

>has never been outstruck
>hasn't been finished like burns or meng recently
he'll be fine he couldn't even take burns down after the first round

Calm down

No he fucking didn’t dude, lmao. And Gilbert is not a small guy he’s wide as fuck. He just isn’t tall. Colby is way smaller than fuckin Gilbert, he’s smaller than plenty of lightweights

he got knocked out by woodley

At least it's not that dumb fucking extra-forced ahegao face all those whores do.

You weren’t here for the entire arc or Conor v Dustin 2-3

The champ deserves a break after his hard fought win (draw)

love aljo
hate pyoter can
good night to all

Attached: 1645924625714.png (557x551, 166.08K)

And what did Yan do you faggot? If he was black you would be hating on both of them (which is a logical thing to do). Let's face the truth, Yan fought like an absolute retard and deserved to lose

korean fighters at least the old gen zombie is train retarded and have negative defence. they think it's manly to show how tough you are, yeah it is but that's why there's never been a korean champ in ufc

It's sad but he'll be fine. Owns a gym, has the youtube channel going, does TV appearances. Would have been nice if he could have put up a better performance, but it's time he moved on. Hopefully his brain isn't too scrambled. Think he's only been fulled heemed like twice, so hopefully his brain isn't too fried

Why can't bl*ck "champions" finish fights anymore? What happened to blacksplosiveness?

mountain muzzies are really losing their hold on this sport. bet the farm on dariush

Askarov and Ankalaev should, but Khamzat has a big ego problem and can't admit he would benefit a lot from training with Khabib.

god this guy fucking sucks

When will the obnoxious /pol/ posting stop? Isn't boring to have race debates in 2022..

im actually shocked there are so many casualfaggots here still dickriding chimaev after that

actually sad

Rockhold would have mauled Khamzat

He couldn't heem Ortega either after Holloway permanently damaged Ortega's brain

>replaced by Aussies

genuinely hope someone breaks a random limb of Aljo, one fucking division that wasn't shit and it had to be thrown down the drain

>fucking sucks
>beats Yan twice and is the champion of the world
Huh? Sounds like cope from you.

Aljo came through for the tribe


Colby's big. just ask ur mum lmao

this but the opposite

KZ should just get into Korean action movies

If you think that win isnt contest your an ideolog

Seethe blacklicker.

How the fuck do we meme Leech into a title shot and hope for a lucky Heem, orientalcels?

personally? i'm just glad boring canhagen is never touching a UFC belt.

is there anything more cringe than carefully typed Ebonics?

Attached: 16454999.jpg (1162x944, 70.83K)

he's not a god but he's the #2 guy in WW after his 5th fight in the UFC. that's still nutty

I'm a Colby fan but I'd be backing Khamzat 100% if he's anything shorter than -200. If Khamzat is a dog I'd sell a kidney to bet thousands

He's going to be too shy in his next fight and lose the decision

Khamzat was just too hyped before the fight. Adrenaline dump, simple as

>decent striker
>good chin
is Rumble a blown up welterweight? hate this meme

I wouldn't even call it brave, but I do think there is some truth that a lot of Koreans have absurd chins. Most people would be KO'd before literally being beaten to death

Algoat won.

The Russian bum lost.

Post this in 2 years when Usman and Adesanya have both been thrashed by Khamzat

>the division is ruined because my favorite fighter lost!!
Wipe your tears little baby. It'll be okay.


shit card
only good parts were Ratlip/Burns and the back to back AC/DC walkouts

KZ will get a dedicated role as the steadfast milkman on the next upcoming korean hit k-pop drama

>And what did Yan do you faggot? If he was black you would be hating on both of them (which is a logical thing to do). Let's face the truth, Yan fought like an absolute retard and deserved to lose

Attached: 8222 - dd0bd396e0950083174bb8aff7599623.png (598x800, 61.52K)

You wouldn't be complaining about it if Ngannou, Adesanya, Usman, and Aljo had lost

He technically heemed Ortega in the third round, his corner had to help him up that's fucking illegal


None of the bl*ck "champions" have finishes in their last fights. Why are bl*cks such pitter patterers?

Hard to finish someone when you constantly have your knees and hands on the mat hoping to find an easy way out.

>they're race baiting
>im literally stroking my dick with lube right now to the seethe posting
im not even joking. this seethe is the most satisfying seethe in months

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yeah he need to be more humble and stop acting over the top and like a retard , its seems like he want to act like McGregor but it doesn't feet him

Gilbert bros.... Khamzat killed him dead...

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Did anyone cap Dern's bunda when she was up on the cage.. asking for a colleague

And what did Yan do you faggot? If he was black you would be hating on both of them (which is a logical thing to do). Let's face the truth, Yan fought like an absolute retard and deserved to lose

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>lost twice and has a fake belt in a manlet division no one cares about

>has never been outstruck
Retard. Colby got struck 150 - 100. He puts everything into volume as he's pillowfisted and still got outstruck.
>hasn't been finished like burns or meng recently
He got finished in the last two years.
>he'll be fine he couldn't even take burns down after the first round
Colby got taken down and submitted by Alves.

Anyone who thinks Khamzat lost the story is just retarded. Him going to war with the #1 contender as raw of a skillet as he has just proves how good he is. He'll learn from this fight & improve & learn from his future fights. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll be seeing him fight for the title before the middle of 2023

Why would I seethe when: Youre the one seething lil bro

never been tested truly and was undisciplined if he had more ring time and more sparring I feel like he would not be so stupid in the second round

>Jones is the lineal LHW champ
Nah, Santos beat him with two blown out knees so Glover is lineal and official LHW champ

You'll all come around eventually.

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MMA reaches cringey new lows almost monthly now.
: (

I am equally shocked by this ‘exposed’ narrative you brainlets are spewing, it almost sounds like you really believe it

i have the mental screenshot rn and it is glorious

Well said. I see a bright future ahead for our lad. Provided he learns from his mistakes.
>goes 2 war with 2nd best fighter in division & wins

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Post serious and sensible opinions, here’s mine:

Aljo and Yan both lost, the story and the fight. Yan can only blame himself for not controlling his anger, just a bad night

Khamzat lost his mystique but he’s definitely an elite fighter, MMA is obviously way different from other sports where you don’t get hit in the head and your fight IQ drops more and more, he got too much of an ego and the adrenaline convinced him to start a brawl and ignore his coach, Gilbert showed alot of heart and grit. Colby doesn’t have the BJJ or power to threaten Khamzat and he got flash knock downed by Masvidal

Leon Edwards? Who

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Bl*cks are pitter patterers and wrestlefuckers that can't finish fights and get bailed out by the judges. Name one bl*ck "champion" in the UFC who finished his last fight. I'll wait.

If Leech can beat some dude around #10 he can be a top 10 guy.

Then when Khamzat pulls out of his title fight with Snoozeman like all the guys from that area do, he can be a short term replacement (coz everyone else is booked or something) and we hope for the best.

It would be kino I admit.

You realize all these people shit posting about black kangz are probably white and just want (you)'s right?

fucking this
he was PROVEN not exposed

that was meng

how the fuck can you say this. khamzat showed tonight his striking defense is absolute dogshit. hes good enought to roll with the top 5, but proved he will not be champion.

>Japanese men

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A wise irish man before me once said
Take the FUTURE pill
Ian Garry outstrikes Khamzat

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I don’t even like Burns and he fucked cumslut up

>using seethe that many times in 1 post
I'm surprise you even have to use lube. The way you post makes it sound like you weigh 300lbs and use kfc buckets as your cumjar

Gilbert bros.... Khamzat killed us...

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Izzy would never fight him. He'll move up to LHW to avoid Khamzat

Yadong is probably the closest South Asian fighter to a title fight

Felt the same way during GSP's "title reign"

>he kept the belt and is currently balls deep in this
I can't imagine a bigger dub

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Gilbert should ask a question at the press conference of Khamzat Colby PPV.

He'll probably ask Khamzat to kill Colby to avenge Brazil.

sorry that you're black but I'm backing Aldo in that division