Watering the poppies edition

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This my friends, Is the best of Canadian hockey players

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my avies :)

Diluted talent pool made this possible

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sad seeing gio in that laffs jersey

You could be arrested for posting this.


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>janny deletes early threads but leaves nsfw threads up


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>mfw da Bruins win da Stanleyb Owl

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I'm thread splitting, fuck OP.

how is this nsfw

Who won?

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>there are trannys itt that are happy don was fired just because its the current year

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>seething leaf can't handle the bantz
and he called me new

amateur athletes

Carter Savoie

You are new, fag. Make a good thread, you bastard. You stand for everything I hate.

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>literally chased out of /hoc/

Kippers is dead m8

Avs exposed

what is this


not an answer

answer question

Fucking newfags get out my /hoc/

not a response

your /hoc/ is the butthurt thread where they're posting images of ugly brits from the 1970s.
this /hoc/ (real /hoc/) is for funposting


>OP STILL trying to force his shitty memes
sage in all fields, boys

>OP ACTUALLY managed to chase the leafs out of /hoc/
He won, and it took him two threads to do it.

>bumping the thread fewer than 20 posts in
it's over

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This is the real thread, burgers can stay in here if they want

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im just waiting for the jannys to sort it out

>Mikko saves

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>getting this butthurt over pooppies

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My avies :)

Don't care

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>posting in a thread with a post per poster ration greater than 2.0

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that is literally every /hoc/ thread. they rarely get above 80 by 500 posts.

What does he do exactly?

the fuck is wrong with shaynas thumb

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Which hockey leagues are actually popular in Sweden? Do people care more about the SHL or NHL?

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Lift sticks

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B is for Bulju
His tongue is unsheathed
He likes to eat pizza
And watch Connor seethe

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still better than the yotes ugly ass kachina garbage

he's going to unironically do it

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Has anybody else noticed that his English has gotten significantly better this season?

SHL by far. They even cancelled the monthly NHL magazine Pro Hockey that had been coming out since 1992 in 2019 because it wasn't profitable. Having to watch 99% of the games in the middle of the night doesn't make it a popular thing. Same with all American sports. NHL at least have a weekly two pages cover in the biggest newspaper in Sweden. The other American sports barely gets any kind of coverage.

Do you see Derek “doc” Ryan jerseys?

does anybody give a shit about Liiga or the KHL? or is hockey not mainstream enough in Sweden to support multiple leagues being relevant?

for me it's Frölunda HC

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It is pretty weird that non-American teams would make their mascot an American Indian.

when people talk about djurgaden in sweden do they just assume you are talking about the soccer or hockey team?

that's native american to you settler

he literally just told you no one gives a shit about hockey except for the SHL

sorry but i only watch SDHL (not fag SHL) and edge during the first two periods, cum toward the end of the 3rd to whatever girl has scored the most

he literally didn't say anything of the sort. just that the NHL wasn't popular at all. go back to the other thread with your ornery bullshit.

the patrician's viewing habit

If anyone gave a shit about those leagues he would have included them with his original response. Fucking retard americans.

Liiga, no. Basically zero coverage and no interest from anyone but a couple of sickos

KHL, depends on if your team have one or more player there who might return to Sweden, then people might look at stats and stuff. But I don't think many of the ones who pay for Viasat (who owns the NHL and KHL rights) are watching KHL regularly.


My islanders ):

hey i don’t like op pic man, our great grandparents fought for our countries. never forget vimy ridge, and passchaendale and shit

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interesting. that makes sense. thank you for the insight, and
>no interest from anyone but a couple of sickos
you're wrong. now leave.

calm down you autist

>not dodging the draft

americans in these threads seem to have a real problem with comprehending things that aren't explicitly spelled out for them.

Small cock/hoc/

Giant pee pee /cric/

You seem to have a real problem with sand in your vagina


is this true?

wish your pa died at Vimy

>americans in these threads seem to have a real problem with comprehending things that aren't explicitly spelled out for them.

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wish yours died at valley forge

>>americans in these threads seem to have a real problem with comprehending things that aren't explicitly spelled out for them.

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You just lost the argument

wojaks are legitimate discourse tho

You thought I was one kind of retard, but I'm actually a different, worse kind of retard

The fans will vote one of pic related to replace the indian next season
They were called the Wild West in the 80s due to their run and gun playing style. So when the mid 90s came around and hockey cards and NHL became popular, teams started to change their logos and names to anglo ones and Frölunda, being called Wild West got the indian logo. They are one of the few teams that still have the anglo name and logo today.
I don't follow Swedish soccer at all and I live far away from Stockholm so I wouldn't know.

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>you just lost the argument

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I would go to /cric/ more but it doesn't move as fast as /hoc/ plus the banter just isn't the same.
I reckon because the only cricket I can watch is IPL and the games take place in the middle of the night.
>t. that guy from hawaii

What can a man do kiwibro?

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absolutely soulless logos

is cricket relevant in hawaii?

There is an amateur club here, yes.
I haven't been but it has a lot of involvement from what I see on their website.

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