Kingens upplaga

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What’s your official tire?

How do combat sport fans even decide who to support? Base it off personality? I haven't seen a single MMA fighter who wasn't a massive unlikeable cunt

*sails into the thread*

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I'm just here to watch highly skilled athletes beat the shit out of each other. Don't really care who wins.

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Who is less hateable or who is really good and/or entertaining

based pichel

You root for the cunt that makes fights entertaining


Once you watch a few, you start recognizing styles that you like and fighters who are slightly less cunty than the others

I love watching subhumans hurt each for my own amusement.

Simple as

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what a trash fucking card

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>Simple as
take that autistic shit elsewhere

>they get paid more and get more pussy than you

i hate cazzies bros

>Simple as
dont listen to anyone who says this, they are jewish

dude what the FUCK is that?

Imagine if the wmma was cancelled

>t. omg can I get a picture bro

John the Hitman Hathaway was a really kind gentleman. Such a shame he succumbed to Chron's disease.

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He did not win all 3 rounds these judges are shit

>I can't enjoy anything with anyone who MIGHT have more money than me, even if they're a doctor or MMA fighter or any of the many occupations I don't have the skillset or desire to train to be

Jealous fag. I bet your friends love your company



Semen status: slurped

holy fuck I hate Madsen so much

>moved to USA
Stay out of my country wrestlefucker


You're from Denmark you tit, not some third world country!

learn how to read you fucking retard

Z z z z z z z z

>picks wrestlefucked

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Fuck Dana

99.9% of fighters are shit

I don't want to protect myself from those beautiful women what a shit ad

Burns because he's not a worthless isis hair lip terrorist looking faggot I guess.

supporting? huh?
I watch combat sport for BLOOOOOOOOOOD

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What is this gay shit. I want to watch khamzat not a recap of old fights

you could ask the same question about any sport

>What is this gay shit. I want to watch khamzat
Tell me you're a low t cuck without actually telling me

Time for a nap I guess


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If I was low t I wouldn't have this raging hard on thinking about fucking all these wmma babes

fuck wmma and fuck dana

this card SUCKS

i was just talking about this

It's considerate of Dana to give us a tea break. Who wants a cuppa? Tea or Coffee?

Bros I just did it. It's not much but I did it. I was gonna bet Burns, Aljo, KZ for 1 dollar cause it was a 120something dollar pay out but now it's only a 22 dollar payout so I didn't do it.

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Yeah, raging hard-on for muscled women on testosterone totally makes you straight

>post yfw wmma...again

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This movie is underappreciated.

dern points
khmzat sub
yan points
volk ko

i only like the murder sequence, and the 'house' sequence

>new ui has transformers sfx

>Burns, Aljo, KZ for 1 dollar cause it was a 120something dollar pay out but now it's only a 22 dollar payout so I didn't do it.

Lesbian porn is so boring

reminder that i would heem every here

youre supposed to just watch the fight considering the styles and hope no one gets too badly hurt.


I hate sweden

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Of course it is Toyo Tires THE official tires of the UFC

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In WMMA, I root for the more attractive woman.


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I'm literally making coffee so I don't fall asleep watching this dogshit

I want Khamzat to get rocked so Sw*des go to bed seething

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Does WWE advertise other products during PPV?


If you parlayed them before it was paying out 120something dollars for a dollar bet but now it's only 22 so I didn't even bother with it.

They don't have ppvs, but they do spend a lot of the time showing video packages instead of matches

True thread

>sponsored by manscaped

>>they get paid more
95% of them do not get paid more than me, or most of the other posters on /heem/

You could stuff that chick into one of his legs kek

This Chechen guy really brings out the autistic Swedes huh

oooh me too I guess. Pick for me

Will either of these "women" finger fuck their opponent if they get on top? This is my first card and it's really fucking entertaining b.

YUCK the new UFC interface looks like PFL

Yeah, they ran ads during Wrestlemania last weekend.

I had some caffeinated edibles and I'm still sleepy

What does he have that I don't?

When did they stop doing PPV?

Disgusting whore.

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yeah damn what a game thread

>get randomly horny just before wmma
yeah my body knows how it works now

>weird sudaka flag on the back
>usa flag on the banner
every single time kek
why do immigrants don't feel american?

yeah brb going for some scran and a wank


can blowjob jitsu bring it home

Stream stopped working lads

sup phux, I'm posting again and you can't stop me

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>ANOTHER wmma fight

Fuck you dana

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>Anonymous 04/09/22(Sat)23:01:00 No.119253314▶
very kissable stomach

>Jon Anik: "...with the Brazilian, Mackenzie Dern."
unironically i am now rooting for the faggot torres

Torres is from my hometown. It's a real dump.


Shopped. Ive seen the orginal. Her purse is green.

people seethe when the fighters they like lose. people like khamzat because he looks insanely dominant. if khamzat lost he wouldn't look insanely dominant, thus there would be no reason to like him, thus there would be no reason to seethe over his loss.

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more of a fight night really

what are ya scranning bongo


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Like 2013 or something when they started the WWE network. Now everything's just on peacock.

A Brazilian passport.

We are here


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Tecia by UD
Rest in shit fake Brazilian bitch

>tfw timed my coffee in the madsen fight to perfection so I need to take a dump as bruce announces the WMMA fighters

You can tell this isnt my first MMA card

Put cum in, walk away

>joe rogan when he's about to comment on a fighter's muscularity

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latinx cannot become american

a successful career and welcoming personality


It's tough for me as a fan, because somehow in MMA even the Black guys are right wing turbochuds most of the time. I guess I usually just root for a good fight.


how much nonsense is permitted in this bout?

bundona gostosa

Simply by a moment where i see a spark.
You wouldn't get it.

spammy is actually swedish?

but how did they change the odds that much makes no sense

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Low t zoomers cheering for Arab Muslim who sees them as infedels is about as cucked as you can be with out watching your gf get fucked.

lmao they fucked up the round counter

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based no nonsense

>Dern's husband
>she didn't take his last name

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look at that fat nigga lol

>round 3
great job production team lmao

houmous with crackers and some melon (typing this as joe and john ramble about the wmma im not watching)

what stream is that fat ginger bastard using, I'm way behind

post your wmma face (but pretend to like it)

dern hit the wall hard

hes british

>take a shit
>beat an elden ring boss
>go for a snack
>WMMA is JUST getting started

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None. Don't even think about it user, Keith is watching.

Haneke > Post-Melancholia Trier

Stupid ass Yahoo had Pichel as their best bet. Why in fuck would you ever bet against an Olympian especially when the other dude is even older than him?

>15 minutes of this

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easy i decide based on religion

much preferred thick dern

“Wooow this is a wild one so far” in the most bored voice I have ever heard

Kys faggot

I thought the Dern fight would be over by now but it’s just getting started wtf

no such thing as spammy, people just made it up to feel like they arent in a thread surrounded by several genuine autists

4 and its a 15 minute lay and pray fight

which boss?

shouldn't you be fighting Putin instead of posting porn

She definitely told her father about this for attention.

Fortune favors the bravest asdas hdiuashdu iasd crypto.com

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oh gawld

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Keep going man, too bad he didn't grab the tiddy

calm down spams, unless you want to discuss the current wmma fight

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Dern sucks

If digits we get a quick KO and only a little WMMA

Maybe more

Your autism is starting to tick me off.

Dern's bunda looking extra jiggly tonight. Sublime.

i decide based on gender

Walk into the thread like what up I got a pink cock

Why did Dern marry that thing?
Ok you're into black guys but at least pick someone who looks civilized.
Must be cte brained.

Universal suffrage was a mistake

did the anime or the jav come first?


Small changes in massive underdogs make a huge difference. I think Gilbert was like +600 at one point and by the time I was about to bet he was +370 plus when you parlay you gotta multiply.

yeah not watching this shite, making a coffee fellas

how do you even take a nap whenever you want? go through your entire process step by step

what happened to dern's tits?

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How is it possible for those whores to have a flat yet flabby ass, fucking repulsive.

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post something else bro

not gonna happen

it's the cigar break

Okay fight is now good

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bobby hill ref

loretta, she easy

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why do 90% of nords have zero personality?

>That jiggle

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good morning!

lol the faggot with the mask on take that shit off

>Must be cte brained.
Have you heard her talk?

We are here

imagine caring that much about a fighter's political affiliation. tony could be the biggest most stereotypical liberal in the world and i'd still enjoy watching him fight.

I hope Putin kills this Ukrainian coomer nigger

get this off my telly NOW

unironically least boring fight so far

good morning dear


Id like to fuck mackenzie derns asshole if you catch my drift

shame about the hideous masculine face

UFC in São Paulo when?

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what the fuck is that nigga doing in the eclipse

I think I know what you mean

Just fucking with you. I actually liked the conversation throughout the movie the best. Trier is a great director, but he comes off as an edgy, try-hard at times. Haneke is good. Did you like Time of the Wolf?

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yeah damn what a fight

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>wmma on
>Start talking about based Rountree

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Not sure. What do you mean by that?

yeah, pretty much

I don't get it

im not sure i understand, elaborate

I love this, what is this genre called

If you could 100% get away with sexually assaulting one of these peak WMMA stars, which of the two would you pick and what sexual activity would you engage in?


never they cant recover from colby

Lack of soul

I hope Putin deletes Ukraine off the map.
Gonna beat some refugees tomorrow.


>shame about the hideous masculine face

thats basically every latina

with all this new production and the product in the octagon everything just feels so sterile and soulless, it's like watching somebody play ufc on ps5

he doesn't even look black just Brazillian lol

why put this on PPV?

God Dern is so sloppy

I fucking hate Dern so much, the retarded look on her face makes me rage

i never knew dern was a tranny, but joe sure is sucking his dick

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i pretended to like mgmt for a girl now I'm actually into it


Incel moment incoming: I refuse to watch the women's fights. Not cause they're boring or anything (they usually are), but because I cannot help but cringe when see a woman fighting. Women are not meant to fight, or really do any sort of physical labor. They are made for making babies and taking care of the home. What these women are doing to their bodies is unnatural and unhealthy, they should spend their lives keeping their body in good condition to bear children, not this. I find it disgusting that we allow this to occur. In fact, I don't even believe women should be in the workforce, nevermind the UFC, but that's another story.

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tis a shame

Women are so bad at fighting wtf. I could heem both these women at the same time

>I jump in the ring
>knock Torres out one hit
>Start fucking Dern on stage
>buts a sub min nut
>next fight starts
>everyone claps

Oh look the w*men fight that’s shoehorned into every main card by Dana “kike” White. Time to take a shit because I won’t be watching. Good thing I didn’t pay for this shit and never will

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Told you guys Mark would win. My boy continues to rise!!

Jon "Bones" Jones will win the UFC World Heavyweight Championship before the end of the 2022 calendar year.

By the way, you may have noticed that the last two digits of my post number are the same. Pretty impressive. However, if you look a little closer, you'll see that it's actually the last THREE digits that are the same! Incredible!

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Face fuck dern in her stupid looking face


she looks EXACTLY like her father

Torres 10-9

Joe cant stand when standup fights happen. He only wants wrestking and wrestlers


who even won that round, torres?

What did he mean by this?

Bros i genuinely look ugly from the side but attractive from the front, can i still get a gf?

i don't even remember who i picked in this one but i know it's gonna heem my picks

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Do you think women are more naturally able to dodge punches because of centuries of male abuse?

They also had THE Madsen vs THE Pichel on the main card, they really have no respect for their paypigs lol

Dern 10-8

Robot culture.
Most interesting nords are into partying (w/boring house music) drugs and smoking.
And that’s not saying much desu faml

during wmma I like to pretend I'm a king and the women are fighting for the privilege to be my warrior concubines

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Talmbout Jingaling ??

womens tennis is good

womens mma is shit

You can't expect people to just cipher that mumbojumbo

Imagine if Mackenzie Dern and Trevor Whitman linked up

Khamzat and Yan/Aljo sell the card by themselves, just fill the rest with shitters. Same thing happens with Conor cards

Would you remind repeating that a little slower for me?

No one cares

You can't normalize dangerous politics, you absolute idiot american.

I look ugly up close it's a problem for me in the gf dept

>out-bunda'd by an american

>american education

because muh two title fights means they don't have to try anywhere else
the fact it has Khamzat as well is a bonus and a miracle

she had a baby

No cause they like getting hit.

nobody won, we lost

Is this what having a gf feels like?

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asian as shit


lol haven't watched that one. me im Cache/White Ribbon/Piano Teacher enjoyer

Literally the opposite, they love being beat so much that they can't evade punches

They may scorn you, but only because you speak the truth. Women in the workforce has been nothing short of disastrous.

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there's literally a packed arena of people watching this live


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Is this guy the swedish Schaub or sumthin b

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True. Women's tennis is the only female sport I can get excited about.

Cross country biking is ok as well. Never as good as mans tho

They are both American


Germans and Asians are the same, too much autism in the genes

Whats wrong with your side profile?

Dern is gonna walk funny tomorrow.

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And not a single one of them cares.

i wish Dern would do that to me

>pulls the standing guard

Dern is a CAN

kek wtf is this shit

had a good laugh at this mate silly people out there really

I want to pin this guy down and castrate him with my teeth

I actually thought the opposite. most interesting ones i found where autistic workers who live in the woods.

God I wish she would climb me like a tree