/nba/ general - NIGHT LOSERS edition

POR: Drew Eubanks (wrist) questionable Sunday vs. Jazz
DEN: Nikola Jokic (right wrist) questionable for Sunday
MIN: D'Angelo Russell (illness) now questionable Sunday
CHI: Coby White (left toe) doubtful Sunday vs. Wolves
CHI: DeMar DeRozan (rest) won’t play Sunday vs. MIN
ORL: Mo Bamba (ankle) questionable Sunday vs. Heat
MEM: Brandon Clarke scores 20 points, makes all 10 FGs
MEM: Grizzlies go nuclear in 3Q in Ja Morant’s return
DET: Cade Cunningham (hip) questionable Sunday vs. PHI
MIL: Giannis Antetokounump (knee) doubtful Sunday

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Fuck the lakeshits

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If Ireland had a basketball team, what would the name be?

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the dublin solanums

that nigga fruity

The Kilkenny Boston Celtics.

Which one?

his teammate fucks trannies are you really surprised

Is it keltic or seltic?

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My nuggies are ded

> MPJ is kill
> Murray is kill
> Jokic is going to be killed in the first round

Post season is whatevers. Tell me who to bandwagon this playoffs and why.

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>lebron ad and westbrook wasn't enough to even get into the play ins

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suns because they are about to steamroll the west and the seethe will be at a maximum

Raptors or Grizzlies
Dawg factor

Pick a team who hasn't won a chip yet

my warrior

>irish heritage
>boston basketball


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O'Antonio Spuds.

>boston basketball

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Who is the dark horse of the playoffs?

I like Scottie so maybe. He is my ROY
Chris Paul has intentionally tried to undercut many players. Rubs me the wrong way. I don't think I can user.
They already won too many times and too much zoomer bandwagonners. I only like Jordan Poole. The rest are meh.

all the players

Is Draymond Green fr

The Dublin Dawgs
The Wexford Wolfhounds
The Belfast Potato Blighters
The Swords Soshos
The Derry Duranties
The Naas Narrative Energies
that would be my league if I named one

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The raptors. They have the homecourt mandate advantage.

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Dubs confirmed for first round exits

Warriors actually some frauds

looks familiar doesnt it

They need lebron

Yeah they've been playing like this the last two months this is nothing new desu

suns chads

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Dawgs conference. Only respond if you believe your team are dawgs and explain why, suns fans need not apply

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When ur in a choking contest and ur opponent is Stephen Curry

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elite teams occasionally drop big leads to bad teams. shit happens. yall over react to everything like women.

nigga they all play grab ass in the shower

No explanation needed.

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Ja shit up the bed the last time we played how are you even a celtic fan breh

My Nets are dawgs. Why? Well, they just got that dawg in them.

Guys please stop posting the dawg meme. It's not funny and I'm crying because of it!!!


>built in the draft
>lowest freethrows out of all .500+ teams
>knocked out the lakers twice in 2 years
>amazing team chemistry
If this doesn't scream dawg nothing does

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> The Wexford Wolfhounds
Based. An Irish wolfhound was my hospital therapy dog when I was a wee lad.

don't post things that make sense they hate that bro

why foul there lol

>>built in the draft
>used photo of journeyman

Tre Jones trying to rip off his sleeve LOL

thank god this nigga fixed his beard this season

>manufactured hype

snoooooze. grizzlies have more authentic broship than this. its just a bunch of ring chasers trying to convince themselves that they're bros

This is pretty cringe

Fuck Lebron

>slaps him hard going for the ball his little spandex thing gets ripped off
>No one mentions this is a foil during the review


>was talking to someone irl yesterday
>they mentioned their dog
>thought about dawgs and started sniggering and looked like a retard

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Will the actual basketball fans overcome the Nate Silver autists and vote Embiid for MVP?

>built in the draft
>posts pic of guy that has been on 13 different teams
>led by chris paul who joined last year or some shit and some guy that philly gave you
big cringe

for me it's the knicks

I just need Jordan Poole to hit one 3

i need you to fucking relax


I need you to suck my balls

I've been bringing "got that dawg in em" to my work and social conversations every chance I get

missed news op
>NBA RESCINDS 16th technical foul on Luka
KEK. fuck tony brothers

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niggas be like

>jordan poole:

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isnt that bad for him actually? he'll probably miss a playoff game

Bro looked like steph out there you wouldn't understand

it wasn't news. nobody cares

poole almost shot us out the game

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holy shit dude fucking relax

Doing his best Steph Curry impression

one slightly-off night

how the fuck do 34 year old women still act like they're 20 in all seriousness

>LeMickey "I don't think a lot of people was educated" James, Russell Westbrick and the Los Angeles Lelkers are 17 games under .500 and out of the playoffs
>LeMickey was not good enough to get a team with four Top 75 players of all-time into the playoffs

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Apparently everyone Karl Anthony Towns knows dies. Family, friends (Dwayne Haskins).

How can I get a meet and greet with him so that I may be lucky next person?

Jokic. Just to see this general seeth.

if embiid wins the mvp this general is going to turn into /pol/ for a couple days

Curry - 25.5/5.2/6.3 on 61 TS%

Booker - 26.7/5.0/4.9 on 58 TS%

Curry has better





Win Shares


On/off swing Curry +14.1 vs Booker +2.9

Is lebron washed?

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if giannis wins the mvp everyone will get riled up for a cool 8 hours then shitpost about the playoffs

not you too brazil

Keep it real with us bro you also don't know what most of the stuff you just copy and pasted means

Grand majority of people stop aging mentally at around 20, lil zoomer

Sure feels like it's being stolen by meme stats if Jokic wins

>they say you gotta watch out for the gators out here
>but i brought my motherfucking dawgs
>whole team starts barking
>ayton on the ground barking like a dawg

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This general will go full /pol/ as long as either Embiid or Jokic win.

Ayton is so funny in the postgame interviews he's my favorite fr

just tired of seeing steph curry slander here!! make of that as you will

If Giannis wins, this general will be safe and return to baseline normative behavior.

I'll make of this as I will....

Is there a two-word phrase which accurately describes this image?

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It isn't as bad as it was 4 years ago. You've endured many blood baths during those time brazil. I'm not sure how you had the will to keep shitposting..

whats wrong with hiring a mercenary like bossman99?

if booker wins mvp it will be scorched earth in this general until the suns lose in the playoffs or next season entirely
if curry wins mvp everyone will call it unmerited
if lebron wins mvp everyone will laugh and call it a sympathy award