Ronaldo assaults autist

The mother of a 14-year-old boy with autism has claimed that her son was left with a bruised hand and a broken phone after being "assaulted" by Cristiano Ronaldo.
The newspaper quoted her as saying: "At full-time the Man United players started walking off. We were in the Park End so we were right by the tunnel where they came walking past - my son was there videoing them all.

"He filmed all the United players walking through. And then he lowered his phone because Ronaldo had pulled down his sock and his leg was bleeding. He lowered his phone to see what it was - he didn't even speak.

"Ronaldo then just walked past, with a terrible, terrible temper and smashed the phone out of my son's hand and carried on walking."
Kelly added: "I was crying, I was shook up, Jacob was in complete shock - he's autistic and he's got dyspraxia as well, so he didn’t really digest what was happening until he’s come home now."He's really upset about it and it's completely put him off going to the game again. This is the first football game he's been to and this has happened.

"We had an absolutely brilliant day up until those final few seconds when they came off the pitch. It’s completely ruined the day and put a bad taste in our mouth."

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Lol autism is just an excuse. Or he actually is autist, I can see why an autist would support Everton, blue colors.

I'm not reading all of that you stupid arrogant cunt


Kek I first read it as dyslexia and thought wtf does that have to do with it.

The name of the kid? Lionel messi

It happens


Wtf I love Ronaldo now

>"I was crying, I was shook up, Jacob was in complete shock - he's autistic and he's got dyspraxia as well, so he didn’t really digest what was happening until he’s come home now."
kek what faggots, I support Ronaldo now

We told you all along this is a Messi board and only homorepressed election tourists like penaldo

Ronaldobros how can we rape our way out of this mess?

>he's autistic and he's got dyspraxia as well
annoying little scrotes got everything
except a phone

Every fucking kid's an autist apparently

Christiano would never rape an autistic dyspraxiac. He was beggng for it.

its all the flouride in beer and shiet.

>He's really upset about it and it's completely put him off going to the game again. This is the first football game he's been to and this has happened.

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I would have never imagined that a confessed rapist, convicted tax evader and a general horrible narcissistic human being would be capable of hitting a random kid because he was angry

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This could have literally been any one of us bros… fuck penaldo


autistic pepole like blue?

Not me, I never leave my house.

>banned in muttland
>banned in pakiland
Where will he go now

time for this gem

he still got off lighter than the woman in vegas

>I’m an Autistic mom of six neurodivergent kids and a parent coach that helps parent-advocates parent their Autistic child with more ease.
lel, reminds me of that picture, you know which one

I feel sorry for the anons that don't speak spanish and cannot understand this Kekking masterpiece

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>>I’m an Autistic mom of six neurodivergent kids
>Kaylene George is an autistic self-advocate, author, and mother of five, including one autistic child.
she appears to have lost one of her neurodivergents halfway through the article. Maybe theres one with so much shit, she only counts it sometimes.

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What does autism have to do with any of this stupid lass

>he doesn't stand with autism

lel so your fucking kid got upset because an elite sportsman slapped a phone out of his hand after a major defeat. suck it up, ask the club to pay for a new phone and move on. your kid is not special, he was not hurt by this and you cannot milk it for fame. fuck off

I think I've got a High Score here lads

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the most mundane shit is mental disease nowadays

can you have some empathy? try imagining that the kid was a african black refugee or a women trying to get an abortion or something

3/8 for me. Don't think it's enough to cash some autismbux.

t. Ronaldo

I'm an excellent driver

munchausen by proxy

>is clumsy
>has a disheveled appearance
>is rigid in play/routines
>frustrates easily
>has trouble maneuvering around obstacles
>breaks things unintentionally
Is Penaldo autistic?

Lol the little faggot is laughing

I've got dypraxia, and those criteria are like some "symptoms" I guess but aren't specific to dyspraxia. For myself, I used to really, really struggle to complete fairly basic stuff in PE class from a very young age (like I can't throw or catch or play sport really). I had a terrible time in primary school, getting bullied and stuff because I couldn't hit a tennis ball with a racket like even once. I couldn't really ride a bike, I had to attend a hospital thing to learn how to live with dyspraxia. It basically fucks your physical coordination and time coordination too. Not that anyone cares about the explanation, but it's not a nice condition to have, you really struggle to successfully perform physical actions that ordinary people can do.

>I've got dypraxia
you've got dyslexia too m8.
sorry to hear it, but:
>I can't throw or catch or play sport really
plenty of kids cant either, especially not now they get excuses for their not ever having to train basic co-ordination shoved up their ass at every opportunity. Not saying thats the case with yourself, but, too many people using mostly mentally-fabricated diseases as crutches to check out of shit altogether. People have to struggle to perform most sports - thats kind of the point of them. At some stage, we appear to have departed from the idea, struggling for anything is worth while now. Regardless :) wish you wellness and better days Sir, and excuse the rant.

>I was shook up, Jacob was in complete shock - he's autistic and he's got dyspraxia as well, so he didn’t really digest what was happening until he’s come home now.

"He didn't really digest what was happening until we got home and I explained that we can win a settlement from him. The 'not digesting what was happening' should cover the period afterward where we are seen by numerous eye witnesses laughing and having fun. The damage I have suffered at the hands of Mr. Ronaldo is deeply debilitating to my ability to work."

this video convinces me that we're living in a simulation




Messi never assaulted a kid or raped a girl

Penaldo is a joke.

Lad was talking shit wasn’t he now the autism is just an excuse to play victim

Messi would never harm kids

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This is modus operandi of all lying pieces of shit, we see it in ukraine with faked and staged murders, this is another thing going, first it was just a kid now its a kid with autism next is he got covid by being touched by Cristiano. Good thing is his parent is exposed and I will sent the army of based Pakistani tsuchads to harrass her online and offline.

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He's also trans and has ocd

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Kid would probably beat him up.

Is this really you or a copy paste from Harry Maguire's biography?

That’s it, this finally solidifies the Messi is better than Ronaldo argument once and for all.

I don't know, please post

Btw 6 autistic kids? Is that even possible?


smartphones were a mistake

>wealthy athlete punches down

>these are the people that I discuss sports with

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>la scarlet johanson del gol

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if they do that but naked and oiled up I'm willing to subscribe