What's your most controversial sports opinion?

If Italy wasn't refballed in 2002 against south korea they would've won that world cup

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Spain can easily reach the WC final despite having the worst spanish national team in 15 years, since Luis Enrique is a genius

The argentinians will get too cocky before the game against Mexico and end up losing
Mexico always end up beating the big bad in their group

If Australia wasn't refballed in 2006 against Italy they would've won that world cup

I believe more in Austrália winning that cup than italia in 2002

Women's sports are just as watchable and enjoyable as men's

The Netherlands lost 3 world cup finals because they were the most obviously rigged in history

Hamilton = schumacher
Magic johnson doesnt have aids
Leonidas da silva was paid not to play italy in 1938 semifinal

You hit the post in the last minute of 78, Robben missed a sitter in 2010 and it that same one the nigga was sparred a red card early on, just accept that you are a bunch of bottelers

European hockey is more entertaining than North American hockey.

women's sport is like men's but in slow motion and with everybody drunk

Federer is the GOAT

Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest athlete in history, even compared to Goliath & other giants like him.

Citizens should be allowed to hunt prisoners on a life sentence for a fee, if the prisoner escapes he is free.

The 1985 NBA draft lottery was undoubtedly rigged.

What how? Better players, smaller rink, more physical

women futbol is not futbol, it's a different sport

the refball wasn't that bad and they should have been able to win anyway

still hurts

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bola em portugues
ball in english

Women should be mandated, by law, to have sex with me

I'm not calling anyone, they can send me a message if they want to talk to me

I wish it was more normal to call people than to text them.

me too, makes things a lot more clear
nowadays any asshole can act smug behind a keyboard, their voices would break

Pelota is better desu

We had one of our strongest teams ever. It would have been even more weird if we hadn't won

Every player that has played under pep has taken PED's

Recently, Spanish authorities’ investigations uncovered a shockingly wide doping network around Eufemiano Fuentes. The evidence implicated most of Europe’s leading cyclists, but people weren’t overly shocked at the confirmation of something that most suspected anyway.The most compelling evidence produced by Operacion Puerto suggested that it wasn’t just cyclists but footballers who were “treated” by Fuentes. This was of course around the time when Spanish teams and athletes had started to dominate their respective fields.

Fuentes has admitted in the past he worked with Guardiola. He is also alleged to have said “If I would talk, the Spanish football team would be stripped of the 2010 World Cup”

Of course we cannot forget the nandrolone (an anabolic steroid) scandals of the early 2000s, where bans were handed down to Guardiola. Guardiola was playing at Brescia at the time, where his club doctor was Ramon Segura – the same Segura who worked for Pep during his highly successful spell managing Barcelona.

3 doctors who worked with Lance Armstrong’s US Postal cycling team received lifetime bans from sport for providing athletes with EPO, blood transfusions and masking agents. One of cycling’s most famous ‘doping doctors’, Luis del Moral is also working with Barcelona under the guise of “medical advisor”. FC Barcelona haven’t made a statement on del Moral’s ban, which prohibits him from working in any sport which has signed up to the WADA code of conduct. It would be interesting to hear why they employed del Moral and what his specific role was within the team.

Women owe me sex

FIFA genuinely dislikes the England team and the Football Association.

How bad was refballing back in 2002?

It seems even 20 years later, people still bring it up.

based hue

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Historical important teams ( Italy, Uruguay, germany, brasil, argentina, france, spain) and teams with the best players (messi and cristiano ronaldo) shouldnt have to qualify for the euros or wc

that Hillsborough disaster was deserved by Liverpool fans, karma for what they did at Heysel stadium

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Literally every Spanish and Spain based athlete from 2000s-2010s was pumped full of PED.

unfathomably based

>usyk in the top middle

There's no such thing as a bad sport, only bad practices, people, and organizations.

honestly the thing that still makes me seethe the most is that I'm certain >we would have somehow gotten to the final without the refball, I wanted to play against that Brazil so much, no matter how badly >we were going to lose.

>puyol in the down middle, modric above usyk & messi in the left middle behind the dark blue jacket guy

They have been treated to one ass shot by the owner of the club.

cristiano ronaldo is not in the top 15 players of all time

Players have closer ties to their clubs, especially junior players.
More passionate fans and better atmosphere in the arenas.
I also like the slower paced style of play, NHL seems like it's just a bunch of counters back and fourth. Mainly 1 and 2 though.

That getting run over by trying to go on a highway on foot - doesn't make Dwayne Haskins a winner

Dumb paperboy

Mohammed Ali is overrated trash

White people *can* jump.

I think that Wayne Gretzky is the most dominant athlete in the major 4 north american sports. He is better at hockey than Brady is at football, etc.

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Cricket is not popular outside the anglosphere because of racism

As a former Boxing fan, its fairly obvious that UFC is the future of combat sports. MMA Fights are more unpredictable, best fight the best, and having a boss like Dana to check fighters on some bullshit. Dont even follow Boxing anymore, its boring in comparison

All the booty jiggling and titty bouncing makes it watchable desu lol

Whites make sports worse

GOAT conversations are incredibly boring if they involve players in their primes you had no chance to watch as an adult who better understands what you're seeing. I could not care less about how good Jordan or Ruth or Pele were. Most of us weren't even pre-teens in the 90s. Historically important, sure. But it's just obnoxiously pointless.

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Barcelona was just as equally helped by Franco than Madrid, they're just massive chokers and a shamefull club

GOAT conversations are inevitably flawed in that the standards for essentially all sports have been rising over time. Maradona would be lucky to be playing A-League football these days and Pele might not even make my local clubs prem team.

For this reason, the GOAT is always a current or very recent player.

Kevin Großkreutz was world class in 2013

we're the best rugby country, anglo refball robbed us of 3 world cups already


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genuinly believe that as well. same goes for liverpool and the entire norway nordic ski team
also this


the raptors would have beaten the fully healthy warriors

We should've won the 66 world cup but like Italy we just got refballed by the host.

Sir you have to be under 90 years old to post on this board

Cope panettone

portugal qualified at the last minute thanks to mafia fifa

SEX is in fact a sport

Wordle in 3