/mlb/ general: HONEST SEASON edition

SF: Rodon flourishes in first start with Giants
HOU: McCullers (forearm) could begin throwing soon
NYY: Stanton blisters two-run homer in win over Boston
CHC: X-rays come back negative on Ian Happ's knee
HOU: Bregman gets day off Saturday against Angels
TOR: Bichette homer helps Blue Jays win second straight
MIN: Buxton clobbers homer, but Twins blow late lead
LAA: Adell not in lineup again Saturday against Astros
WAS: Sánchez may miss start on Monday with stiff neck
NYM: Lindor back in lineup on Saturday against Nats

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Clarkie bear

I'm thinking
Just going to say it
know you're all thinking it
everybody is thinking it
The Royals are making it back to playoffs.
God damn it feels good to be a Royals fan

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Dodgers Rockies


>base stealing
holy shit i might like jankowski some more

too bad garden gnome fucking sucks

Pete Alonso general

Cubbies lookin solid

eat shit glowies

If a player gets traded to a new team, when does a new baseball card come out for the player on said new team? I want to grab Olson and Freeman respectively being new trades.


Why do all the 59Fiftys have to have that hideous embroidered New Era logo on the side now? My hat from 2009 is starting to fall apart and it'd be nice to replace it but not with this shit

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Leggo Machaddie

I like you cusbs. Don't push it.

Why does Charlie Morton act like he's about to kill himself every other second?

Keep it cub positive

Is this nu though?

Rakey Jakey

card companies used to release an updated set later in the season with rookies and trades and stuff like that.

So, a toss up for who the fuck knows?

Cubyals leading the pack

Do you guys think it causes friction in the locker room when half is cut and half is intact?
When Ohtani first came to Angles he might've never seen a cut penis. Must've been a shock

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>Gary and ron talking about hitler
its one of those episodes bros

Can we get some cock-based sabrmetrics?

Stanton is hitting 60 HRs this year

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Alonso is hitting 70 then

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I love Clarkie bear.

*saves your piece of shit franchise*

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This game could be going better.

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syndergaard on the bump

syndegaard 95 mph fastball, he's broken

Still plenty of time. Believe.

What is Noah Syndergaard’s, aka Thor’s, skin color?

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What the fuck is Kyle Wright? I know it's the Reds but damn he's on a fuckin' roll.

I despise every other team in the NL East, but I have to admit that Soto is a hitting machine.

I hope he's just trading velo for the ability to throw a breaking ball.

>angles paying a 95 mph thor 20 million

no refunds anglels

tfw my mets are confident this year

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bros maybe buck was the piece we needed all along

s Anthony Recker still on cast with SNY’s Baseball Night in New York?

I can’t believe women are playing baseball

My fellow Dane Søndergaard will save The Angel's season

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just root for the Padres
this could be our year

Mets pitching looks fierce this year.

Tyler Anderson 2022 cy young incoming

nigga he is throwing 95 he is done

Bassitt looks like a great trade

Braves bros, Dansby is likely getting fucked off. He's pretty ass.

Who replaces him?

man abrams needs to fuckin figure his shit out

no refunds

People said Eriksen was done

He's been quietly one of the better pitchers in the entire majors over the past few years. And the Mets gave up virtually nothing for him. He'd be solid #2, but with Jake and Max, he's an elite #3

Im still amazed the team is stringing together hits to make runs. Watch out Playoffs if this team consistently hits with RISP

>Chris Bassitt
Thank you, Oakland. You will forever be an ally of the Mets

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Keep it cubs related

>DH in both leagues

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Will the annoying kid at the Anaheim game shut up?

>be pushed as the next mike trout because eppler needs to keep his job
>collapse from the pressure
>go back minors and develop skills, still extremely young
>develop serious skills, look ready
>develop yips and shit the bed - hat trick and awful fielding
I bet he just needs a sports psychiatrist, but Angels org have shown ZERO interest in their players health, let alone mental health

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>2-0 with a +2 run diff

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he is black that is why he is a bust

Who will play him in the biopic?

well tonight it was one big hit that got the runs

Idris Elba


Sure. But this is the Nationals.

M’s baseball baby

Explain kelenic

True but it was all setup by some quality at bats.

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>hot as tits yesterday
>chilly today
Dadsbros why is Spring like this

lmao i forgot syndegaard is literally incapable of holding on runners, free SB every time

he came from the mets

I'm a Dbags fan till I depart this world

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I have a question
What outfielder has the record for catching the most balls?

your mom

your mother