What if a World Cup with these 32 National Teams?

What if a World Cup with these 32 National Teams?

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Iberia would win every WC

how is that fair wtf?

Our attack would still be shit

I tried to be as fair as possible without uniting countries that have nothing to do with each other, in fact the only country that remains in its original form is Brazil

Honestly most blobs change little. Only Spaintugal, Argenuguay, MAGREB and Greater Netherlands produce a noticeably better team than their best component country. Like Old Greater Britain's team is just current England + Bale

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We would have more than 5, you guys would prob be worse

Oh yeah because Italy uniting with Malta is such a huge upgrade to regular Italy.

champions: brazil
runners-up: uru+chi+arg+par
third place: iberia
fourth place: yugoslavia+albania

>not including Robbo

we would unironically win it

still shit

italy still wouldn't qualify tbqh

Yugoslavia is the best team on that map

Hey man, dont discount san marino and the vatican.

>Yugoslavia, Iberia, Parachigentinaguay, Nafrica, West Africa, Belgerlands, SwitzerFrance, Nords, United States of MexiCan, Germstria, Bra7i1, Ravioli, SE Asia, KorJapChina, Soviet Union, etc.
What happens? The fans win.

In that Yugoslavia, only 2 non-Croats could play in starting 11 (Oblak and Dzeko). Unnecessary and gay team. Croatia alone would be stronger than the 'Soviet Union', Scandinavia, the Western Slavs and the Balkans. Thank God we destroyed Yugoslavia.


and France gets all of Switzerland despite it being the mutt capital of Europe?

>Cyprus not in the same team as Greece

>Uncle Dzeko over Vlahovic

Not a single player of Uruguay would make it to Argentina's NT

Valverde and Araujo easily

Uruguay would bring tradition, something you guys lack.

Imagine if we had Suarez in 2014

Dzeko is a proven class international player, Vlahovic is just at the beginning of the road. That's not even the point... Yugoslavia would not be stronger than Croatia, it would be weaker.
>Yugoslavia in 45 years, best result
4th place, Chile '62
>Croatia on its debut at the World Cup '98


Why aren't Syria and Iraq with the rest of the Arab nations?

This was the last generation with good croatian players. You will never see the same quality ever again. The generations affected by war played their hearts out for their country and had class, but seeing the next croatian talents.... bad news for you son, their attitude stinks



the world cup is only fun because it's a stand-in for world war, remove nationalism and it doesn't make sense

No, Serbs and Bosnians have a 3rd world mentality and an innate inferiority complex. At the same World Cup 98, both Croatia and Serbia played against Germany and the Netherlands. The Serbs had an almost as good team as Croatia. What happened? Serbia took the lead 2:0 against Germany, it ended 2:2. Croatia defeated Germany 3-0. Serbia played against the Netherlands, missed the penalty. Croatia defeated the Netherlands. Yugoslavia was unsuccessful because of the mentality and because the Croats were constantly underestimated, that is, because the Serbian managers pushed the Serbian players into the team. Btw, the 2018 generation is just as good and probably better than the ’98 generation. Croatia has top quality players and that is why we have good results. Patriotism has nothing to do with the quality, although Croatian players are patriots because all kids born outside of Croatia want to play for us.

valverde definitely, araujo maybe
germany would've been raped, instead we had.... piguain

The satanic union of Argentina and memeguays plus Chile would probably wreck everyone

Can we all agree that the worst team would be the african horn one?

I don't think Hindu team would be much better

North America gets better even if you give Mexico to Central America. Canadian finishing would improve the American team greatly.

The SEAmonkey team would be half breeds that came from the sperm of sex tourist

Dude Mexico and the carribeans have nothing in common with each other. The closest thing Mexico has to a neighbor is central Americans or Argentina.

>another world cup thread
you know Yea Forums has been a joke for 2 years rightt?

Oceania the worst in that we're somehow the best nation of our group but are still shit

>Mexico and the carribeans have nothing in common with each other.
that's why I made a North American NT, and central american + caribbean NT (because they are too weak)

Iberia > brazil? I dont know if their borders changed > possibly the united netherlands > Yugoslavia > Germany > France > Argentina > the rest

World series

Green to win, pls.

i'm sure that Russia + Ukraine team is going to have some great chemistry

Damn we get to be on the same team as Brazil? I'll take it

bruce...I think you need an eye test

which sport?

Baited for this exact response.

>without uniting countries that have nothing to do with each other
>lumps in Central Asia with Iran, Iraq and Pakistan
>Turkey with Armenia and Syria but not Azerbaijan

I'm gonna be honest with you, no one in South America really knows what happens in Central Asia.

we would be lucky to finish 29th

The map may not be perfect, I took into account what I put in the previous post and a sport "balance"

It's totally understandable and I've no clue what happens in South America either. Its the
>without uniting countries that have nothing to do with each other
that triggered my autism. I could go on, like Romania isn't with Moldova but with Greece, Palestine is with Israel etc etc

Australia should annex all those yellow lands immediately

>same team with russia
You wanna fight?

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Italy with France
Switzerland with Germany and Austria

>all this football discussion
>missing OP’s point



why is our u21 nt beating your u21 nt then jens?

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No India + Nepal + Sri Lanka + Bangladesh is guaranteed shit

Here you go

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> italy getting carried to 30 more Stars in the next 120 years because of the BIG MALTESE COCK!
you know its true, stronzo