wmma edition

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>post yfw wmma

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I tried your poorfag stream and it lagged after 15 minutes just like I predicted it would.

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good morning sirs :)

>wmma edition

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this bitch walking out to beer commercial music

>headkicks you

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anyone got a scouting report on kay hansen?

this bitch is only 22 holy shit

*enters thread*

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>wmma edition

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what are we drinking? i don't have alcohol on me tonight :(

What's this new music??

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respect wmma

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Aljo will heem

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Can I achieve this hairline natty?

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*chills with zen like patience in thread*

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You think they sniff?

brazza it's ramadan

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Holy shit Buffer just made that venezualan chick soak her panties.

Yeah, she can type 55 wpm.

Cake Hansen needs to slow down on the mf tiramisu n'amsayin

She do be kinda thick though

Scouting package doesn't cover WMMA, our scouts aren't paid enough to suffer through having to watch them.

bitch looks like Skeletor
Castle Greyskull livin it bitch

22 and a whore already
Wtf bitch

brewed with a heeming spirit dood

>purse is in Venezuelan dollars

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no nonce keith peterson

>you now remember why keith peterson is smoking and drinking before reffing

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rather eat a blue waffle sandwich that watch wmma

hire ringboys for wmma. make it make sense

worship feeta

mfw wmma

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hands are looking very fast

In USA whore start at 15 brada

>onlyfans fighter wearing a rash guard


gostosa do caralho

for wmma always bet on the ugliest fighter
guaranteed profit long term

Pot of decaf and a couple packs of cigarettes.

Fuck Dana

Woke up in the middle of the night just in time for some sweet sweet wmma action. Bless the Ronda Revolution!

Tea. I'd rather smoke weed than drink alcohol.


I dont want too

>22 years old
>Looks like that

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no freebies

will Ladd be humiliated by her corner again?

Miller Lite.

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Come on man, take it easy

it adds friction in grappling, big advantage

>purse is in Venezuelan dollars
>mfw she does it FOR FREE

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Dana... Look into this


whiskey sour



This is a high level chess match

You're not a fight fan if you don't also appreciate Women's fighting

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Based booing Florida crowd.

based FL crowd booing WMMA

*puts out cigarette with tongue*

why do you drink decaffeinated coffee but still smoke tobacco you silly billy

what the cringe is this?

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>wmma is.......le bad!

Kay Hansen has a bald spot

no such thing, faggot

if she's wearing a sports bra why the fuck is she wearing a shirt too

hansen actually has a competent coach lol

they should let them use weapons

based mindhive

just farted in the thread guys
my bad

It's better, they've updated a lot of things


Aussies giving out bad takes all night or what

Rodriguez is shook

>losing to someone that uses this food as their base

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new bug makes the round clearer and says the weight class at the bottom
I asked Dana to change it, I didn't know what division Ngannou was

Hansen has an ass on her bros

it's fucking awful b

denmark be like actually this is fight of the night

Jesus christ

It is fucking bad, unless I'm seeing Shev heeming some can.

criminals tend to have smaller TVs

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holy shit the reaction time on that takedown defense is so bad

oh fer sur

Good work, user. I like it.

this absolutely sucks. I hate when people change stuff that worked perfectly before

apparently turtles are delicious they were nearly hunted to extinction by the victorians

Modesty. Its nice to see young women like Hansen with strong moral virtues.

Let's fucking go boys.

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Look at that ass Joe

hmm will have to see what R2 looks like

Tampa checking in.


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>steals yours

ok sir but I have seen her butthole

Full WMMA card when?

Kay Hansen is 22 and has that face? Jesus christ her walling will be absolutely brutal

>WMMA still on...

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zoomers hit the wall at 25
I'm not even joking.

imagine playing Call of duty unironically

you know who's great from this position? a man


black hole sun wont you come and wash away theeeeeeee


Wow incredible digits

bleach that shit bitch

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t'almbout sex?

is that Tarkov or COD

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kek did we just see kay win a round



You're gaming, posting on Yea Forums, AND watching heems? How can you be paying any attention. I dont mean during wmma I mean in general.

God what a whore


is this type of build viable in female combat sport?

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She may have the nicest ass in the UFC aside from Paul Smeg

Microplastics... We never had a chance

>TFW living healthier than ever but body falling apart at 25

Those man hands

Checked and it's tarkov, bean dip.

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I swear the girls in ONE try more

rolling lol

Why are zoomer girls getting brutalized by the wall so hard?

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Hansen has a braasaappppppper. No wonder she missed weight


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ohhh hes hurt

gilbert will win, check em

compared to what ufc women do, one girls don't cut weight

constant vaping and weed will do that plus white women age like milk


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You have not. Merely bicycle spokes. Where all women of God draw the line.

phones, plastic, hfcs

this is fake right

theyre fighting for their dinner b

are you a zoomer if you turned 26 a month ago? i feel as though i am stuck inbetween zoomers and millenials.

Kay Hansen is a veteran at 22, you have to admit that's really impressive

All main card fights will end with broken limbs, draws, DQs, and split decisions

Check em

>vaping and weed

He gets sleeped. Digits confirm.

>Dana refuses to pay the fighters a proper wage because he wants the women to be forced to post on OnlyFans to survive

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lmao thanks Din you fucking moron


Show gratitude lads. You could have been born in an alternate reality where Megan Olivi never existed. We are truly blessed

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The old one was better. A case of trying to fix something that's not broken.

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digits and there is a leg break tonight

Not easy. Almsot just got heemed.

fucks your skin up

its a spectrum, b

Where's the cutoff point between zoomers and millennials? I was born in june 96, am i a zoomer? The internet shows different answers

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They hit puberty earlier which also means they hit the wall faster. That and the diet/no exercise/hfcs + plastics and god knows what else they put in the food/water which ruins both men and women.

I havent watched 10 seconds of this fight and have been posting

watch porn

this makes me very hard

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she's a washed up whore can at 22, usually they're past their 30s, it is impressive

My god they suck

I want to see Megan do this

95 is the cutoff b.

Late millenials are the most based generation, b.

it's very real


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NEWWW

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The round timer and the clock are fine, these new tweet graphics are TERRIBLE

who is this fella?

can you delete this please

Weird cope, but ok

I wouldn't call you a zoomer, but it's a mindset more than anything.
I'm 23 and feel like I just barely make the cut.

Wmma wrestlefucking will be FOTN.

Check em

Somewhere in between. bee who you want to bee

I havent noticed a tweet yet so I like the new graphic.

somone post more of that big tit brunette from hemvious thread

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5'1" in American

Jews are literally poisoning society in every way they possibly can


not watching the fighht

I've looked up twice and the first time they were in full mount and the second they were clinching and giving each other love taps. You're not missing anything

megan is too pure and classy for this

I don't want to stay awake too late, I will go to bed as soon as the card ends. Long drive tomorrow.

Petite women are best. Dfag if my kids are manlets

im just a small girl with a big bunghole

agility lvl?


for me its anik going "haha!"



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I watch wmma to train my mental fortitude

problem is fucking joe and them going OHHHHHHHH so i tab in
always happens

u gay bruh

You could call me one, but you'd be very wrong by over a decade

contraception heems women

>watches on right screen
holy shit moron

KWAC! (kek what a can!)

ah fuck muh kidneys



For me its when Joe rogan comments on the black fighters leg and ass muscles

I would like to _____ Kay Hansesn's _____

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Sometimes I miss osrs, but not really


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HEEM. Brapper

Wow beautiful move by Rodrigues!
>flopping around neither one getting anything done

God I hate women so much.

fist face

the ref should present the belt before a title match like they do in wwe to show whats on the line

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console, father

How shit are you that you can't finish an RNC on someone who is trying to punch you instead of fighting hands?


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why are these niggas so gay?

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Show Kay Hansen's onlyfans content to her mom

fire coach

speak with

any ace stream links? would be appreciated desu

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bros my cat is on my lap


>he actually watches this garbage


terminate, contract

what the fuck are these coaches doing lmao

b-but i don't want to be a zoomer, i identify more with millenials since i grew up with older siblings.

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Yes and the fighters should wear/carry the belt out.

you know what's real? This fight being fucking boring

Walled at 22 bros...

>your nerves aren't real

lmao MMA corners are gold

I feel bad when Joe has to pretend he’s impressed.

>stop watching



have you completed Sins of the Father

We are zillennials my G

We grew up just as smartphones and social media did, just getting a sense of the world while 9/11, endless wars, and the 2009 recession were on the news. Embrace the duality of your cursed nature, just dimly able to comprehend a far better and more innocent world.

>TFW born just in time to watch everything fall apart

Beat, stupid ass

im kinda sleepy bros

damn Oliveira is looking rough what happened huebros

who the fuck is winning this "fight"

full time onlyfans soon

I wasted so much fucking time on this shit game

Mengbros.... are we gay?

some of y'all are really fucking dumb and gonna regret not putting all your money on Aljo right fucking now

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>didn't take a heemsday nap

Too much onlyfans whoring not enough training

Imagine the smell after the fight

I'm positive that I could kill both these girls.
t. girl

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the onlyFans


Fuck ronda for making us suffer this

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I'm sitting on the toilet and just took a massive shit, how much time left do I have to wipe? Just did a recon wipe and it's messy

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why is the onlyfans slut fighting with a shirt on

Guys I just took a fat Schaub.

Interestingly, when I went to wipe, the paper was completely clean.

this is fucking boring, time for intelligent and nuanced debate
what's your heemsnack? I was given a box of these slags for my birthday going to town on them rn (right now)

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funny hansen opts to wear a tshirt instead of the bra

Onlyfansbros…we won


please be my girlfriend please please oh God please

How dare you say that while our European friends are still with us.

>Eurobros, don't forget your coffee and tea! The main card memes will be good, I swear

Joe seems to have had another DMT trip recently

chick looks like Karin from SF5

I hope Hansen loses
We want bamhole

wtf why dont they do this? just noticed now that you mention it.

You have 15 minutes.

Did you have fun? I always take long breaks when it starts to get boring, but always end up coming back again

Peanut butter and apple slices

>Gurls get it done

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No offensive to the bloodline or course :)

That's literally me unironically


That's generally a good sign, keep up your fiber intake.

usually go to the aussie bakery and get a pie and a kransky and flavoured milk. (imagine greggs x 100)

Inspiring, b

>flails her leg like a retard while doing nothing
>Kay's guard is very good
kek this fight is comedy gold

You're a late millenial faggot.

When is ufc signing Valerie loureda?

How many pieces of tp would you have to pick off your tongue post brapper lick? Digits confirm.

Does America have a future?

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Then don't be. Generations are nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Its about whats in ur heart b.

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Will Kay be the first WMMA suicide?

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>tfw bet on hansen decision
i'm losing my money aren't i?

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why white color has gradient from white to gray
what the fuck

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The confederate states do

No fight can be worse tonight after this bros
Its all up the hills for here

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one day dana will be forced to cave in to lefty demands and a random troon will stomp all over every wmma division, making it entertaining for the first time ever


I just ate a bunch of raisins
but im gonna have some genoa salame and irish cheese for snacks when the hunger strikes
also having a bloody mary at the moment