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THIS is the thread. shall

Now this is an epic bread X-D

I like this one jen

For Yea Forums, it's the Florida Panthers

It’s caturday, go kitties!

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Getting tired of Gary’s back to back home and away games


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really hoping eichel gets dwayne haskins'd tbqh

>predators vs panthers
caturday indeed

Shut up janny

take your meds


No never

Soccer fags are cancerous. At least nigball has their own containment thread

i dont listen to doctors why would i listen to you

Sounds like something a janny would say
clean it up


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Speaking of golf did you hear tiger woods is playing golf

Janny is here

i feel like my spider phobia is getting worse

I won’t take my sleeping gummies until I’m ready to go to bed

For me, it's Denver

arnold palmer alert
anold palmer alert
who wants some arnie palmies

For me it's complaining that the penalty I got is bullshit in the box

went to the driving range earlier was hitting some 260 carries straight down the middle felt nice

Cope. Denver got handed a silver platter by the refs. They’ll lose tonight

>spider phobia

rather see Denver win than the Fraudey Baker

bulju 2+1

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That's about 120 yards in American

>The Pittsburgh Penguins had a moment of silence for Haskins at their game today vs the Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh's PPG Paints Arena
Why? He never even played for the Steelers

>getting teabagged by gudas

kunin a shit


>He was given the nickname "Bison King" by fans of the Oilers in reference to a viral photo he posted on social media.[3]

Gary should start something similar considering Chel salaries are povert wagies. Even fat fucks in boreball who strike out every game get paid more than top athletes

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you should have paid attention in school, user

I have /nba/ filtered so I won't post in this thread motherfucking basterd you sir

It's arachnophobia not arachidephobia
What you don't know could fill a warehouse

>mfw da Bruins win da Stanleyb Owl

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Savoie is ELITE

>habs players wearing jays jerseys
the fuck is this?

did you have to ride a short bus to the school that made you memorize random lists of phobias?

>a bottle of yogurt
this is significantly worse than milk in bags


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that's what you get for not playing nicely with the larger spee community

how about I'm right and your wrong, k

i hope the yotes win tonight
t. oilers fan

Good, swedes OUT

trips of truth

I went to Yale

i thought groids couldn't eat dairy

only shit games tonight

that's where my office crush went.
as well as where the bitch at my old job went.

>try to ackshually someone
>be wrong
>make a mistake in the word you were trying to spell
Thanks for chiming in

for the weekend?

and now you shitpost on /hoc/ all day kwab

I hope they LOSE and miss the 1st pick anyways. fuck the yotes

low iq

The Habs have 14 wins in regulation

Yeah I know what you have