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It's His Year edition

NRLW Grand Final
>what's on
St George-Illawarra Dragons v Sydney Roosters
1:30pm AEST on Nine, Fox and Kayo
Moreton Daily Stadium, Redcliffe
>The Roosters stunned three-time premiership winners the Broncos in the semi-final. Can they complete the fairytale finish and win the Grand Final too?

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks v Wests Tigers
4:05pm AEST on Nine, Fox and Kayo
Shark Park, Cronulla
>Staring down the barrel of their worst ever start, no club is under more pressure than Wests Tigers. Can they get the win they desperately crave?

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v Penrith Panthers
6:15pm AEST on Fox and Kayo
Western Sydney Stadium, Parramatta
>New Bulldogs Matt Burton & Brent Naden would love to get a win over their old club, but is there any stopping Penrith at the moment?

>what's on?
Wynnum-Manly Seagulls v Redcliffe Dolphins
2:10pm AEST on 9now and Kayo
BMD Kougari Oval, Brisbane
>The two meetings last season between these two clubs were high-scoring but tightly decided. All signs point to the same thing here today.

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Stay hatin'

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Pooarks by 20
Poothers by 40

Why is the NRLW game being played in Peemsland?

Did Jarryd Hayne deserve prison?

Watching breaking bad for the first time. Basically this total nerd and this bogan decide to team up. One uses his street smarts and the other uses his book smarts. They make a great duo. Only thing is the guys brother in law is a cop who busts drug dealers. This should be interesting.

Just fucked up everyones weekend plans in 6 weeks time lads

just woke up lads, had a dream i saw hayne in an ice cream shop and everyone was saying nice things to him

so can we all agree that the pootans are villains now?

yes agreed

really spoiled for choice these days

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for me it's the cinny bun

Oak had a Cinnamon Donut flavour a little while back and it was really good but they discontinued it

Those fucking CUNTS need to bring back egg nog as a standard flavour. It's bullshit that they pulled it and made it a once a year thing. And don't try some bullshit like "durr it's not that popular" or some shit, as if anyone is fucking buying those birdshit and dog cum gimmick flavours.

for me? norco triple espresso

Our boy Volkanovski fighting today

I’m going to miss out on back to back perfect rounds because your shit dumb peem

is heeming a can really fighting?

kek wanker

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hope the based seccie spears this cunt into the ground live on nrl360

Because the broncettes were supposed to win 4 gfs in the row and it was going to give an ounce of joy to the clubs fans tired broken worn-down hearts.

I've seen male pitch invaders get worse so many times but now it's a problem because some dumb bitch copped it too?

>League expands
>Can't even make the GF

Starting to think the Bronc"""Goddesses""" were frauds this whole time ladies

Like I tell the Asian grannies doing laps at the park, if you step onto a marked footy field, you legally consent to being tackled and driven down into the turf.



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>Australian rugby league champion James Maloney tests positive to banned substance in France

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>scum player is a cheater
What a surprise

cheeky arse grab

heh, I'm going back to back perfects because I knew that they were a shit dumb peem

looks like he didnt go past the horizontal, its a fair tackle and play on

I didn't know the hot n' spicy secret herbs and spices were banned by the EU

kek old mate loving it

>l'ancienne star de NRL et des Dragons Catalans, James Maloney, suspendu après un contrôle antidopage positif
Le fin

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sacré bleu!

yeah but thought the pooriors would be dumber and shittier

Front page news in frogland

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Wish he'd get suspended for all those forward passes he threw

>Même s'il est encore difficile de savoir si on reverra le triple vainqueur de la NRL, champion du monde 2017 et double vainqueur du State of Origin.
We've lost one of our greatest vain queers lads

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>frogs in the comments bringing up the submarine deal
Not looking good for him desu

why do no frogs post here

holy smokes Danika Mason is one sultry broad

post her fit

Best KFC meal to watch the NRLW gf? New to the whole chicken obesity meme.

zinger box

Checkout the last Immortal Behaviour lad

what cunt goes shoopping and thinks yep ill take a pic and pist this on Yea Forums

u r one sad cunt mate

Rampant bullying

sounds like you're pist off m8

Often see funny things and think It'd be funny to take a pic and share it with the family desu

kek if you name your kid Steely then you need to handle the bants

quote me or fuk off maye

this guy's giving out free (You)s

Tigers will WIN today lads

reckon dani is edging into bimbofication territory desu

>wanting ewes
Kiwi detected

I do like me a bimbo


tigers will lose and lose badly

if they lose again will madge get the axe?

Not until she gets nice big lip fillers

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surely there is one (1) upset this round

that's a sad sight

the upset was on thursday

nrlw soon :) who will win!!!!

Port Macquarie Race 1 number 1

I think im in love with Tonnegato lads