/heem/ - Fights are on now

old: 04/09 - UFC 273 - 6pm ET
04/15 - Bellator 277 - 7pm ET
04/15 - LFA 129 - 9pm ET
04/16 - UFC Fight: Night Muhammad vs Luque - 5:30pm ET
04/17 - Rizin 35 - 12am ET
04/20 - PFL: Manfio vs Madge - 5:30pm ET
04/22 - LFA 130 - 9pm ET
04/23 - UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs Andrade - 6pm ET
04/23 - Bellator 279 - 8pm ET
04/28 - PFL: Cappelozza vs Austin - 5:30pm ET
04/30 - UFC Fight Night: Font vs Vera - 4pm ET
05/06 - Bellator 280 - 11:30am ET
05/07 - UFC 274 - 6pm ET

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good morning sirs :)

>I only watch Main Card fights

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>wards off evil spirits trying to enter the thread

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Aljo won.

Where are the Ganeposters? The mengposters? The brazilian accent posters? The "ahh" Woodley poster? The fuck Dana White poster? The brazza posters? The somalian? The foot fetishist german poster? The "rate my form" poster? I miss you guys.

all posts below this one are made by KINGS

How else eating good tonight?

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all posts above this are made by SISSIES

What have you done that was productive since the last UFC?

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>You can abandon your own body, but you must hold on to your honor.
Miyamoto Mushashi - The Book of Five Rings

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15 bings!!!!

What's so good about it? >:(

absolutely state of this world

decided to watch anime again after 8+ years
what are some good animes?

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dominos is on its way lads.

Got a new work contract

Anyone got a stinky linky? Mine is buggy

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>Formula 1 immediately after UFC

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til what?

UFC ppv stream -

Burns is gonna lose hard
In theory he could probably beat Chimaev but he's a known choker

I’ve been heeming my cardio 5x a week now consistently for 2 weeks straight. Feelsgood, really does make a huge difference.

On the left you have tradition, culture , Warrior skull, Untainted indo euro bloodline, Dominating yet permissive eye contact

On the right you have cowardice, Prey body language, Submissive posture, weak chin, takes prides of having no racial roots

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Uh... blackbros?...

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dont fucking click it you fucking retards

t. king sissy

Samurai Champloo.
There is no better anime, objectively speaking.

its real wtf u on about


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next thread needs to be kpop themed since we're all rooting for KZ



>Did literally the opposite
Aljobros, he betrayed the samurai code.

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How are you gonna prepare that?


based i have been doing full body lifting 3 days a week and cardio 3

He posted it. Send in the hit squad.

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We're still here. Specially now that it's been revealed that Ngubu can barely walk after what Gane did to him.

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Yeah I’m a jacked Taiwanese boy whatup

I just got jaw surgery, liquid THC and Ben & Jerry's for me

>TFW flushed

Berserk and Evangelion

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Sounds like England is needs another heeming

russian picks bro are you doing the picks

Preview of what Albeast is gonna do to Chetr tonight?

>driving a car
>a sport

Last fight Aljo was throwing a lot a spinning shit fists, i was hoping Yan would catch him in one of the turns and heem him stiff, hope that happens this time.

Yeah but am i gonna have to reload every 15 minutes and then close a bunch of ads? Sometimes I stream and end up regretting it.


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Jamal, dat you?

I’ve only seen a few, but my favorite anime out of the 5 I’ve seen is hellsing ultimate. The art style, the story, the gore and action etc all top tier. It effectively ruined all anime for me moving forward, it’s the reason I don’t watch it anymore. Nothing compares.

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Lads should I be throwing my hooks with knuckles vertical or horizontal?

Das it mane.

i have that bum in my lineup on draktkings

u must be brand new to the internet

Fuck Dana

horizontal b

I clicked it.

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jujutsu kaisen, beserk, seraph the end and the kino kabaneri of the iron fortress

you know what?? im sick and tired of russian pick guy hogging all the (You)s. There I said it.

>yeah, activate it.

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The wealthiest Yan fan

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What makes you say that? Thats how most streams are. They fucking lag and you have to reload and then click the tiny Xs to get it to play again. Prove me wrong.

yep, in the gamethread

He's the hardest competition Chimaev has faced in MMA. If Khamzat is buying into his own hype (which is definitely possible), he might get reckless. Gilbert has solid power and good submissions, both great weapons against a reckless opponent. I bet on Chimaev by finish, but young rising stars often get humbled by a veteran gatekeeper. Looking forward to a good fight, more competitive than Chimaev's first four anyway.

>master forgive me, but I'll have to go all out... Just this once

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cos if u werent u wouldn't have those problems

just post a blank image and copy paste the list of fights tonight and you can farm (you)s. nobody actually cares about the picks after they post them. people just wanna post their opinions

specify the manga

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Vertical if an opening or counter, horizontal to get around guard

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Reported to Trudeau, I have been informed your Bitcoin wallets have been rendered inaccessible, and you have been cut off from the fiat banking system as well. Burn in hell, pirate

Adblock doesn't help

You have failed

If if a short hook to the head i like to turn in my wrist, if it's a short hook to the body i like to have a vertical fist.
If it's a long hook to the head or body then i make it vertical.
Whatever feels confortable for you is fine.

need a compilation of ufc shots that could be in a sam raimi movie

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Burns got dropped by jabs
he has no chin

ask your coach
That one dagestani probably beats burns

Which feels more comfortable/natural?

What about Ublock origin?

Turn it on and see what happens

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mhmm yup ok

>ground lamb
what are you cooking champ?

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my previous post makes me want to rewatch hellsing, should I do it bros?

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the 1997 anime series is very very good though
somewhere down the line the manga turned into a mainstream shounen though

all you need to know is Mumei is best girl

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Bought a math textbook and started practicing again, had a boxing workout today. Otherwise not much but sometimes you can't do much. Just gotta make it to the next round

Shepherds pie.

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ok bud. if you want to lie to yourself to cope, thats on you. but dont try to act like i dont know how to do shit like stream.

Pretty gay that there are people who actually think Aljo is going to do anything but die in there

>Has avast premium
I don't think so b

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post slip

Haven't tried ublock origin, is that better?

no because it's shit

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I thought they were doing it for the (you)’s initially, but there are legit anons itt who think aljo has a chance. I pray that you guise didn’t put money on him kek

Fuck Peter "Siberian Midget" Pan
If you like Peter Pan eat shit out of my ass

better version

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if you were a real one you would have a stream that doesn't run ads, but you don't because you're a fake one

what if burns wins and kazziemat cumshot cries?

damn softball bitches thick as hell

Yan will DOMINATE Aljo

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Of course Bunda bro is going for his fellow munke.

>gotta toil for 3 hours and miss the prelims
I miss complete neetdom

>Paying for antivirus in 2020+2

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any reccs for something similar? Or atleast something that’s violent and full of decent action? Im not into the whole kawaii/slice of life shit.

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wrong. wrong. wrong.

Fuck this hype chechen rat. Burns will heem this bitch

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make the game thread

Last chance to get on board

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I pirated it.

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The single reason I lift is because I want to win my ex back.

How does a stream pay for itself without ads? Are you just paying for the PPV? Enlighten me.

Does anyone know when Joe Rogan is leaving the arena? Asking for a friend...

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make the game thread

i wanna see joe

>is needs

you guys DONT wanna be late to the bandwagon believe me

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the game thread, make it

kys dumbass

>turn on stream
>see this

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be a good boy and make the thread.

demico wins the story

Has Hanson posted nipples on her OF yet?

Ranking of Kings was fun, Attack on Titans had a solid 3 seasons Mushoku Tensei wasn't bad either

im not making it this time, you gotta make the game thread

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same bro, got myself a "real" job and holy fuck i want to neck. at least i never miss heems working monday to friday i guess but holy fuck i hate people and miss my peaceful solitude and plentiful sleep.


Don't waste your time, she left you because of anything besides physique. You're going to be better off swallowing the pill right now instead of months down the road when you stand before her like an idiot, if she's even going to see you.

Cope. Don't seethe though.

game thread is up
simply search "gam e thread" in the catlouge

is that aljo with a wig?

How we feeling Khamzat bros?

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