Official /golf/ Masters Tournament Round Three gamethread#18

no pickle edition

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First for buzzed driving. Fuck that other guy telling me what not to do

This attitude is disgusting. Drunk drivers are the lowest form of scum on earth.

wagecucking on Sat is no fun. Finally able to crack a cold one and watch this. Hope u golfbros are doing fine.

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come on SMITH

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I was gonna walk, but now I'm driving just in spite of you


I’d take drunk drivers over Jews desu

based Katz poster


I hope you get pulled over and lose your license you fucking scumbag

Huh, ever wonder what psychological damage that show did to you as a kid? I'm now remembering the shaving guy and the flan guy



it's on lads. the scottie collapse is starting

Leaving now sweetheart, I'll keep you posted

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nah I don’t think I will, neat suggestion though

Imagine if Cam Smith didn't fuck up 1 and 18 on Thursday

Do they let jews into Augusta National these days?

Wish I knew how to make .gifs, lmao, this shot was absolutely wild
The wheels are literally all over the damn road every time this dude swings

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Lee Westworld, isn’t that guy an android or something?

haha yeah a lot of those cartoons around that time were pretty bizarre. Courage was my fav tho.

If you win 2 in a row who puts on your jacket?
Please tell me it has to keep being th guy from the year prior to the new guy's first win.

a handful

idk but he has a hot ass all the rest of them lol

gross that’s way too many



Yikes, that's not cool

>After an opening-round 71, Vegas oddsmakers have slashed Tiger Woods’ odds to win the Masters this year. Woods is now at +3600 to don the green jacket for the sixth time in his illustrious career.

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>Tiger and Phil have won majors more recently than Rory, Speith and Thomas.

stick to regular golf shoes. The knike running shoes are no good, IMHO.

bye bye jt

No, that's just Scheffler's swing. Feet all over the damn place every time. It's bonkers

imagine actually being brown, black, or jewish, coming into one of these threads to appreciate and chat about their hobby. Then seeing it devolve into racebaiting, stereotyping, and poor-shaming. It sure would suck to be one of those people.



God bless this man for making a game out of this

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really improving the quality of the thread with this post

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I like this guy Smith. Looks like my cousin.p

damnit looks like Sheff gets another berd

Where the fuck did Cameron Smith come from?

what are you doing tiger? riding a bull? dayum ally gators bit my hand off and im playing with wood glue.

>meticulously place your feet
>adjust your stance by a few millimeters to ensure your center of gravity will allow you to carry the ball exactly as far as you want with just enough backspin to keep the ball next to the pin
>begin backswing
>perfectly placed ball
How the fuck does he do it, lads?

What's your best 18-hole round score, user?


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damnit Schwartzelsnitzel

caddy going to get fired Monday

Just made an egg salad boys.

It’s straight out of Caddyshack


god dammit cam

hmm? redpill me on egg salad plz

lol you were saying? 5 shot lead again

choke stroke

*hits vape and opens LaCroix*

Behind the school at some Junior High thirty years ago. The mully probably reeks of ganj.

nice, leave it at the door Frasier, u got scrambled eggs all ova yo face

Nice buddy, what'cha drinkin' with that egg salad there?

i know... Sheffler makes his berd, Smith misses his ahhhhhh

98, only started playing in 2020 because of the coof

Did you add the sweet paprika?

Scottiebros.... we got this in the bag

it's the grossest of the holy trinity of gross "salads", which are: egg, pasta, potato

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mullet bros - we got this

wait...ahh that wasnt for berd :(

Light yet filling. Simple but elegant. A nice weekend snack user for the lazy american palette.

70. In tournament play, 73.

Anyone else find this year's crowd kind of weaksauce?

He made a name for himself with a couple cheeky top tens at Augusta and now he's a top ten player in the world.

90. I can feel regular scores in the 80s coming this summer.

>started playing a sport when you were supposed to stay the fuck at home
Congratulations, people like you are the reason why COVID will never go away

i dont see any black people, confirmed not weak.

It's eggs and mayo.
If you don't like those, you won't like it.
Otherwise it can be tasty but it's very unhealthy despite being called salad. And nobody hear follows keto close enough and exercises to say it's actually good for them.

idk i think i'd rather eat this delicious snack

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Not a lot of popular names at the top of the leaderboard. Unless we see a huge collapse from Scheff and Smith its gonna stay that way

COVID isn't real

Yes, seen a lot of empty stands

Get in the hole

I really wish this kind of disingenuous posting would stop.
Yea Forums has enough real shills. People literally paid to stop you from thinking certain things and forcing you to think other things. By playing along with them you're only helping them.

southerners get frostbite below 60 degrees so I'm not surprised

>Lives north of the sun belt
>Doesn't see the sun for eight months

drip, damn
love it

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