Motor/sp/ort General Long Beach Edition

NASCAR Trucks, Apr 7, United Rentals 200, Martinsville Speedway
NASCAR Xfinity, Apr 8, Call 811 Before You Dig 250, Martinsville Speedway
Formula E, Apr 9, Rome ePrix #1, Circuito Cittadino dell'EUR
Super Formula, Apr 9, Super Formula Race #1, Fuji Speedway
NASCAR Cup, Apr 9, Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 400, Martinsville Speedway
IMSA, Apr 9, Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, Streets of Long Beach
Formula 1, Apr 10, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park Circuit
Supercars, Apr 10, Melbourne 400, Albert Park Circuit
MotoGP, Apr 10, Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas, Circuit of the Americas
Formula E, Apr 10, Rome ePrix #2, Circuito Cittadino dell'EUR
Super Formula, Apr 10, Super Formula Race #2, Fuji Speedway
Indycar, Apr 10, Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, Streets of Long Beach


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Very busy weekend!

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>Official streams (change /master_06 (720p) to _05 (540p),_04 (360p) or_02 (270p))
Imsa feed (geolocked)
Acura #10
Cadillac #01
Cadillac #5
>GTD Pro
Corvette #3
Porsche #99
Mclaren #70
Aston #27
BMW #96

With how many dumb zoomers dominate the lower ranks of motorsports I wouldn't be shocked is someone tried to convince Penske to fund an IndyCar anime for Peacock to help advertise the series.



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Just for everyone's situational awareness, here's the full spreadsheet
A lot of racing left this year

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I'm not even going to ask you to watch but please occasionally remember our league exists

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that's a lot of racing, and it doesn't even include Pinty's (which don't bother adding to the schedule I know I'm the only one here who watches it)

You could even add the European GT Series

cam boobies made a good job reminding everyone


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>Greg White started just calling Jason Pridmore a "two time world champion" instead of specifying EWC

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I'm happy to add more series, just create a comma separated list and save it to pastebin, in this format:

The time can be blank for events weeks out, but otherwise please look them up if they're past or coming soon. Finding times is the most annoying part of this whole thing for me.

I gonna give you full NLS/VLN schedule when I am sober tomorrow, which also includes the /n24/. Also the GTWC in there would be good which includes the /spa24/. And WEC, especially /lm24/, is also missing in there.

I meant the GT World Challenge Europe too

>the current devs of Nascar are a Ponzi Scheme
holy shit

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>We will never get another good NASCAR game ever again

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I hate cryptobros and nftards with a passion

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Squishyheads on shitbikes


Imagine where we'd be today if the games kept improving, this year's release would probably have a campaign for the three national series, ARCA, Pinty's, Modifieds, Euro and PEAK each and RP options like we couldn't believe because they'd have long perfected the actual racing mechanics. What a sorry state of racing games and gaming in general.

I like crypto but gold and precious metals will always be numero uno. Anything that moves away from the fed is good with me

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I have all of those already... Am I missing something?

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Good afternoon I hate Ty Gibbs

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The GTWC is a different championship from those, but they run together with IGTC on Spa
He punches like a little bitch

"Talent" Cup

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Jesus Christ... I hate sports car sanctioning bodies so much

Worldwide bros tonight is our night

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Spa24 is going into the GTWC
And what said.
Also the Series can be conducted for the 24h Nordschleife as VLN or NLS.
I had quite some beers so excuse my missing on WEC in that list.

>excuse my missing on WEC in that list.
I had to shrink the resolution or else it's too big for Yea Forums, so no worries

i'm more of a 2005 chase for the cup fan but yeah
no good nascar console games since 2006

They’re numero uno in a civil society. As soon as civility breaks down, more immediate needs like food/water/ammunition become more valuable.

>motogp at midnight
I suffer

I know that from the 24h-race-threads. I get you on that.

The LMP2s/DPis always sound so fucking good, my god

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Little wheel spin on the jacks


Good thing there's a yellow so these mongoloids don't drive over the curbs


wasnt the race supposed to start at 6pm et?

>americans in charge of curbs

Enjoy it while you can, DPi ends this year and with how many LMH and LMDh teams there are they might drop LMP2 from IMSA's top series


Why would they drop LMP2? At most I would say LMP3 could be cut without anyone shedding a tear. Also it should stay in WEC for some years

>put on halal stream because I thought it was also streaming imsa
>female tennis is on

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Bourdais has a veineyass forehead

what's that? i've only heard of GTP

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Go away Marshall Pruett

What, you think the GTPs will sound as good or think that they'll reduce the GT class? There's more GTP cars coming then there are DPi and LMP2 cars racing this season.

With how many teams are running LMH/LMDh and how much cheaper GTs are under the new rules something's going to have to be removed or reduced because you aren't going to see IMSA turn away GTP entries for something lower.

>pfaff out due to a wheel nut going through the radiator

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Good old RLL retards

m4 looks cool on its gt3 version

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>caution for kerbs
>wheel nut destroys a radiator
>doors come off
never change imsa

If anything, the day Brazil wins a NASCAR or Xfinity Cup Series race at Daytona, Roval or Talladega, the guy needs to put Roberto Carlos - Verde e Amarelo and do Burnouts carrying both NASCAR and BR flags.
Bonus for a Dale Sr hat and Senna's Helmet.

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Ok, I added the GTWC, though the dates for events might be off by 1. That schedule you linked doesn't say when the actual races are, so I just assumed each race was on the last day (except for the 24 hr race).
Next would be Brands Hatch on May 1, so nothing coming up too soon anyway

Why does Aramco spend so much sponsoring teams and things related to racing like The Race when they don't even need to advertise their product given everyone in their market already buys their product and only chooses them over someone else based on market rates?

When u nutted but she still suckin

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>forgot to get enough drive time

just had a gyro for dinner

>Aston Martin
Really not Stroll's weekend

Yep, all correct I'll search up the times tomorrow
GTPs/LMH have a lot of freedom in terms of thermal engines so there could be something good coming out of it, the Porsche one for example is going to be a V8 biturbo

cawshun soon

>final lap

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thank you nascar very cool!

Wouldn’t be surprised if Audi/VW gives him a lifeline to get out of formula 1

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God I FUCKING hate that IMSA theme song so much...

I hope you're right, but I've always skeptical of change because I'm been burned too many times. I hope the new LMH teams and the introduction of LMDh lives up to the hype, because they're trying to sell it as each rulesets being better then LMP1 and DPi respectively while running both under the same banner. IMSA branding it GTP is setting expectations high.

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so outside of driver rating fucking faggotry, is would there be any difference between a bmw in gtd pro vs a bmw in gtd (am)?

I doubt they'd buy the team, even if it isn't doing well it'll probably still make money and do its job of giving Lance a seat. Audi is rumoured to be looking at Sauder and Aston to supply engines in 2026 though given negotiations with McLaren have broken down.

I enjoy sports car racing

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Not unless they already changed their mind.

sell IMSA to jeff bozos. make it an electric amazon driverless car race

Me too my brother in Christ

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the cars are supposedly the same BOP if that's what your asking

>Gagne's bike still broken
Dude hasn't set a lap in three consecutive sessions over a 24 hour period what the fuck

Make it an Amazon delivery van race
Winners get a 3 minute piss break

Need that webm of jeff driving off in one of those tuktuks with the license edited to say BALDY

All GT3 cars

Dude i pooped my pants
-Jordan Taylor

Me fucking too mate. Especially being there. Pic related at Spa15

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for me, it's Ty Gibbs

GT3 and GT4 really is taking over the GT world isn't it? Kind of sad but honestly if adopted one or both rules can help CTCC become actually relevant I can't complain.

'ate IMSA

simple as