/mlb/ general - GAME TIME DRIVE edition

WAS: Sánchez may miss start on Monday with stiff neck
NYM: Lindor back in lineup on Saturday against Nats
CIN: Sims (elbow) could return for next home series
CWS: Dylan Cease strikes out eight in win over Tigers
SEA: Mariners sign Daniel Ponce de Leon to minors deal
NYM: Mets officially place Diaz on bereavement list
TB: Francisco Mejía goes deep in victory over Orioles
BOS: Xander Bogaerts (hamstring) starting vs. Yankees
STL: Oliver Marmol (illness) to miss Saturday's game
CWS: AJ Pollock exits with hamstring tightness Saturday

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Sewers are poverty



go giants!

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For me, it's Ty France

milwaukee could be the worst team in the NL

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That's the most chaste woman in Baltimore.

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Take good care of him M's bros I miss him dearly

every year at the start of the blue jays season I try to follow Mike Wilner on twitter and every year I unfollow him after 24 hours. He is such a whiny kike.

Mill-walk-ee beaners

Close out this game, Mariners.

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Tloses kek

also the whitest

duffey is such a tilter i swear to god
way too soft to be a closer. one runner gets on and his balls invert

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shame about her face

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>a doctor for the baltimore orioles
what did OP mean by this?

Come on hit them in the face Thompson! Mutilate them!

I think it stands for Baltimore Orioles drivebys

How can one team have so much SOVL???

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it doesnt stand for doctor if you put it after the name silly

>new york

love a good whorioles gal, they always call you hun when they think you're cute

also who the fuck is this Kyle Gibson dude pitching for the Phillies. Where did he come from

Euro flags, how did you pick your team? Also how many of you are Americans living in Europe?

One of the most sovlful cities in the World desu

by never winning shit since 86?

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>mommy, I spelled it with a v this time

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Only 2-0 teams can post in this thread

M's bros. This team feels special.

>Jew York

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Damn, it's good to be a Mariners fan.

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holy shit that was like a completely different castillo from last season. That felt calculated and accurate. That was beautiful

My Padres are spiritually 2-0

>beating the tloses by 1 twice is special

M's bros get in here holy shit

he previously played for the twins and rangers

Its time to admit the Phillies are the best team in baseball

ass blasted

frat boy culture

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Tom was good today. Go Murph!

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Go Sneks

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tom and hanni's first hits of the season were dingers, love that shit.

hell yeah

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>mojo so dope

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I'm enjoying him thoroughly as a Phils/O's fan. I live in near-constant misery but this opening weekend is going about as I anticipated.

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mariners desu senpai

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Rizzo OWNS the red sox

>using your back to deflect a ball into the air so it can be caught

Anthony "Red Sux is my BITCH" Rizzo.


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the pitcher is throwing a shutout and only has 70 pitches yet he must be pulled

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Rags gonna lose again.


Cubbies own Ry!!!!

i miss that lil nigga like you wouldn't believe

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>just mash the fast ball high button

wisdom is going to have a good year

>fan appreciation night
>looks like a third capacity

It's fucking cold

go phills!!!!

phillies are winning the world series

does it really get that cold in sep in seattle?

let me root root root for the D-Raaaaayssss
if they dont win its a shaaaaaammmeee

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My pirates ):

it gets down to like 45 minimum, literally just put on a coat

pitching is a meme. all you need is sluggers

Plus Seattle probably lost 95 games that year, and fan appreciation night is usually the one of the last home game of the year.


I watched a documentary on Ted Williams and it made me want to support the Red Sox in his memory.

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Who's winning the WS, Phillies or Cards?

He hated the Red Sox tho.

Where are my Clarkie bear fans?

9 runs for the cubs and none were homers. That's nice.

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I always will appreciate the fact that he never tipped his cap to the red sox fans for a majority of his career because they were so terrible. Even after hitting his last homer, he was like "fuck em"

>phillie fans getting cocky cause they're beating up on a tanking team that traded all their decent players

you're playing a AAA team


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Smallball baby

He hated Boston people too lol

imagine choosing Dancing in the Moonlight as your walk up song

t. nervous barves fan

i wish i could be so chad