Big fights tonight.

Mackenzie Dern submits Tecia Torres in round 2 later tonight.

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petyr yan is the greatest fighter of all time

yan is essentially yan

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Aljamain is the greatest fighter of all time

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Fuck Peter "Siberian Midget" Pan
If you like Peter Pan eat shit out of my ass


dilbert burns but hes the dilbert cartoon

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aljo and yan both get dog walked by volk

>5 hours until he gets permanently humiliated
god im so hard

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How many bongs until it starts?

he's a gamer

1 bong 26 bings

>barely beat Sandhagen
he didn't beat him. he convinced 3 judges that he won. decision "wins" mean nothing

And my nigga Blood Diamond

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he's fun

>convinced 3 judges that he won
by beating the shit out of him


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This YouTuber, a data analyst and MMA fan, watched every amateur and pro fight of Khamzat’s as well as Burns and his prospective future opponents Usman and Adesanya. He concluded that Burns is probably Khamzat’s biggest challenge. He also said that Khamzat might not survive a war with Usman due to his inability to breathe properly through his lip/nose. He nevertheless thinks that he would finish Adesanya easily within the first two rounds, and that it would have been wiser for Borz to go for the Middleweight title first before jumping down. Pretty interesting video to flick through if anyone on here is looking for some pre-heems content youtu.be/LDXuoYnMZiI

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MAJOR cope

Female UFC Fighters/Employees that took the knot
Laura Skanko
Aspen Ladd
Megan Olivi
Megan Anderson
Veronica Macedo
Mackenzie Dern
All the Ring Girls


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About Bing bongs.

>those veins on his delts and chest
nice of the ufc to allow such blatant cheating

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the natty GOAT

nigger is this you

like some other user said, she's an ugly pretty girl

i thought this shit started at 5pm est who dropped out please be wmma please be wmma

It seems a certain crotch-sniffing individual has lost his tooth
But dont worry doo I have located the tooth in ATT saunas
Anytime coalbee

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imagine how hot she could be if it wasnt for those unfortunate attoos

if you see this and think steroids, its simple, you're racist

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sterling convinced a DOCTOR he won and those are some of the smartest

Neither Olivi nor Macedo have done that because they aren't white.

hence why I strategically posted a pic that leaves out her worst qualities. Yes she has a horse mouth, and yes she looks like a literal sloth human chimera hybrid. But at the end of the day, she has the most coomable body in all of wmma.

Aljamain will triumph
Aljamain will prevail

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you guys fans of Tecia Torres here?

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They both have, and I saw it with BOTH eyes

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kek listen to his accent retard


Yikes hes shredded to the bone
Even cried after making weight
His chin is over

this is a psy op by inferior women


excuse me mr hue but what is the knot? gracias

I think it's her nose that fucks up her face

but white women are the bottom barrel of women user


nah. white women fucking dogs is a long standing tradition

what should I do for food heem:
> make myself pasta carbonara
> make myself homemade burger
> order McDonalds/KFC/Taco Bell
baring on mind it’s just gone 10pm here

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is this why the pinnacle of every nigger and spics life is marrying a white woman? kek

Laura Sanko

more like 6,5

I rate Asians lower, but only slightly

Tecia Torres btw

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other than the khamzat and petr yan fights the rest of the card looks shit

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Browncels absolutely coping
White women are literal angels sent down from heaven

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what kind of homemade burger? Nothing beats a homemade smash burger and fries.

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Petr Yan in critical condition, might not fully make it

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enjoy your timeout

I hate pierced nipples so much it's unreal
That shit gets annoying real quick

i hope you die in your sleep

dana said on pat mcafee hazmat vs colby is next
burns is such an underdog cos danas paying him to take a L 100%


at least post an attractive one

beast of a bet b

please go back to plebbit

I think you're a degenerate

she must be monstrously fat if she happens to have fast food before every fuck

Dern is unequivocally hot. Big noses don’t make or break a hot girl. Having one prominent “imperfect” feature doesn’t make or break a hot girl. Beauty is of course subjective but please stop watching porn it is rotting your brains

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it’s heem night so sit back and order yourself something unhealthy b
just enjoy it for the moment

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is that why they settle for Brazillians?

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*enters the thread*

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well it isn’t the right meat to make the best smash burgers, nor do I have any buns or American cheese

gawld b, i cant tawlk

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>please stop watching porn
all pornstars have busted faces but are hot because of their bodies like Mackenzie though

thanks b, that other faggots can suck my dick

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I think it’s a matter of opinion. I’d take a petite woman with a beautiful face over a girls who’s stacked with an ugly face 10/10 times.

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I'm 100% behind Gall too. His opponent has a nice record against amateurs but he looks like shit.
But Ladd ? She's absolutely unpredictable. t-wood of wmaa. Wouldn't touch imo.

I got a lot of money riding on tonight I can't take it easy or relax. If I lose tonight then my life is officially over.


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you can make smash burgers out of any kind of mince - it’s all technique. However American cheese is critical. I would go with something homemade b. Always tastes better when you make it yourself. We still have 1 bong and 12 bings till the card, you have some time.

Yeah I think there’s also a difference between ‘pretty’ and ‘hot’. Dern isn’t necessarily pretty but it’s undeniable that she’s hot imho

Unless your bankroll is high enough to the point where you can burn money and not care dont expect more than 2 leg parlays to win

Which fighters you picked to win?

THE alpha ginger?

Spike is a pride fighter born too late

I agree, she is still hot.

ganbare aljo-san

saw a bare knuckle stream yesterday dudes getting paid 3 grand to get their eyes punched out shit was brutal


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volkbros what did the ufc mean by this?

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Ladd is shit. Pennington winning a decision

you cant be this retarded can you? just put 10 on ladd and fremd and its (essentially) identical, also gall is a turbo bum

>did you bet on Aljo? kek i hope not, i can tell anyone here right now that Aljo has literally zero chance of winning and im not just saying that, he literally is going to lose and the only reason i haven't ben my kitchen sink on yan is because the odds are shit even for a sure thing, thats how you know hes going to lose.

watching the press conference now, what was with the crowd reaction after Anik introduced himself, what did they say?

can't wait lads

I want muscular women to beat me up (sexual style)
but, like, attractive ones not the uggo ones

he said me on the left

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THE alpha ginger AKA THE crucifixion Spike Carlyle

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Paul craig the type of guy to beat ankalaev,krylov and hill then go and get kod in his hometown by khalil rountree

accidental green text, and i would like to reiterate there is NO way aljo wins, and if he does i will go to serra bjj and ask to fight the toughest guy they got and post it to heem

>still didn’t knock him down after an infamous two piece and a soda
You won’t and can’t answer to this. Your boy is the pitter pat bitch.

sorry misread the amounts wagered, i like the bet b


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where do I watch the stream for free

anyone else watching the free fight marathon on YouTube? Didn’t realize just how little power volk has, for some reason I always assumed he could heem but in retrospect he’s just accurate. It’s giving me hope for zombeast


we don't do that here, all of us get 8 or 9 buddies together to pitch in.

good call, also I don't think gall will win that's just my back up in case he manages to get a rear naked

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i thought he stopped training with serra longo

talmbout spike carl??

turn it on fucker see what happens

Right here

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Wew lads who's the lass right there?

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$45? KWAB
Bet your life savings cunt, else who cares. What are you going to do with the winnings?

>cant tko max or brian who have chins of steel
>has little power

I flew across the country a few weeks ago to spend a weekend getting pegged by this super jacked enby rock climber.. it was like nirvana b

Nothing is free kids YOU GOTTA EARN YOUR LUMPS JACK!

>Didn’t realize just how little power volk has
midgets cant heem
its the SINGLE thing that conor has

ill go there anyway

who has he heemed? Genuine question

Prove to me Yan is good
The guy who Aljo finished in a round? The guy who went life and death with old man TJ coming off a 2 year layoff and a busted knee? Okay
He's fucking ancient. Imagine thinking this old bastard is still a good win. And Aldo still gave him the toughest fight of his life lmao. Imagine what prime Aldo would have done.
>O-Okay he has no good wins...b-but he LOOKS really fricken good! Th-The eye test!!
You know who else looked good? You know who else passed the eye test? Marlon before he fought anyone good. Hmm it's almost like beating bums isn't actually that impressive.
>D-Didn't read l-lol!
I accept your concession

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Just wait until his Usman-Masvidal2 moment

lmao, look at this dude

I put down 45k for Aljo to win a decision....if I lose...I...It's over for me. I got into a massive shouting match with my wife over it. She keeps threatening to leave with my son and I almost hit her. It's ok though, once Aljo gets his hand raised she'll come around and we'll be happy again.

Le redd$t response. *tips fedora

he lost to aljo this is just a formality

You're forgetting he beat Aljo

so you’re implying that aljo is just that bad? we watched him destroy aljo and take over the fight, everyone knew he was going to win until the retarded knew he threw. It’s all relative, it’s either aljo Is terrible or they’re both good and yan is just that good. 99% of fight fans think the latter.

After tonight, which fighter does heem think we will be talking about most?

guys pls I want to watch the stream and the payed version is like 1/3 of my monthly wage

she is so beautiful

you sound like a fuckin drug addict

Ortega's soul

Nice try Dana.

I am in fact racist but not because i think he is on steroids, Yan is also on steroids, everyone is.

either aljo yan or chimav

Fuck off bookie

Why would that make brown men seethe you cuck? That would just make them want to fuck them.

Current UFC LW Jamie Mullarkey

>I put down 45k for Aljo to win
>She keeps threatening to leave with my son
Another black boy raised by a single mom due to violence

get some friends together and you can all chip in

Aljo dominated every exchange

u jelly? its my mrs im the one on the left

>destroy aljo
wrong, aljo won 1 and 2 and was peaching can up before he gassed beating they ass

Can he stop him?

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Yasuke kasura, jeremy kennedy,chad mendes and ufc lightweight jamie mullarkey, he has 10 wins by tko

>talm bout a fight in London v till
Rockhold chads where we at

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these fake faceoff pics make me die from cringe

so just mendes? Who didn’t even get heemed, he just curled up after gassing himself like he did in legit every other time he’s lost by tko. You proved my point, he doesn’t heem. He’s still the champ, but he simply can’t heem anyone.

yes he will violently hold him against the cage

Doing things the wrong way doesnt make them right

They should just make Burns/Chimaev the main event, that's the one everyone want to see.

This card fucking sucks aside from Chimaev.

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Time to drink 400mg of liquid THC and watch my parlays come together, see you on the other side brothers and sisters

wouldn't be surprised is rockhold is clinically retarded

There’s a caged event the day before too, shrek is fighting sudario’s brother,

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post ticket or gtfo

whiteboys stay coping at a jacked black boy
All of you cumskins are on the sauce, ya still get mogged. Hate to see it

Then fuck off. You’re not a real one.

bad matchup for rockhold. tills left would sleep him

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Colby finishes chimaev in the 5th and goes autistic, gets his 3rd fight with Oozeman and kos him in the 4th
Colby & Jorge >>>> Khamzat & Till

Attached: Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 20-13-17 Chael says Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington 2 is a whole new fight The Chael Sonnen Show.png (811x394, 429.45K)

> Khabib-trained Rockhold vs a Chimaev-trained Till

who, who, mendes was gassed, mularkey counts.

the entire top 3 fights are good. volk fights are always high level, petr vs aljo is a good story.

It's a shit card, stop making excuses for Dana.

In the hour before the fights start I'm watching cute women on twitch bounce around in pools

genuinely hope that Yan commits the first murder in the UFC

why do people even larp like this
like wtf is the point