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>Countdown to the Ricciardo Exposure GP:

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>/f1/ Essentials:

>WDC Standings:
LEC: 45 (+19)
SAI: 33 (+15)
VER: 25 (+25)
RUS: 22 (+10)
HAM: 16 (+1)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 78 (+34)
Mercedes: 38 (+11)
Red Bull: 37 (+37)
Alpine: 16 (+8)
Haas: 12 (+2)

>WEC Standings:
RIC: 122.45 (+47.62)
HAM: 106.45 (+82.44)
LAT: 101.14 (+63.39)

>Thread Theme:


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8 bongs

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first for gimi

f1 /biz/ idea: grid twinks

Pissi cucktini


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What lap will he crash at?

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Not gonna set an alarm, I'll just chance it.


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reminder that RB are actively sabotaging checo's car now because he's going faster than Max


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Lap 57, causing a red flag.

Can someone maybe tell me why I wasted my time creating picrel?

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Alonso's shitbox...

cant hold the puro for ever

>user, you have to partake in the mandatory penis inspection, we need to make sure it doesn't flex too much

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> Verstappen exposed!
> Verstappen shit driver!
> Verstappen no skill!
> Verstappen no class!
> Verstappen never WC!
> Verstappen never win another race!
> Verstappen waste of a good driver seat!
> When will RB and FIA kick his ass from the sport?

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Raro forever. Also fuck Ukries

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Top Gear legend James May
late answer to mexico and burger anons

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You have the geh.

This isn't a novela, paco.


After a life time of no interest in F1, I just finished watching 4 seasons of Drive to Survive over 2 weeks. I'm so fascinated.

What do I do next? What's happened so far this season? How many races left? Does everyone else love Gunter Steiner? He's so cute and adorable.


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Likely a case of latent homosexuality.

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>A hothead and a retard battling it out for the WDC


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VER isn't racing himself this year

>Latifi DNF lap 18: Driver Error
>Stroll DNF lap 19: Driver Error
>Ocon DNF lap 29: Engine
>Tsunoda DNF lap 36: Hydraulics
>Hamilton DNF lap 44: Mental Fatigue
>Albon&Vettel DNF lap 55: Crash


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You're the fag, cage user

caption this

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Bros my scale picked up my dick weight, I got a 0.5lb or 226.80grams. It's going to happen.

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If I cannot afford a penis inspection officer, will one be provided for me? I want to know my rights beforehand

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i'd fuck alonso's ass. no homo

>f1 season ends
>next day world cup starts

>glug glug glug glug glug glug glug…

>Wow Charles they let you drink that much /superfast/ juice?

My family comes from a long lineage of penis inspection officers. Contact me and we may provide one for you.

ok, time to predict too
lec ver per sai rus nor ham alo oco bot
10 DNFs

>he does know that's my semen

>I pissed in that bottle

Racing Lagoon is a documentary about the creation of the /superfast/ juice

Gutted, lads

Q1 roll

Just storm a hospital and take a medical professional hostage at gunpoint then force your penis to be inspected.

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Ehhhhhhhhh puto

holy cute :3


Biz idea: Grid Sapeurs

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lets see

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how do you feel about tommorow chances of our savior pierre?

>charles you've been drinking only /superfast/ juice for weeks now, I think you have a problem

Boddaas smol benis confirmed


Alright let me fix it, *a hothead retard and a retard that only knows how to vroom

You can appeal to be registered as your own inspection officer under exceptional circumstances. Just tell them your parents were in a car crash or some shit and they'll prolly let it slide
t. been inspecting my own beniss for years

i hope she doesn't mind my foreskin

Also fuck red dull, faggrari ans shitcedes. Everyone who supports them must reply to this post or their mothers will die in sleep tonight

are you all on the semen eating poorez train?

It fits in my hand perfectly.

go find your birth certificate

These are the worst trips of my life. Abi senpai... how could you?

El Museo on pole, yeh?

I confronted a women yesterday in Brackley. I asked her to explain Mercedes. She said “Nothing to do with me”. A mealy mouthed reply


easy with the burgers, Jeff

amx and charles are due for a crash eventually

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hopefully it's tomorrow

Fat fuck



This is F1 related because Gasly talked about the FIA checking out his penis

Nah, it's too early in the season.


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not early enough for the bloodbath to start


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I shit on your mother. [Spoiler]and it fucking stinks[/spoiler]

why do we don't have a list of viable live stream links in the essentials pastebin?


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Is it not true?? Leclerc will be an actual and genuine WDC??? Not a cheating WDC like Verstappen?


Nah, they both actually know how to drive. AMX and Lewis had problems because Lewis is an obnoxious wheel to wheel racer and AMX refused to pussy out.

No penis inspection for you, Miguel. Rolling.

>we will never go back to this

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Reminder that whenever Hamspammers return to the thread Hamilton loses

>almost burned alive in bahrain
>strange internal bleeding is saudi arabia
>sudden body inspection in australia

you guys do realize it's all the same thing? charles is looking for ways to kill gasly. I assume the inspection is a cover to mutilate or attack pierre in some way

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yfw max beats leclerc

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rolling for Penis Raction Roll

10 dnfs today

charles is so fuckin sexy, my GF wants to watch the race and she hates cars.wtf how does he do it? can i do it?


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No, 18

Rolling for 1-3

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Fuck this semen slurping sport

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ballsy as fuck
back when backmarkers were aware of what was going on, could mantain a stable racing line and use their mirrors

oh boy, gotta be fun

digits and 20 dnfs tomorrow

fuck off, we're full

only if they don't get in each other's way

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kiez digga? was zum vorglühen mitgebracht

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save some pussy for us, Helmut


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i have a feeling todays the day lecute and amx crash into eachother


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benis :DDD

I don't want to wake up for the GP.

based gf having good taste

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glad the bam oida thing died a silent death desuufamalanchan

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holy based

im already dreading the 10 minutes after waking up

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truth hits way too hard bros..

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Digits and Charles and AMX crash then Alonso cuts through the grid to achieve a win

neck yourself zoomer




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Is t his real? HOLY SHIT

Museo WILL get a podium tomorrow

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>haha what do you mean, i would never wish anything bad to my friend Pierre, certainly not a terrible nearly career ending crash on april 24th at 16:35 local time :DDDDDD

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holy shit is this real

why would will Smith slap nico?

Just take your beauty sleep and watch the full vod on f1full.com. Or is shit posting in here while the race is live that important to you?

digits for jihad tomorrow

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