Dubs and Khamzat gets violently heemed

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how do you get non-violently heemed?


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>The rematch, khaduck

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op is a nigguh and lives in a zoo



>The perfect fight snack doesn't exis-

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why are asians so insecure about masculinity? and why do they so consistently tie it to their race?

Wheres the Mackenzie weigh in webms at??


>Banthamweight's on the main card

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Now this is guy I come back for bratha. I will fight real Brooklyn gangsta for my comeback fight and retire 30-0 bratha this is what I feel

lol this faggot puts vanilla bean in his hollandaise

this but white people

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"It's what zero pussy does to a mf," as they say.

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is this mashed potatoes?


Why is every heterosexual hoping for this outcome?

Fight in a weight class under 170

>why are asians so insecure about masculinity?
why are ftm trannies insecure about masculinity?

yeah you nigguh love it when someone shits on it for an extra aroma

Just chafed my sack on a run. Not the best start to fight day

>herro me name jawmal rand im rasian as shit
why are they like this?

kz is a r/asianmasculinity mod

if gilbert durinho burns beats khamzat will you post tits

>Women's fight
Fucking hell. 3/5 of the fights on this card are dogshit. What are we thinking...

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asians are pedos by nature. fucking kids with those tiny dicks.


Why are there so few good Asian fighters in the UFC? Surely they could find a Thai to at least get to the mid card


Now that Khamzat is assured to be getting heemed, who has the balls to show off their slips?

they fight in ONE because it's closer to home


there isn't a 3'11 95 lbs division

Odds on Khamzat and Till kissing if Khamzat wins?

what ufc fighter could you beat in reality?
i could heem the entire flyweight division

I had to look him up too but now he's a boy of mine.

what is THE bet tonight?

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Literally who?

Odds on Khamzat taking his defeat out on Till?

Beast of a thread.


markmadsen by third round omoplata

mann, it's flyweight

fuck it. i wont post on some asian creepfuck childmolester op thread

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here b ur welcome

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this ugly faggot has no business calling anyone else ugly

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I will never find armpit hair disgusting. I think it looks kinda cute, honestly.

wheres russiapik guy i got a beast of a picture this time i think ill remember it

why did tkz pull the race card? he's getting an undeserved title shot and also doesn't seem to realize max holloway, the former champ, was asian

Probably womens flyweight. I'd beat and have my way with all of them

heard that a turk spit in gerwomans kebab again

Same brazza. I just like them to keep that special area hair in order, when I'm trying to find the clitty I don't like to feel like I'm going on safari. Ya dig?


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Kinda seems like a fag but you do you b

the turk left a free creampie too how kind


kinda true

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For me, it's World Chase Tag - UK Nationals

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haha funny. fuck you ahmet and fuck ayse ur fat mom.
retard...as if we dont know ur the pedolisa bong

They don't cut weight. KZ is one of the few who does

ok faggot you like armpit hair, we git it

Love from Kazakhstan...

no why would I

I dislike Volkanovski so much it is difficult to express.Give it to me straight, what are the chances KZ heems this angry midget?

thread is full of scum. a fucking zoo.
niggas...pedopakis...misfigured chinks

I think its about 50/50
He either heems him or... he doesn't

>what are the chances KZ heems this angry midget?
the chances are absurdly low

based canadian shaver

You have to its heem law

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this is advanced kraut cope
slovenian is a white slaveoid
lisabong is a white bongoid


i think ur mom sucks nigguh dicks

>poofc matchmaking at its finest

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what the fuck

implied oods are 16.67%

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ye but he he's actually good at fighting, philip wouldn't be able to relate

have some shame bongistani brather its ramadan

>when I'm trying to find the clitty I don't like to feel like I'm going on safari
Kek. But I honestly don't mind bushes. I actually like the starch contrast between the clean, well sculpted body of a woman and the shade of the hair.
>Captcha: RATDR

They're pro fighters b, they'd still beat both of our asses. If you're talking about women's flyweight then you're probably right

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Fuck Peter "Siberian Midget" Pan
If you like Peter Pan eat shit out of my ass

crazy i know b

fuck off muzzie scum...go fuck your 9y old daughter raheem

Is there more hype for Aldo/Yan than the main event?
I thought normies didn't care about manlets

im eating here brazza c'mon

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Cant believe burns got it done, why arent you guys talking about the event?

Sleepaway Camp ass nigga


Fuck Dana

they really want mcgregor back

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yes and you are a muzzie too mehmet


germanistan is islamic land

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Khamzat has the same roid bumps as GSP and Jones. Oof.

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with every post here, a nigguh fucks pedolisa (false slovak flag) his whore of a pajeet mom
i'm out of this shithole...full of retarded subhumans...fuck yooouuu

Korean pooppee

Why is Garry so unlikeable?


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He's actually black

THE EPO Injection marks????? woow hes got so much energy he wanted to wrestle me in the sauna lolol kwab

wrestlers have bad skin hygiene

fucking cocky bog wog with no personality of his own

Just bedbug bite from the same gym brazza

Checked. Also I'd absolutely annihilate Rebeccas asshole with my tongue. OF wen?

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The age of asians dominating combat sports is upon us. First it was whites, then blacks. Corean Zombie will usher in a new era as champion. You guys better deal with your insecurities now.

so fucking cringe

Probably never. She's not that kind of whore.

too flat footed to cause volk problems

of all the forced bong cans, this guy is the worst

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he's doomed?

I'd wrestle her in the sauna.

yeah we need to go out its tarawih prayer time brazza

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115+ niggas fucked lisapedos moms by now looool


Ian "The MegaFaggot" Garry


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I would reject her after she makes advances on me to increase my ego

I'm the throat goat.

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