Ronaldo smashed someone’s phone at Goodison

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aunt Becky thread


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What a whiny bitch

Santa: What do u want for Christmas ?

Me: I want a dragon

Santa :It’s not possible ,make a realistic wish

Me: I want Ronaldo to dribble and score a goal that isn’t a tap in or pen

Santa :Which Color dragon do you want ?

Even Santa knows Ronaldo is finished

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Cucktiano Penaldo

hi, is this facebook?

istatpad more like

>nooooo you can't just break my hecking phone

how should he know, Penaldo smashed his phone

>have to apologise to a kid an buy him a new phone

messi would never

>Playing top level football for 20 years
>Still cares enough to be hurt by defeats and seethe at Scousers
Pure sovl
Zoomers could never understand

>mommy, I spelled it with a v this time


why the fuck is the phone on the ground in the first place

In a way, Ronaldo left Goodison Park like he left that kid’s phone: broken and soon to be replaced by something better.


Zoomers are nihilistic and dont give a fuck about anything except money, clothes and status. Losing a football game?

They dont care, they'll be off partying in dubai tomorrow. Meanwhile the fans spend a three days salary to watch them not give a fuck

Did you even watch the video you dumb fuck? He slaps it out of the fan's hand

KWABiano Rapenaldo

He’s just bitter because Real Madrid don’t need his old, overpaid ass anymore.

Pajeet twitter.

Did Santa really say this bros?
>Manchester United are investigating an incident in which Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly smashed a supporter's phone following the 1-0 Premier League defeat to Everton on Saturday.


the video in the first posts shows him only stepping on it

C-Calleri Ronaldo?


You just KNOW that Benzema’s recent success is fucking with his head.

He doesn't step on it. You see him throw his arm down.

Kek what a KWAB

No he clearly knocks it out the fans hand you utter brain dead retard. Fuck me are you a dumb cunt.

Just called and apparently he did. Also said Twain is a homo.

No, this is patrick


cant even see anything. false propaganda.

>losing to Lampoop

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you know what? FUCK santa.

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ronaldo even looks like he's balding

good morning sir

What a fucking manchild LMAO at the level of pettyness.

cristiano answered the cal and wasn't shopee shopee


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What do you think the owner was thinking in the seconds after it happened? Utter disbelief, I'd think.

This isn't /strongmind/ behavior bros

"so lit i'm going to do that to whoever pissed me off because ronaldo did it too."


go back to whatever shithole you came form faggot


Good morning sir
Excellent meme!

Shut the fuck up you retarded piece of shit

A young soldier was mocked for being a Neymar fan. One day, one of his superiors, hoping to humiliate him in front of his squad called to him and said, 'take these keys, get in that jeep and park it over there.' The young soldier replied, 'I can't drive.' So his superior said, 'ask your Neymar for help. Show me that he exists.' So the soldier took the keys and began singing 'olê, olê olê olá, Neymar, Neymar...', turned the vehicle on, manoeuvred it and parked it perfectly. Getting out of the jeep, he saw everyone on their knees, crying and saying, 'we want the hexa...' Startled, the young soldier asked what was happening. His superior, in tears, opened the bonnet and showed the young soldier that the jeep had no engine. Then, the young soldier said, 'do you see now? This is the Neymar that I serve. The Neymar that does the impossible. The Neymar that brings the hexa.'

what a fag

Imagine working at a company. Your sales team just lost up a huge possible future sale. A sale especially you worked hard for and your team mates did always nothing.
Imagine walking down the hall to your boss office and the HR guys start filming you.

Yeah not a nice feeling.


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Here's what the kid's mother had to say.

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Based and TrollFootballpilled

Technically he didn't assault the child but the phone

I see a bruise.


Massively based

jake cuckitini

hello i work for the dailymail.

would it be okay for us to report on this ?

we will credit you of course

my sides

I-It's nothing, kid should toughen up a little.

Just like the poor lass he raped.

And say it was an Iphone and not an entry level Chinkphone.

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And ofc sell the Iphone then because you are not an iToddler.

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