Leave Raducanu to me

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When will we get to hear Mimi's Welsh accent?

proper english rose

Monsterposting will never be a thing.

Are all female British tennis players Asian?

Okay what ever you say....

I hope she destroys Emma Cucktini

dios mio

Asian means a different think there, the correct term is "chinky"

She cute she sovl

they're the same thing. I don't care

the new face of tennis is pretty scary

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Hope she wins it and then goes to have a GOAT tier carrer

>10/10 in englel

Average Welsh girl

Alright now say that to a Welsh bloke.

This is some kind of disability... right? What the fuck happened to her face?

We call them mongoloids for a reason. Its cause they look retarded.

Fuck off with posting this, I'm trying to eat over here.

>British when she wins Welsh when she loses
simple as

>Wins 50 slams

Can't wait

I for one am tired of attractive people dominating sports.

This is my representation

Well we just had Ash Barty for tennis but she retired

Guess being a rub and tug girl does wonders for your stroke.

This is a face to kill women's tennis back to the stone age. The WTA must be trembling

both goblinas

If Mimi has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Mimi has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Mimi has only one fan then that is me. If Mimi has no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against Mimi, then I am against the world.

If you're a real Mimi fan you'll be unembarrassed calling her by her real name: Mingge

It's incredible seeing the varying Asian phenotypes as they crossbreed with other races

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need to get her to korea ASAP
a young girl that ugly must be into kdramas and shit anyway

British literally means NOTHING

just been cured from yellow fever thanks to this thread

I think it's because retards look mongoloid actually

>Alright now say that to a Welsh bloke.
He could and they wouldn't say anything because the welsh are massive pussies

>53 year old natural chinese
>23? year old artificial korean

damn her tits grew quite a bit
shame about the face though

everyone aged 14 is a trainwreck

>this is what mimibros tell themselves

how the fuck can a 14-year old compete with adults?
women sports are such a fucking joke lmao

because Mimi's the GOAT, youngest ever wimbledon wildcard

I'd had a crush on Lucy Liu for decades, so fuck you.

Whats the age of consent in Wales?
I might just catch her early and live of her future success

16. Same as the rest of the UK


more mingge pictures

hm, maybe she can relocate to Germany
I think I'm gonna give de Witt a call if he wants to coach a promising Welsh dragon

this looks like the architect's biggest challenge yet

that is all.
when she makes Wimbledon, I'll make up a new chant.

>mimi vs emma wimbledon first round
who does Yea Forums root for?

well, if shes playing Ems
it would need to be in the 1st round

The one on the right has had massive plastic surgery and bleaching of skin

why do you lot love bragging about the fact your age of consent is so low on here?
bit noncey don't you think?

it's what gives her her power

>Wins 50 slams
>Gets 0 sponsorships/endorsements

Wow she looks less ugly there, is that the power of winning?

no, it's just you getting desensitised to her grotesqueness over time

but thats the point, it aint noncey here

>Righteous Good Dragon vs. Commercial Evil Ems

what if mimi grows some monster halep pre-reduction sized titties in the next year? does that offset her unfortunate phenotype?

Root for Emma knowing that she'll pl out either an injury in the third set. Then cheer Mimi Minge Mong for the wildcard upset run to the final

itll worsen her tennis though which means she'll have nothing going for her in life

>ugly face, large breasts
this is the perfect phenotype