Spaniards are even more cocky than Argies

in view of the likely confrontation between Spain and Brazil in the quarterfinals of the world cup
100% of Spaniards asked in street interviews said that "spain will smash brazil","they dont have a chance" and "they play a very poor football"
Wtf is this a hispanic thing to be that cocky and arrogant?

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All pathetic teams that will destroyed by Denmark

Cockiness is on the spanish blood, it was passed to our neightbors during colonization. The bigger the pride, bigger the fall.

I was going to dismiss this thread and call you stupid but thinking about my interactions online with spaniards I am inclined to agree with you. They are very insufferable. I'd say Spain is the USA of the spanish language.

They are cocky because they won italy

Why are you so obsessed with what others say. So insecure.

Spain and portugal are the scumbag twins of europe

Stop saying i care about what others say

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Qué bien, otro hilo de odio hacía España porque un brasileño sopa de macaco ha sacado un frame sacado de contexto de un tik tok.
Este sitio cada día es más insufrible

Casemiro will break your twink midfielders in two

fotograma, compatriota

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Casemiro has sucked since the first Covid confinement.

t. actually watches Madrid games

Toda la razón, amigo. Pido disculpas y arriba España.

Spain is the better team, I also think they would win.

Arriba España, caballero. Que tenga una buena tarde.

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So Fabinho will break your twink midfielders twinks in two

Look into my eyes and say spanish arent arrogant

You don't watch Madrid games. Casemiro has been outstanding outside some games where has was below average but in those games the entire team was bad.

Vini jr and neymar will dive into your box and we will get 2 penalties

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I dunno why, but Spaniards are positively insufferable yes.

He will have to catch them first, which he was utterly unable to do during el clásico.

They are arrogants pieces of shit and they think they are important just because messi pick their league to play but the truth is that the retarden gnome choose their league because is too retarded to learn any other language. Their best clubs are filled with foreigners and their national team just a world cup when there weren't any elite teams in the world. All were fucking shit. It was like that leicester league, they only won because their rivals were utter trash. Only retarded zoomers and niños rata rate them.
The only spanish club that could speak about being a true spanish team could have been athletic club but now have a pair of niggers that were kidnapped straight from a boat that stranded in the beachs of mallorca after they were fleeing from joseph kony in some elephant shithole in africa.


Not really. Most of the time are trolling when they act arrogant.

>Onions espaniol a que quieres que te gane?

Yes, that one is your fault too you stupid faggots.

You guys balkanized Central America for foreign interests, not my problem.

Whats ninos rata?

>talking shit about the based Central America Confederation and by extension my general Morazán
So you're also a historilet on top of everything. And I was talking about the country's admittedly dumb name, which was your fault.

Kids from 8 to 17 years old that all they do 24/7 is to play minecraft (among other shit), watch and idolize spanish youtubers, spam porn, flood sites with dumb and unfunny shit, watch and make anime memes, they mix slangs from all the spanish speaking countries like "joder, el wey culiao boludo jaksjsksk". They are spanish speakers from mexico to chile and are a fucking cancer. They are in every video of youtube making shit jokes or spamming their shit slang.

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

All of you are meme countries that belong to Mexico. But history has proven that nothing of worth was lost after all.

>Brasilero dilating at banter

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Why are brazilians so insecure anyway? Aren't you the best in the world? Just ease up

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Black soulless eyes


>Memexico thinking he can bantz
You fags are lucky we left when we did, otherwise we would have easily taken over your shithole.

Yes of course. Chiapas looks like first world compared to you.

Kkkkkkkkkk we call it enzo here

Kek this is a nice cope for losing half of your country territory after the independence for picking a meme emperor and non-stop civil wars
Mexicans are fucking delusional


>niños rata
Kek niños rata aren't a thing anymore. All of them are like 18-20 years old now, and Minecraft isn't the game all kids play nowadays.
Te quedaste en el tiempo chilote.

>he wants to complain about the Spanish but he still mentions papi Argentina
Yes we are cocky
Yes we are smug
It's our cross and the world need to deal with it

They said they were going to retire Zidane at 2006 WC

why brazucANOS anons cant stop talking about us?

Are people still wearing masks everywhere in Spain and other countries? It feels strange seeing a group of people in masks these days even outside, barely anyone seems to have them here anymore

Its just one dude, bc we didnt reply to him in copalib. Reply him next time

Because its not true. If you actually went out and asked, at least half of mandril supporters would have said that we are shit.


Vai se fuder baba ovo de argentino do caralho
Se escovar os dentes sai 50 pentelhos

theyre right
cant wait to face spain and avenge our latinx brothers of brazxl

>Go to Spain
>Ask Spaniards who they support
>They say Spain

to be fair you dont have to say its easy you can say you support spain but you expect the match to be hard

we don't expect the match to be hard, we're going to eat the macacos

spaniards are usually by far the most cocky among us meds desu

Lol, ¿por qué estás tan escocido?
En 2010 ganamos porque éramos mejores, punto. En 2014 ni (sobre todo) 2018 había grandes equipos tampoco, y Alemania y Francia ganaron con relativa facilidad, pero nadie se queja.
I'm going to give you that. Our country is full of NPCs that have been mentally broken by the goverment about covid so to this day, people are wearing masks, even look you bad if you don't wear it. Some people, if asked, will tell you that they want the masks outside rule back. I honestly feel ashamed.

t. niño rata

imagine being this salty kek

I don't know about those retarded zoomers. People tend to be cocky about their NTs, look at Argies, Anglos or look at other brazilians.

As for a potential Brazil vs Spain: I feel somewhat confident because you have players with more name, and more experienced than ours, yes, but we have the one I think it's the best NT coach in the world. Call me delusional if you want but I think Luis Enrique has proved he can compete with literal whos, doesn't matter who he fields. Anyways, I guess the match would be up in the air, obviously. It can go both ways. But taking into consideration that we don't have a star player unlike you, having like 4?, the feeling we can beat you regardless, it's nice to have.

In 2010 and 2012 it was the other way around, we had a terrible coach and won despite him, because we had experienced players. Now, we don't have them but we have a good coach.

luis enrique coached farsa which was a disgusting club team which means we are going to win
same thing with luis aragones whe despite not being the coach anymore and dying created the golden generation team