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the final day in Basque Country edition

Current and upcoming races:
04.04 - 09.04 Itzulia Basque Country 2.UWT
06.04 - 09.04 Circuit des Ardennes 2.2
10.04 Amstel Gold Race 1.UWT
10.04 Amstel Gold Race Ladies Edition 1.WWT
10.04 - 17.04 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2.Pro
12.04 Paris–Camembert 1.1
12.04 - 15.04 Giro di Sicilia 2.1
13.04 De Brabantse Pijl - La Flèche Brabançonne 1.1 WE
13.04 De Brabantse Pijl - La Flèche Brabançonne 1.Pro
15.04 Classic Grand Besançon Doubs 1.1
16.04 Tour du Jura Cycliste 1.1
16.04 Arno Wallaard Memorial 1.2
16.04 Paris-Roubaix Femmes 1.WWT
17.04 Paris-Roubaix 1.UWT
17.04 Grand Prix Féminin de Chambéry 1.1 WE

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>the end comes for Remco today

Roglic wins the GC today

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agent vingegaard will secure the win for him with a people's elbow

Marc Soler will win

For me it's Martinez

Soler needs to be recharged before he can do something dumb again

>Uggo Ule
interesting way to pronounce this name

How would you pronounce it?

other eurosport people seem to pronounce it more like Yugo

Hugo Ule

They are WRONG.
It's pronounced Uggo Ool.

>tfw your parents named you Uggo

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Hygge Ole

very rude, Jan Ulrich isn't ugly

They are resisting English imperialism.

He's from the French speaking part of Canada isn't he? So it makes sense to pronounce it in French.

will Tony Gal O'Pain ever get his soul back?

What about Hugo Hofstetter

he's uggo too!


Has to be Alsatian with a name like Hofstetter

He is.
From Altkirch.

S is pronouced like an s in French

Les Alsaciens disent Hofchtéter

only if Marion will cuck Allahflip

he's from southern Alsace and I don't care that he speaks French, I still pronounce it in the local German dialect, which is very similar to the one spoken in Switzerland. I would need the phonetical alphabet to describe the correct vowel sound, so I just leave it be.

G is very good domestique.

He did win Tour de France as Froome's domestique.

He is, always had big respect for him.

Good morning, is Remco dead yet?

>turn on Eurosport
>some retards driving around in cars
What the FUCK does this have to do with sports and where the FUCK is my ciclismo

on the next climb

Je ne suis pas Alsacien.

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Are you watching on TV?

Je sais tu es un narbonnoïde du Béarn qui va voter pour l'homme au gros nez.


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>they’re still showing interviews
Fuck this



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Maybe you can get your grandson to show you how to watch the stream online.


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>Potentially 4 squeakers in my Amstel Velodrama team
Not sure how to feel about this desu

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I am not paying for that shit.

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Only 10 more km to go in the squeakland race

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Who would win? I don't think Lassalle can do well on rampas.
timestamp this, call the police, I do not care

(captcha (SV) GVA so GVA 4th)

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Cosnefraud, Madouas, Laporte and Coquard will all fail, my dear Bert.

well it's been 12 km for several minutes so maybe it's just another case of french mathematicians

>mismatched wheels indicating replacement
>wear-down chainring
>funky retro shoes
dude really rides

Guess who is favourite rider was?

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damn shes built for the BBC

Johan Bruyneel? wow!

>Who would win?
Zemmour. Because he looks like Bettini

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Next climb is the hardest

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>Milano San remo is the only game of Superclassico where I didn't have the winner
If only I didn't switch Ganna in

Big Basque Cock?

massive squeaking in France!

This bike looks better than anything being ridden in the peloton now

Cipo offered him a bike too.

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lmao, that slowed down shot of Formolo face pain

coomers out!

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They can easily kick out Remco out of the podium, IF they just attack on the Krabelin and not wait for the last climb that finishes even with a downhill.

That was the case for me too. Until Scheldeprijs.

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Big bike cock

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B-but Kristoff won that race user. Surely you didn't pick merlier instead of Fatman in a rainy day with a lot of wind?

that was way before Trek became morbidly obese

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No I did not pick Merlier.

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I like his look too

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it's coming

imagine this guy making advances on you

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Jews win in France

Still lighter than Remco

The checkpoint until last year was the last trek bike that was good looking

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Why are none of these blonde girls in that commercial about Turkey being harrassed by hairy old men. Doesn't seem very realistic to me.

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