/180/ - 2022 Lakeside WDF World Darts Championship Day 8

The best of non-professional darts compete at the iconic Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green for the inaugural WDF-branded World Darts Championships. The penultimate day of Lakeside week sees the semi-finals for the men, women and boys.

The men's games tonight have Netherlands' record breaker Richard Veenstra against Northern Ireland's great escapologist Neil Duff, and the French Houdini Thibault Tricole playing Scottish lunatic Cameron Menzies. The women's matches have top performer Rhian O'Sullivan facing Kirsty Hutchinson and 2019 runner-up Lorraine Winstanley meets Beau Greaves. The two boys' semis include 2019 Youth champion Leighton Bennett and reigning JDC World Champion Bradly Roes.

The tournaments will be broadcast live on Quest and Eurosport in the UK, on Eurosport and Discovery+ throughout Europe and on the WDF’s YouTube channel for international audiences outside of Europe. Today's afternoon session is only on Discovery+ and YouTube.

The men's semis are the best of 9 sets (first to 5), the women's semis are now the best of 5 sets (first to 3) and the boys' semis are the best of 3 sets (first to 2). Women's matches greentexted like old OP use to do.

>Afternoon Session (3:00pm BST)
Leighton Bennett v Charlie Large [Boys' UK Semi]
Luis Liptow v Bradly Roes [Boys' EU Semi]
>Rhian O'Sullivan v Kirsty Hutchinson (6)

>Evening Session (7:00pm BST)
Richard Veenstra (9) v Neil Duff (5)
>Lorraine Winstanley (8) v Beau Greaves (5)
Thibault Tricole (2) v Cameron Menzies (14)

Day 6 reports: dartswdf.com/news/lakeside-2022-day-7-afternoon-session-report / dartswdf.com/news/lakeside-2022-day-7-evening-session-report
Tournament center: dartswdf.com/tournament-center
Scores: tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/wdflakeside22

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>Day 6 reports
Should have said "Day 7", my bad.

afternoon session is pointless

Was the 38 year old 15 year old in the boys tournament?

No, he lost in the qualifiers. Was in Bennett's quarter of the draw but not sure who he lost to.

I'll watch the woman's game

Is it on eurosport or only Discovery+?

>I set up my oche 2.37m from the wall, not the board
Five fucking centimeters, bros...
At least i fixed it now.

>youtube stream isn't working

Only Discovery+ / Eurosport Player.

Best thing to do is measure 2.93m from the centre bull to the floor.

Oh wait, it's here: youtube.com/watch?v=YvPn6Gfr35g

Bennett just posed after a 180 the stupid cunt,

Yeah, now I can see why.

You'll be pleased to know he lost the set.

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And he also lost the match in hilarious fashion by hitting D9 going for S9. Charlie Large mouthed "Twat" on the winning double, good on him.

>Boom Boom

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This is apparently a boy. Dear me.

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Germans have weird genes.

Just realised that there was an afternoon session today

Bennett will be smashing the Lakeside up watching these two Eurojobbers-in-training.

Only things you missed were Bennett being a cunt and bottling it.

>Only things you missed were Bennett being a cunt and bottling it.
Would have loved to see that desu

Haha fuck off Leighton Buzzard

If you have a non-EU VPN you can go on the livestream in and rewind it.

Can confirm.

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>you will now remember Justin van Tergouw

Crazy how he was the next hot prospect and then vanished.

Last 4 of today's PDC ProTour event by the way:
>Michael Smith v Dirk van Duijvenbode
>Damon Heta v Ryan Searle

MVG lost to Scott Waites. No, really: recap.dartconnect.com/history/report/match/62517a3d02dd48a4504ec260

Roes beats the German James Harries. Now time for Rhian v Kirsty.

Fingers crossed, Kursty!

Dat's our Webby!

>Dave Parletti is banging Kirsty Hutchinson
explains why he's a skeleton

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Searle v Van Duijvenbode in the Players Championship 12 final.

Currently 4-4

Dirk's gone mental, won the last 5 legs

She cute

And wins in the last leg decider!

>Van Duijvenbode

Last leg decider

>O'Sullivan begins with 22
Disaster. Hutchinson goes through to tomorrow's final.


Fixed the Oche and finally took out a ton+ checkout with a 120 Shanghai.
Am I destined to become... the Shanghai Darts Master?

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on the subject of smiff, he looked fucking pathetic today in the players championship

clearly didn't want to be there

Veenstra v Tricole/Menzies please. Don't care who wins the second semi-final as long as Flyers wins the first.

Evening session is on Eurosport 2, lads.

Hope Neil Duff gets battered.


veenstra you fucking idiot

>Neil Fluff

Duff's rose neck tattoo is disgusting, looks like someone drew it on with a fine line Sharpie.

Neck tattoos in particular are always disugsting.

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>aewsexuals on suicide watch

Oh no, how will we ever discover from this?!

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>redneck anime

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"Pleasurecraft" would be a great nickname for a darts player


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She just.. uh.. launched a special military operation! Nothing to worry about!

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>great ideas for a party

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>She's a lady!
She sure is.

This match is over. Fucking Veenstra bottling it AGAIN.

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This is BS

>this cunt is into a Lakeside final
Fucking VILE.

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>the city of Veenstra

Jim McEwan on suicide watch

Really hope that Tricole wins it all now

Fucking kill me

>1 dart from being whitewashed in the qf

The sad thing is a steady low 90s average will be enough for Duff to cruise to the title tomorrow. Cammie and Trickle are far too inconsistent.