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Ok ok didnt take united, said to watch game 1st.

I trust your judgement today.

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Plan is to livebet Socheaux over 1.5 and over 0.5 and Auxerre over 1.5 and over 0.5.
Usually its small on over 1.5 earlier in first half and smed on over 0.5 if it reaches @1.70 or more
Something small on [email protected] incase they run away with it early, but mainly hoping to catch some good odds live.around half time.

Not betting on Benfica today?
They have a great winrate against Beleneses

I trust our baseball chad

Petit isnt there anymore. Benfica only plays their hearts out in CL.
For that odd I trust Sporting more, though they have lost some gas compared to early season.

Who should I bet with on the Grand National boys? Any decent existing customer offers going, or should I just go with SkyBet because they're paying 7 places for each way bets?

KISS bet of the day: Inter, Boca Juniors. Palmeiras. (I had betis but is too late)

There are more than 50 matches of the day on the major leagues, thats 100 teams playing, lets say 50 of them draw , there are 25 winners and 25 losers. Not that hard to pick just 3 winners uh?

I need big money fast, any hot longshots that I can smash? I will send you either 10% cash or Bitcoin if it hits, no bs lads im fucken hanging for a win

grand national innit

my bookie has bets on eurovision and badmington but no horse races

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Need Bayern to score sum goals desu lads

I hesitated to add them to the (((safe))) parlay

I'm with Bet365, they have up to 10 places EW. They haven't given me any offers though.

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Are you sure? Says Bet365 are paying 6 here. Don't think I've ever seen anyone offer 10


yes mate, definitely 10.

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Ahh I see, reduced odds then but still not a bad offer
Think I'll go with them as they gave me a no deposit required free bet for Cheltenham and another one for the football this weekend, which was kind of them

I think they're quite good. They give me plenty of free bets and I don't really bet huge amounts of money, either mostly £1 - £2 bets on horses or £5 on football.

Bourg-en-Bresse 2-1 Correct Score @8.3

I went HUGE on Tottenham -1.5. Let’s hope I can pay rent this month

Meme bet no third goal in arse game, no 2nd goal in Watford game, 7-0 Chelsea @15

Fluminese + Flamengo

>no 2nd goal in Watford game

you really lucky.

I was thinking on both of them . But I'll limit myself to 3 winner picks. Perhaps I'll do a live bet.

Should have waited a bit but that game seemed like a semen slurping one
Problem right now is pathletico

Yes, this match. Think this could be a 1-0 or 2-1 win but I'm leaning more towards 2-1.

Sorry bro i meant this one, 2-1 Bourg-en-Bresse yeah? Thanks again man

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No, the one today against Boulogne. Starts in a couple of minutes.

Sweet, on it with my last pennies haha thx


Starting off with Detroit ML at $2.15 today. I like Mize to go 5 strong against a RHB-heavy Sox lineup today and for the Tigers to stay in front most of the game

starting in 10


Put a cheeky 25 spot on burns, Korean zombie, and sterling to win 2500

Hedged this against 25 on khamzat, kz, and sterling

Well, well, well. You nerds ignored my breadcrumb and now you will pay the price

0,25 x 0,25 0,25

1,5% chance of picking 3 winners.

If I bet big amounts against Canada in every match at the WC, maybe I can meme them into 9 points.

2-1 was looking good for a while, sorry man

I told you all to bet Burns vs Chimaev ITD at -200. Now it's -290 to -350. You should still bet it. Implied odds of 75% roughly but it's 90% IMO. Bookies fucked up and it's your gain.

That ain't happening lad. Betting them individually wouldn't be bad coz you only need one to get paid. Two would be real good.

I firmly believe Burns has a good chance of winning. Chimaev has never fought anyone good.

>betting on a muslim during ramadan

Mize shook up in the 1st but the 2nd was encouraging. We'll see.

Doubling down on a Cardinals/Phillies parlay slightly over evens

Gilbert Burns tonight in ufc. Sunday morning for you.

Aljo has the biggest upset potential. KZ and Dildo can't get it done. Aljo probably can't either but there's a chance he could get a cheeky sub

You're all faggot cucks who should be killed.

Aljo's only chance is a round 1 or early round 2 sub. He looked ripped at weigh ins, dudes with that much bulk always gas quickly

bet365 still down can't make any cheeky golf bets

Stop betting soccer.

bet365 get your shit together

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i'm so fucking close to closing my account and just doing crypto books. bet365 is fucking garbage now, always something going wrong

the brits love to queue up but this is too much 365

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I would skip the Chimaev ITD bet and go with method of victory TKO or sub. Less juice

For a live outsider in the ufc tonight I'd look at Darian Weeks. Fighting Garry, a hype train who seems like an absolute tard, Weeks has high level boxing and Garry hangs his chin out there to be smashed. Garry was in trouble in his first UFC fight last time around, against a diabetic fella who lost to Mickey Gall. He got the KO but was being lit up until then. Weeks is at 4.50 with my bookie which is insane and imo the best value bet on the card by a distance. Garry has ko power but like I said he is a hugely overrated retard and this comes from a Paddy (working in Spain). I'm going max bet Weeks ML with a sprinkling on Weeks via ko/tko.

I'm delighted bet365 is down and everyone is angry with them as they finally gave me the 1% limits gubbing the other week

right if you are allowed to pick with repetition. The same team 3 times.

Love this. Garry is an idiot and fights like it. Chin in the air, gets hit too much. At even odds I'd take Garry but at 4.5 Weeks is a no brainer

holyyy fuckkkk I HATE bet 365

found my ufc bet of the week .

"Betting sites down after Grand National: Bet365, William Hill, SkyBet and Ladbrokes stop working"