Just the three top flight fixtures today with some big names involved:

>Arsenal v Brighton & Hove Albion
>Southampton v Chelsea
>Watford v Leeds United

Lower leagues are welcome as always; /3pm/ does not discriminate!

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The teams for the 3 PL games, starting with the Gunners.

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And finally the Whites.

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SHAN'T be watching.
SHALL be watching the Masters instead. Fuck Tuchel that broken wifeless cunt.


what we drinking today lads?

coffee, vimto
will be getting blind drunk this evening

what you drinking tonight?
my line up today:
4 x brixton ipa
4 x camden ipa
penderyn whiskey

league one time again - what's the point, we're just living on borrowed time
and we'll be selling more players in the summer to offset the losses we'll incur from relegation
god our owners are some of slimiest foreign cunts in football, I hope chien lee dies in his sleep

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prob'ly just a load of cans of kronenbourg or stella

gooooood morning sunderchads

god you're annoying

1-0 everton man utd
0-0 sheff utd bournemouth
today lining up to be a very, very dull day

While I don't actually fully blame Christensen for the game against Real (SIlva made mistakes as well), I don't understand why now he was brought back.
It's a weird 433 that, for sure.

It's over. Enjoy retirement you cunt.

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ffs thought he would come to barnsley one day

>old English bastards are being replaced by Gerrard, Fat Frank, and a bunch of foreigners
how do you say grim in your country

You 'ullllllll


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Watch the Warnock documentary that ITV Yorkshire did back in the 00s, it's funny as fuck and make me like the cunt.

A bottle of asahi, and this gin.
It's ok, but not worth the price. No gin is desu, the cheaper it is, the rougher it tastes, the better it tastes.

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Dons v. mk shown anywhere?

The seventh circle of hell

Could be AFC Wimbledon's first relegation after like eight promotions since they were reborn. Can't see MK Franchise going up at least

is this how they cope? with a holiday?

>warnock on gilette soccer saturday
just made this show a lot more based

He's been saying that kind of thing for almost 10 years now. I'll believe he's done when he's in the ground.

have no idea which match to watch rn frfr

Why are the BBC giving Wim Hof a whole TV series. He's a crackpot mentalist.

Shithead lib London luvvies just give the Tories every fucking reason to tear the whole thing apart don't they.

Good riddance. Yank plastics are no longer welcome. We're taking our Chelsea back.

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goal rush if you have optus sport

Rudiger you useless cunt.


might have some bangers and mash

Am streamfag

Middlesbrough v Hull, the true Yorkshire derby

>oh when the saints go marching in!
Shittest football chant of all time. Such an utter dirge.

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Swear that Grand National weekend is normally warmer than this

because neither are actual yorkshire

Chelsea away fans absolutely mogging the Saints customers right now.

>living around brown people is "actual Yorkshire"

Bet you basically live in a Manchester commuter town that happens to be on the right side of the Pennines
Clap back with that one

I dont know who started the "oh...........when.............the,..............[team]...............................comes.............................marching in" version where it takes 15 minutes to get to regular speed but it drives me fucking mental every time.

I dont mind the "OH WHEN THE SAINTS (oh when the saints) GO MARCHING IN (go marching in) OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IIIIIIIIIIIIIN" version though.


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Nothing personnel, Saints...

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>your reaction when you're walking on the pavement whilst Alonso is stuck in traffic

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Oxford United 0-1 Sunderland (6 mins)


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>Swansea beating Derby 2-0
That's probably it for the Championship relegation battle

*drives drunk and kills someone*

well we movin on uuuuuuuuup


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>the increasing likelihood that the Bournemouth/Forest game in May will decide who gets second

Get in Wimbledon

How do sky find so many milfs

>letting timo werner score against you
The absolute STATE of Southampton Memeball Club.

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both still have Fulham to play, reckon Forest might be able to snatch a win on current form


>failed sliding celebration
That's how bamford got injured last time. Why do these retards keep doing that shit celebration?

Forest finally back in the prem lads

What's the point of the non-old firm Scottish clubs

to provide local entertainment