Gordon 27’

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What is the funnier outcome for this game, Everton losing or Manchester United failing to win?

genuinely forgot Mata is still at the club

United failing to win

seriously WHERE THE FUCK IS SANCHO?????????????????????

What is the point of Man Utd?



Good morning sirs

Why don't Manchester United just, I dunno, try a bit harder?

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Is sancho on the pitch?

Is Yea Forums an Asuka or a Rei board?

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The one time I'm not ABU and they play like this feck off

>Mata’s first PL appearance this season

Fucking hell. This club is a disgrace.

British cuisine

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remember when Rashford flipped off those fans a few weeks ago? that was forgotten quickly

any coko beach enjoyers in?

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United losing but a draw would be the best result since it gives Dyche a chance at survival while also fucking over both teams who need the 3 points

>two losers

Asuka butt board

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Give it to me straight, could Ten Hag really fix United's issues?

lampardbros, is this, dare i say it, the turning point for our season?

Ideal here is a 1-1 draw

rei board

what was the point in bringing in Ragnick?

where is van de beek

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How can a team be so fucking terrible
Rangnick is an absolute fraud and they've fucked themselves by making it so they can't sack him


Mata stealing a wage all season long and finally has to stretch his legs

Im hungry lads, whats everyone eating?

Only winners here

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first i've heard of it m8

when will he score?

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where;s sancho

ANYONE would be better than Rangnick, even Ole was significantly better

Rei is the natural attraction for sad incels that want a robot with no personality
Asuka is for well-adjusted men that want someone vibrant
Mari is for freaks that have mommy issues

Its a bit unfair putting a bag over the horses head expecting it run around jumping over shit blind

My wife's bull has left so I will now head upstairs and join her in bed. Goodnight all.

Both of these teams are so fucking shit.

Everton fans don't really sing, they just make noises.

It's a handicap race

Pogba red card soon

At least you have a wife

it's so they don't distracted/spooked
but yeah i agree the grand national is cruel

Can United score 1 (one) goal against one of the shittest teams in the league?

scousers are primitive animals though, what do you expect

Depends if they give him permission to sell all the useless cunts

>Pogba going the punch the ball


Laughs in Z cars
And if you know you're history


You absolute freak

That's because fans should handle the banter. It should never have been a news story in the first place.

Mate you're there to watch a game not sing in a choir you poof

united are either rushing everything or just standing around in attack, they are so fucking shite keek

maguire is so fucking shit

looks doubtful

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Theres a certain scouse noise that emanates from the crowd when they think an unjust tackle against their team has occurred

It's hard to put into words, but is very distinct


fucking hell this dude

>10/11 is a great price for Man United

To anybody who followed my advice, I apologise.

Why didn't anyone tell me this was USA vs Iran?

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European temperament

>keown keeps saying that maguire is shit because he's playing on the left instead of the right
what a cope

I don't think so, it runs deep. he'd need years to do something and full power. he's not gonna get full power and even if he had he'd be under pressure before he had time to do anything substantial.


I get the feeling if some random fella smeared himself in shit and ran onto the pitch to rub it on the players noone'd care

Why would he want to? This is hilarious.

I've been supporting United since 1976 and frankly I've had enough. We're making Everton look like a good team rather than a team drowning in the Premier League. United players should hang their heads in shame.

Too soon?

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>To anybody who followed my advice, I apologise.

No one here is this stupid

> blaming Rangnick

The players have no passion and they're not intelligent enough for modern football. The back line plays like a Sunday league team and despite having the world's best ever striker, we can't utilise him because our midfield is too inconsistent to give him any service.

Ferrari shell with a fiat engine.

Not looking likely, but I feel that if they get one, theyll probably score another right after

epl isnt even english

>could a bandage cure my syphilis?

How do you lose to a team that got run over by Burnely?

Not really. He is like Pep in that he needs a certain caliber of player for his system to work effectively. United would need a huge rebuild, both players and backroom staff/board of directors. Everyone would need to be on the same page for the glory years to return to United. Also not much is known about Ten Hag. He might be a nasty bastard who is not afraid to hurt people's feelings. Rashford and Maguire and Shaw won't be taking too kindly to that

alri gramps

>deli alli can't even get a game for neverton

>ynr Mendy trying to punch Lamela and missing

They play better under Rangnick.

ronaldo is shite mate

fuck me this is petering out

Remember, Burnley scored three against this lot

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not banter at all when the fans feel threatened.

>hate yanited
>also desperately want to see everton relegated

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Remember, Watford scored 5 at Goodison against this lot.

Mourinho and Frank have both indirectly said he's got a shit attitude so he'll be nothing more than a footnote

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>33 touches

>Making Michael Keane look good
Relegate Manchester United instead

>Worlds best striker
Mate are you mentally ill? He’s not even top 10 strikers in the world this season.

They need to find another Scottish cunt who goes red after a drink and chucks shoes at the retarded zoomers

at least since he joined juventus he has been

is a dark skinned young man makes you feel threatened, that's on you you racist


No one likes a dickhead

need rule a rule change so both teams can get 0 points

Norwich City would have put up more of a fight than this

Can 50 points be deducted from United on account of shitness?

>there are people who actually thought this would be a turning point and he'd become good again

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Penalty incoming!

Mans right, he can score goals for fun with the right service.

not much of a surprise
championship tier player

If Ole, Jose and Van Gaal all good blamed for shit players playing like shit, the same standard has to be applied to Rangnick. Remember, when Jose got sacked the new manager (who was an absolute shitter according to most) turned their form around. This time, that shitter got sacked and the new supercoach has displayed no real improvement in results.
This pattern will continue because the Man U board find it easier to replace 1 of 1 managers than ~18 of 25 registered players.

love my cat with all my heart and will be utterly broken the day she passes lads

Birds do

they've given up pretending it is nafribro

Norwich only lost to United on a dodgy penalty

I was just glad he was away from >my club. Every ECL loss I ended up googling when the contracts for him, Sanchez, Ndombele, Doherty, and Lo Celso expire


This. He's finished, wouldn't even get signed up by League 2 clubs now because he just can't be arsed any more.

No? What has that cunt ever done?

It’s like the Man Utd players don’t understand basic principles of football. Like pass and move or the need to play with tempo.




Could cristiano take this penal

that's not a fucking penalty you utter ponce

>and chucks shoes at the retarded zoomers
Would Tony "picks a fight with you while completely naked" Pulis be able to win a trophy with Man Utd?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been spotted making the trip to Manchester to save United.

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to whomst've?


>mans right
Kys wigger paki, Ronaldo has been been awful last 2 seasons. But whatever it’s not my team who’s built around an poacher who destroys any sign of good tactical football.

There’s a clause in his contract where they have to pay 10 mil once he makes 20 appearances. Think there’s an element of them being cheap cunts tbf

gordon is an embarrassment
genuinely the worst diver in the league

I don't understand how these English referees look out of shape yet you see European refs who are chads who look just as good as the players

you JUST KNOW pickford will invent a way to fuck this up


why are the commenters even humouring that dive?

Just imagine how many penalties Utd would have been given if it was the other way around.

just be happy that she lived happily

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Gordon is such a diving cunt

inb4 Gary Neville says its a stonewall penalty

the ev got TWO bullshit pens (one from another gordon dive) midweek

Do you have any idea where is this happening?

Clearly the team ISNT built around ronaldo, the man is great in the air, Utd cant cross a ball.

Hes the only player this season in double digits.

the refereeing in our country is fucking broken


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Supporting Man Utd is like being in bad relationship. I want to leave but stay because, despite not being in love, I still love them...even though I causes much misery.

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Cat I took care of last weekend while neighbor was away

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Everton diving ethic

this is fucking dross. what a shit way to start saturday's action

Classic Ole move, what can I say? (not my mistake, it was his)

Stop sucking Ronaldo's dick. Hes a finished boomer who needs to retire or go to LA Galaxy

diving cunt

Its England, if its England, its shit.

Food? Shit
Transport? Shit
Women? Shit
Wages? Shit
Refereeing? SHIT

The only good thing about us is our excellent shitposts on forgotten anime forums

>Mata unironically the only player on the pitch right now actually trying to play football in a red shirt

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fuck all that, get up

Nothing good ever happens, Everton will stay up and the same three boring teams will continue to yoyo back and forth between the leagues.

>team isn’t built around him
>he is the only player with double digits
The isn’t built around him as they lack an identity but their only goal with him on the pitch is for him to score.

Not much point playing someone with a deal structured like that when he's fucking garbage.
Of course the retarded thing was signing him at all, but I guess they were taking a punt with the team in the shitter.

Go back to the comments section of a live Mark Goldbridge watchalong you cringey paki cunt

they gave this exact penalty to everton last week lol

Somewhere on the USA West Coast.

When are top league refs going to crack down on simulation? It has been promised since at least the 2002 World Cup but two decades on and we still haven't seen it.
This isn't even a United fanboy post, because a crackdown on simulation would fuck Fernandes and Rashford hard.


TIL Juan Mata still plays for Manchester United

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FA likes Everton more than Burnley

The only one who can save Manure

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Every week I think the team and performances can’t get any worse. Every week I am proven wrong. Club is a mess top to bottom and a huge job on for the future manger to sort it.

you mean you've had years and years of winning things and now you're shit so it makes you sad.
it fucks me off when teams like man utd or arsenal whine about how following them is so horrible
unironically no sympathy for any of you

yes. can't wait to see mememouth, fulham and huddersfield shitting the place up again next season

You're like those women who write letters to serial killers on death row. There are plenty of nice teams who would love and be nice to you, but instead you insist on a celebrity who despises you. You deserve everything you get. I'm so lonely.

If Burnley go down they definitely won't be coming straight back up, they're pretty much built to survive in this league, not play exciting football and win games in the Championship

Should go back to Valencia at this point desu