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Last >April 9 DAZN
Ryan Garcia vs. Emmanuel Tagoe

>April 9 Showtime USA
Erickson Lubin vs. Sebastian Fundora
Tony Harrison vs. Sergio Garcia

>April 16 DAZN
Conor Benn vs. Chris Van Heerden

>April 16 Showtime PPV USA
Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas
Isaac Cruz vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa
Cody Crowley vs. Josesito Lopez
Radzhab Butaev vs. Eimantas Stanionis

>April 22
John Riel Casimero vs. Paul Butler

>April 23 ESPN+ PPV USA BT Sport BO UK
Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte

Shakur Stevenson vs. Oscar Valdez

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>Canelo vs. Bivol

How are you seeing it? Bivol being boring and cruising all 12 rounds? Or Bivol being too weak to back Canelo away and getting flushed?

Good for Triple G but he'll get murdered against Canelo like this, ngl.

canelo by robbery

Why doesn't Boxing have an annual mega event like Wrestlemania?

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Canelo by contreversial decision

GGG beat roidnelo twice

Controversial draw Bivol jabs hurt like straights

Ryan Garcia is a BUM


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Bivol is a hype job, he’s probably worse than 40 year old golovkin. There’s nothing he does better than ggg except go 12 rounds with bums

vintage performance from the Triple Grandad

it will be a shame to see him eventually lose due to age against less talented opponents (Canelo)

I think bivol has better footwork desu

>Old ass GGG to Cryin Ryan Garcia
Must be a shitty day for Boxing. I hope UFC tonight doesn't disappoint.

Canelo will end up hurting Bummol to the body after chasing him down all night. Bummol will be doing the Plant Hop™ by round 11.

real talk though that ggg fights was an early FOTY contender

Cryan will lose to make it a great day for boxing

The 2nd was even more emphatic than the first

>doesn’t dissapoint
Pick one. Every single event is a boring crotch sniff fest, the only interesting fights are brawls between amateur level boxers

Hard to see anything topping Wood-Conlan desu

I'm so damn angry. I had GGG 10-12 and had a parlay with the over of 9.5.

>GGG #1 P4P
>Every front page fighter pic is some Ukrainian in military uniform
Boxrec is reddit

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You're right

It was a good fight. Two samurai meeting each other in the center of the ring, walking through the torrential rain of punches. No man willing to step back unless forced back.

GGG looking worse for wear for those early rounds with Murata pushing him back and really hurting him. But Murata was eating some hard shots and didnt actually try evading them until he was already hurt bad in the second half. GGG tapped into his reserves and its like a switch had been flicked. Interesting fight, but not good for GGG’s fate vs Canelo.


Canelo is 0-3-1 against elite talent

never doubted you king

I don't see GGG beating the mexican, guys. The first 4 rounds today were rough

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Hes right, Canelo (and DAZN shareholders) need this fight to salvage themselves, GGG doesn't need it

Why does Garcia look like the gorilla John Ryder??

The mexiCAN fears the Kazakh BVLL

Good thing he still has that experience to save him tonight.

Makes me wonder why younger guys struggle to beat some 40 year old shot boomers.

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never doubted, would rather watch GGG go for undisputed at middleweight than canelo tbqh

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he got walked down as the bigger fighter in the second fight. you out yo damn mind boy. he def lost first though

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Golovkin grew up in post soviet Kazakhstan in a poor mining town and used to fight random adults for money. Zoomers have it too easy now

What's Abelpepe doing now?

Can he really use Lions Den™ like that? Are "they" going to take Loeffler to court?

Can I get a quick rundown on why ggg left abel like that?

I think because of GGG Canelo 2. Abel said you can't beat him.

Golovkin didn't like that Abel went to the media and said he lost, then when he got his DAZN deal Abel wanted a bigger payday

golovkin wanted to give him a flat fee/fight instead of a percentage like they had before

Abel said he thought he lost after the second fight, but GGG said it was because Sanchez wanted a bigger percentage of his dazn deal that he had just signed so he'd rather just train with his brother


GolovCAN its over!!

Charlol will never step to G. The little faggot swallowed when Canny put it on his toes.

Hope GGG retires after this, he'd only be fighting Canelo for the paycheck at this point, he has nothing to prove

>he's amazing he beat a 2 year inactive bum

Dead sport. Heemchads rule

Keep coping crotchsniffers

It's always the money over legacy. Just look at Pac. Ending his career with a loss to a cubum.

>Dead spo-- ACK!

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add a bit of context please, Pac was suppose to fight Spence who pulled out and they picked up Ugas as a late replacement.

Triple G-spot is P4P number 1

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oh no canelosisters....

Literally this. And golovkin looked terrible half the fight anyway. I still don't get the golovkin hype.

lost all respect for ggg when he walked out to this today


Was it autism?

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Canelatinxaboos…this can’t be happening…

Literally how? Have they revealed their super secret algorithm yet?

>I no beliebe dees outcome. Joo mada faka u gon see, I no scared of Golobkeen anymore, joo gon see yayayaya.

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G would have plant laid out on the canvas in 6 rounds