Western Bulldogs bottling everything against the Tiges.

Nobody cares about the other game.

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How many minorities does Tom Lynch?

They always say HEAVE HO UNNA, never HOW ARE YOU UNNA

every thread cunt, get a fukn life!

Dogs fan here.

Not sure why Richmond were rated 2.9 in the betting to win tonight. It's at the G and the Doggies have no backline or forward line.

I'm dont know, but Steven May

Really miss the sound of 90s hip hop desu

Did you tip anything?

Protip: Report all his posts from every available thread for "This post appears to be an automated spambot".

It gets him banned.

That’s not very heave ho of you champ

>2 fresh taylor walker threads baked
What the fuck?

The guy in charge of thumbnails for your YouTube highlights chooses some gems

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netball looks like THAT?

Is there literally any reason to get maccas over KFC or Hungry Jacks

where my iggsbros at??

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bit racist, unna

Get rekt idiot.

>posting Fred during Fred playing gets you banned
pretty pathetic effort

have some taste and get some red rooster

what exactly is your fucking problem?

I hope you get banned from life, Josh. I hate you so much and I wish you would fuck off.

based Fred got the wajala's seething

We don’t have one near me, but I’ve had the tropicana box before and I rate it highly

Worst post in this thread.

got sick of killing too many noobs on elden ring
someone give me a challenge

wiped a whole squad of 3


am i supossed to know who josh is?

shout out to all the false reporting cunts out there

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this but chicken treat

I tried the first couple rounds but I cbf paying that much attention to every game

Grim stuff

their midfield

bit sick of this turkperg

Fuck up Josh, RC, Ian or whoever the fuck it is that you're pretending to be tonight.

is the fuck is fredposting getting banned?

Have you lads tried Carl Jrs, found it to be quite elite

le foreigners showing a slight interest in footy so funny XDDDDDDD

Will quote this post when the Dogs run out comfortable victors

>my team won
SHALL be watching every footy show this week

problem, wajala's?

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Freo is the worst team to watch, defensive fucking trash. Thought it would change with Lyon gone but Longmuir is worse

>he doesn't know

yeah but the soul though

fred are relentlessly dour

Tom Lynch seems like the kind of guy who beats his missus and gets away with it.


based auntie fred

became soulless when they changed their jumper and song

he leakin'

where's my /dollynoongars/ at?

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*distant looming*

I only know RC, dont know who josh or ian are

based connie

NEEED tim taranto to get injured so he stops getting the ball and my multi gets up or else its bread for a week hahaa

Tom Green Brownlow?

saxon needs to fuck off back to /pol/
sick of him stinking up the threads with his shit


Why does Nathan Jones sound like a gay cunt?

akermanis like goal

these teams don't seem like they like eachother

All right I’ll admit it, Bolton is a good Australian football player

how do you know what a gay cunt sounds like? huh? HUH?

collier's hairline is relentlessly grim

Because he probably is one, people who sound like gay cunts tend to actually be gay cunts

I still can't believe that Travis Colyer is still playing.

yeah haha...

might call into SEN tonight and pretend to be dogsperg if the dogs lose

digits and kek wills it

proud of MY norfmelbun

>plays on satdy

really interesting how shit the doggies are without a stacked free kick count


>23-10 free kicks
freo are grim

Digits and you call up and throw in a "pooey undies"

Will Smith count?



The state of the western bulldogs football team

how are you gonna spam images of poo audioly?


Yep less salty.