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>Countdown to the Ricciardo Exposure GP:

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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 45 (+19)
SAI: 33 (+15)
VER: 25 (+25)
RUS: 22 (+10)
HAM: 16 (+1)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 78 (+34)
Mercedes: 38 (+11)
Red Bull: 37 (+37)
Alpine: 16 (+8)
Haas: 12 (+2)

>WEC Standings:
RIC: 122.45 (+47.62)
HAM: 106.45 (+82.44)
LAT: 101.14 (+63.39)

Strulovich ERA PENAL
Albon DQ possible

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Tell me things about Charles Leclerc’s private life


Lescholars, what are we reading?

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What a horrible week for Mike Krack. I think he can't take this strain much longer.


>Max was on target to be ahead of Charles until the penultimate corner
How did AMX bottle this hard?

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Little Women

He locked up in the middle of sector 2

exactly like at bahrain

Pushing too hard.

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Mein kampf

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Max has a really nice cock. I'm jelly

Little Mole's Adventures

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>proxy flag posting japanese porn
Consider suicide

Ever noticed that one of Albon’s eyes points in a different direction to the proper eye?

Cuando suena el tema, nena, pegate
Tenía mil pretendiente' y yo me adelanté
En tu relación pasada perdiste la fe
Yo te enamoré, te comí otra ve'

Recién bañadita quitarte la toalla
Nena, yo quiero que tú nunca te vayas
En la cama ella lo hace como Sophia
Tiene tanta clase que ella ni lo ensaya

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Today on Yea Forums, hue user fucking dies.

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the RB18 bent the spacetime continuum in the wrong direction, but Newey is working on a fix as we speak


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Anyone have the Alfa with Little Mole picture?

He is Helmut Marko's secret son

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Mental how the jannies were able to prune a million threads earlier but let this porn spammer slip through the net

knew some girl like that, it happened when she was tired, eye muscles sharting the bed

They look me so hard

I have several

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My porn blocker extension cant take it anymore...

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Extra peripheral vision
He should push it back in place though, looks odd

Balding ain't the only common physical feature among F1 drivers.

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I feel it. There's another triple engine failure for the RBPT cars coming.

no u

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wat happaned bottas bros? 5 year Q3 striek gone to shit

Cheers lads
Have some bing chilling

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Ferrari customers seem to be off the pace a bit this weekend.

Ass Tonne of Shartin' happened

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>decides to take a nap after the quali shitshow
>comes back
>shitflip user is still not rangebanned and is the only one that is making threads atm
>sees that JAVposter is still active
what the fuck happened to /f1/?

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God I hate chinks so fucking much I'd fucking chainsaw his face off.

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It concerned nobody.

Williams have really lowered their expectations this year and I hate it.. Alexander was supposed to bring stability and some points to the team and I hate it. If that Leaf keeps crashing they wont get any points whatsoever.

is the lazy from checking the apexes all the time?

Red Flags

Where could I watch F1 for free?
Really don't want to pay for a channel I'll rarely use.

A girl from social media is claiming that Leclerc


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no way

multaple cars will crash at the left right kinks late in the race when porpasing bouncing the eyebals and the seting sun means drivars cant see where their going

Leclerc always seemed like on of the drivers

Having a stroke, peace

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DMs pictures of his turds to random girls on Twitter

Are you the actual Czech lad or someone new?

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Leclerc is what? A neekeri?

Leclerc certainly is

Big if true

p8 and p11 tomorrow

>stroll can start the race
digits decide what lap he crashes

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Leclerc is one of the first drivers ever

Who the FUCK decided this had to be so early. I wake up and my phone already pushed who took P1.

Big swing and a miss this time mate

what happened to sainz in q3? missed it


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He’s been away from Charlotte the past 3 weekends out of 4 so it’s not that surprising this has happened

why even have a 107% if you're never going to enforce it?

so max?

El Plan red flag denied him P2/3 and sharted his final run