Satania is crying because her local team (Manchester United) are so shit now

Satania is crying because her local team (Manchester United) are so shit now.

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kys srsly

Fake news
Everyone know that Satanichia is a scouser

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For me, it's Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

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Satania is angry now

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nature is so rude that a guy can look more like a woman than an ugly chick

Hold still, this will only hurt a lot

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kys srsly


She's literally a red devil.

cope harder

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Satania after finding out man united is 7th in the league

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I want to have sex with Satania

>Redheaded devil
>not supporting the team called The Red Devils

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shes a demon

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Ily srsly

What is she, like 12?

anime is gay as fuck


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She is in her first year of high school, so about 16.
Which is totally fine and legal in Japan and Germany

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Based me too

I want to Nakadashi Satania

That's not a guy, are you on drugs?

Keep seething itoddler

Vigne supremacy


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i would have sex with every girl in that anime and willingly let them breed my pathetically inferior and beta huwhite genes out of the genepool

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Vigne is flat and gets fucked by her dog

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why are the anime animators always lazy and only draw at 3fps?

Satania is crying because she can't have my BBC. I hate you, you freak.


why this anime no get a second season?


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Satanic is crying because m1 MacBooks are superior than any troonix distro and windows.

It's too based


For me its Raphi

Kneel to Raphiel

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I kneel....

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anime is cringe but anime girls are based



looks like another win for the animechads, how will the tourist newfags ever recover???

They will never

kys srsly


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kys srsly



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Fuck anime and the child grooming pedos posting it. Off yourself.

>seething over reaction images
>posts a soijack
hilarious, has to be bait

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> (You)
>>seething over reaction images
>>posts a soijack
>hilarious, has to be bait

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