Who lives in the best timezone to watch the best sports?

Who lives in the best timezone to watch the best sports?

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Me. Footy's at 3 simple as

GMT is unironically the optimal footy time zone (the only sport that matters)

not GMT+2 for sure if you like american sports. Too late to stay up for, too early to wake up for.

any european, no quality sports are played anywhere else.

if you like handegg or hoopball you belong in an asylum

Copa Libertadores is also comfy

yeah you're right

Not Australia thats for fucking sure

>Literally invented time

Rest of the world are you even trying?

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i do, you pathethic subhuman

IMAGINE not living on the Prime Meridian
Couldn't be me pmsl

the green witch


And now we set the time you use.

how do you do that? do you know what UTC is fat man


for me it's Brasília time zone, the patrícian choice where you watch asian sports during the overnight

I like our timezone, we get confy premier with breakfast, rest of the euro leagues at lunch, and cl at 17:00

why do time zones have to be so retarded sometimes? why can't it just be vertical lines with slight deviations here and there
>going directly south from peru to chile means a 2 hour difference

I like our timezone, we can enjoy euro sports in the morning and Americas in the afternoon. I only miss some particular events like the GP of Australia this weekend

>American education

Football from the second you wake up to 1pm, then switch over to whatever local teams are playing today.

Politics and supposedly economics


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and now the real explanation:youtube.com/watch?v=NvpbW7JRu0Q

Probably somewhere like Hawaii where you can watch everything a couple of hours earlier than Americans.

On Brasilia time european sports, UCL matches and others are broadcasted on the time they should: 3:45 PM/4 PM. The only games that are built for big evening schedule are Libertadores and Copa do Brasil. Overall 4 PM is scientifically proven as the best hour for matches.

>"invents" time
>sends people to jail for staring at each other on the metro
Name a bigger decline.

the brazilian national team

Hawaii is absolute ass for sports.

EPL kickoffs are at 1 and 4 AM.
College football starts at 6, 9, and the night game is at 2PM

Are you still stuck in 2014? Our current NT would mog that team without even trying.

yeah m8 i'm not talking about 2014, i'm talking about when you actually used to be a threat at world cups. brazil have made one semi final in the past 20 years and you lost 7-1 in it

>champions league matches start at 4 AM

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Oh I thought it was nearer to mainland US timezones. What about Alaska?

>i'm not talking about 2014
>talks about 2014 either way
Either way we only lost to belgium because they were lucky we scored an own goal. It's clear as a day that we are a bigger threat now than 2018 but no one is taking it seriously.

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central, the early game is at like 06:30, 3pms start at 9 and our evening games start at 18:00, go til after midnight if there are west coast games

based cunkchad

Literally us in Pacific Time

Not me, that’s for fucking sure. Especially for EPL which is the only thing I care about.

Why do you live in Japan?

You want to be on the east coast.
Premier League at 7:30a 10a 12:30p
Champions League at 3p
College Football at 12p 3:30p 8p
NFL 1p 4p 8p
NBA MLB NHL 7p 10p (1p on weekends)
Golf starts at 8a

Anything west is earlier

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Because I’m an English speaking gaijin clown who got hired to teach kids English

Grim. Hope you're at least getting some pixelated pusi.

I liked Thailand. Comfy Sunday morning UFC fights

Unironically Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

>Middle East events in the morning
>European leagues at noon until 3/5pm
>Champions League in the afternoon
>Libertadores or local leagues at night
>American and Mexican events until 1am

We only miss shit from Australia, China and Japan but there aren't that many relevant things

>watches European leagues at noon
we know you're all poor and unemployed, you didnt have to mention it again

Uhmm i think i watched last wc final at 10 am or so, bit comfy


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the maritime provinces look like they have it pretty fucking good.

far western china is clearly the worst.

based anglos

Here it's quite popular to listen to the matches on the radio, I do it when I work, also our commentators are pure SOVL.

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You don’t actually think your country sets the world’s time do you?

Don't know which is the best, but I'm sure the Moscow timezone (GPT+3) is the worst
>ucl starts at 11 pm
this is a total disaster because it's mid-week, and you watch it until 1am. Impossible to wake your ass up in the cold grey rainy/snowy morning during the late autumn-winter (if you have a job)
>copalib/copa america starts at 2-4 pm
I remember the 2014 WC with a bunch of the group stage 2am matches
>nhl at 4am
>ufc main event at 7am
Other sports and timezones are irrelevant

New zealand are best timer because fuck you this why

Hawaiian time for me

yankistan is the goat for boxing