Which African country will be the first to win the World Cup?

Which African country will be the first to win the World Cup?

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Will be in a Nigeria - Germany final

France has won it already

Western Sahara


Not like this, somalilandbros

Nigeria is supposed to have half a billion people by 2050 so probably them

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nah, niger is not good at football, nigeria on the other hand has a chance

no will smith, he's banned

Mauritius, it has the least black people.

Hard to tell honestly, African football has to develop a lot before they have a real shot, and by then you can't really know which nations have come out on top

Ghana or Senegal

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France has already won, I bet the second will be England

thanks oboma

france should not exist in an ideal world. however the world is filled with evil so france thrives


coming from an non country without history that's funny

didnt they already do last world cup? saw only black players celebrating and white women cheering


read some swedish history, we occupied you once, you never won against us, yes we have a french king for clout but militarily you could not defeat us but we defeated you.

so stay mad frog

do you really believe you can compare your insignificant history with the history of France? Sven, go and take a siesta.

france never one a single battle against sweden, neither did spain. too afraid to go up north so you colonized some manlet indios. cringeworthy

swedish viking occupied spain back in the day, raised the average height in your cringecountry by 10cm. same thing in turkey, the viking menace raised the average height in all of europe. anyone above 175 in all of europe is a viking rapebabby seed. so seethe and dilate

remember the siege of sevilla lasted for a long time, every spanish woman was impregnated by superior seed, so by the time you drove us off we already planted our seeds, win by any metric spaniard, or should I say svenito cause you 100% have some viking genes.

NIGer will win the 2030 WC final against GERmany

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France already won desu





No non-European country will ever win the world cup

Algeria and Mali already won it dressed as france


Yes we did,en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Nördlingen_(1634).
The Sven fears the spanish BVLL.

>we occupied you once
Swedes never tire of taking credit for the achievements of Danish Vikings

not clicking that, you lost, siege of seville was gret, got about 1 million spanish lasses preggo

norway, we owned you for 500 years plus and granted you independence 100 years ago, look at what you done with it, come back to swedish papa, as for the danish, they were a great foe back then and then we crushed them, granted them independence aswell, did the same to the finns, swedes have always been nice

France currently has the most valuable u23 talent pool in the world. This is how it looks

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New Somalia (formerly Sweden)

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funny minnesotan guy

yes because just look at r*ssias ind*as and ch*nas footballing achievements!

france already won it in 2018, shinji

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What happened to South Africa. They were supposed te be the next big thing 20 years ago

>What happened to South Africa. They were supposed te be the next big thing 20 years ago
Talented South African players are already on big wages and endorsements in the domestic league and have no desire to forgo all of that and try their luck in the European leagues.Unlike their African counterparts who have to move abroad in order to buy a big house and expensive car.


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Francefrica already got two

that doesn't matter, Uruguay has 100 people and 4 world cups

Benjamin Mendy, the voice of reason.

Ok, that makes sense. Like those Russian and Turkish players who choose to be the stars of their leagues over an uncertain future in England or Germany.

An horse born in an stable

lmao Africa won't have billion people by then.


>muh height mothafucka bix nood

France did

How’s your vacation?

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Oh fuck off with this meme, France produced all thier talents. no one is born a world class footballer. Mboope would have been a nobody if he was born in Congo or wherever the fuck he's from