News: play ball

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I happily subscribe to Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, Youtube TV, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Amazon Prime, and Reddit Premium. I love it all

How'd you like Severance?

Adam Scott is a good actor

go padres :)

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No Showtime, HBOMAX, or STARZ? Fucking pleb.

I have HBO Max also I just forgot


Digits predicts the next topic these fucking broads on AppleTV babble about next.

>calls 17 y/o girlfriend to make sure she not fuckin Kramer

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You’re forgiven fren

I like them lmao.

Guessing baseball in Curacao though

Best anime girl of 2021

cubs win streak

challenges are gay

nth for los mets

Why are half of the Angels so bad

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Astros vs Angels

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Kenley Jenson is fuckin ass

barfs unironically thought this was a good signing

>gaylanta gayves

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Enjoy the heart palpitations braves fans


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I think Spencer Strider is going to be the closer before too much longer

"Put me in, coach!"

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Anyone else mute the game?

yeah this is shoot worse than joe buck

I put my headphones in when they started talking about the gilmore girls, been listening to the radio call since. I have them a chance

The Mets are a force to be reckoned with even with deGrom.

Rain delay inbound it seems. Honestly, just call it. Not like the Nats were really going to mount a comeback.

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>doyer fans would rather have krimbel

This bitch has pink hair. CY navigating modern roastie land mines.

dis tbqh senpai

Is this nu though?


What game are we watching?


this abrams kid stinks

angels desu

angles asstroons


Who is this?

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trade him to us


Same. Commentary is a bit weird though.

This is an anti-Yankees thread. Don't let them post about 27 piece of fossils.

no takebacks


Red Sox suck donkey dicks also

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"well ron, you ever gonna call this game or you're gonna let this broad take over?"

sent ;^)

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keep seething, third world faggot.

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>the mets have three players who can just hit the ball and have plate patience
>only real holes are on catcher hitting and bullpen depth
i believe!

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lol did they give a pocketwatch back in the day
thats cool as fuck



>catcher hitting
wait for alvarez
>bullpen depth
mlb dump stat

>catcher hitting

not for long, based Francisco Alvarez our number 1 prospect had a 3 run HR and two doubles in the AA opener tonight, he should start opening day next year, he is elite.

there's only one foid in this one though

cubs fan?

Can we move /mlb/ to /biz/ since majority of ads during games are for crypto?

they should rename them the new york cobains the way they're dead at 27

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Catchers don't need to be elite hitters. Just elite defenders. Jeff Mathis is one of the worst hitters in MLB history, but he manages to find his way onto teams because he's so good defensively he makes below average pitchers look decent

Go Sneks

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yeah fair since i always expected mccann more for his defensive play and framing, and much the same from nido. this IS a very solid mets roster.
that too. catchers don't always need to hit bombs and hit like 30 HR's a year to be considered good. i.e buster posey

This Apple TV broadcast is absolutely brutal. The commentators are talking about themselves more than the game, and then they cutaway for a mid inning interview and a home run happens with zero hype about it, before they go back to talking about themselves and their Twitter mentions

if i'm an a's fan am i allowed to enjoy the met's success?

let's take it easy on that first apple broadcast. they're working out some kinks. gotta give it time. let it stew.


how cucked do you want to be?
again, >we are spoiled by GKR. they're so damn good compared to everyone else.

Do they at least have the usual amount of cameras?
We lost a game once because it was a fucking Facebook day and they only use some of the cameras, so didn't have an important one for replay at home plate.

Yeh, pretty horrendous.
The "Trout almost sent that ball to Ohtani's home planet" comment made me chuckle , though. ngl.

>pocket watch
doesn't count

mlb.tv paypig bros
i fucking hate this asmr shit
it's mixed way too fucking loud

>he isn't a lifetime member of CNN+


by far the worst broadcast I've ever heard

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4am, time for a snack
...once my sneks are done hitting of course

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They're fucking awful
Angels missed a clear as day catcher's interference on Ohtani's AB due to Apple's shit slow mo shot. It hurt to watch, not kidding.

My pirates ):

apple does have the best camera angles tho

As a Mest fan with A’s sympathies you have my full approval.

>runner on 2nd in EI
>homer or strikeout

Such is life in zoomer nu-ball. Everything decays


don't worry, Nutting is bound to spend some money someday

Who are the announcers?

My jays :)

Did Manea have this big hair thing going last season? I remember it being big but not like this.

Boomer moment

Lol every year the Mets optimism