Game on apple+

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Angels lineup

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fuck the asstros

I want houston to lose so Seattle can lead the division

>that thing on the left

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downtown Houston checking in

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what is Yea Forums's opinion on Katie Nolan?

it's ogre

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>more pozzed non local broadcast

yeah i'll stick to the radio


Houston or LA?

>seen detmers pitch twice IRL
>has good stuff but he just leaves them hanging sometimes
I actually think he’s going to be decent this year

I feel that Katie Nolan has not appropriately prepared for this role



fuck, tough break

get shit on

Based Walsh


Horrible commentating

choke city

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it's ridiculous. why bother putting these people on if they don't give a shit

Im at work during like 99% of games so I never hear that shit anyway

I love Apple, but this broadcast sounds like NFL on NFL on Nickelodeon.

>apple+ broadcast

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Katie looks good though

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Siri providing betting odds, live statistics is pretty based.

Scoreboard is also better than that of any other broadcast.

It's the announcers that are fucking shit up.

only reason im still watching

it's like if you lie on your resume and actually get the job

>astros choking
glad to see baseball is back

>It's the announcers that are fucking shit up.
Goddamn, they are fucking terrible. Holy shit.

>saw “I’m inclusive”on the fucking closed captions
What the fuck is even happening in this commentary

>btw home run happened

Detmers fucking hell

Yes I saw the BOOM BABA BOOM BABA as well.

man the anglels just don't quit do they

hell of a catch

He called Nevin a pussy kek

These commentators suck

>I'll be honest I didn't see it
sums up this broadcast

I'm gonna blow my brains out.

Give women a chance

>angels fielding

angels are AL phillies

angels = cursed franchise

At least Walsh’s bat has showed up


>kurt keeping us alive

Ima need that two guns for this shit picture

Perfect timing for that interview

Wow that was such a blessed moment.

Pena > correa



All of you fucking faggot Angel fans talking shit the past two nights

Fuck you faggots

>literally no one has said anything this thread
>talking shit
Hey retard everyone from different fanbases were here last night

Then you weren't here last night dumb fuck

angels ain't it

Level Up ^^^

astros look pretty good. thinking they might just take the division again.


Read retard I was here last night not everyone here were angel fans you dumb casual motherfucker

Suck a cock you fucking faggot angel fan


tucker is goated

Learn to read you dumb illiterate faggot

>come back
>astros put on 8 runs
it really is just comical
angels get so many injuries and when everyone is finally back they're all fucking garbage

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personally don't think angels are that bad, with that go astros and fuck the dodgers.