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>Countdown to the Daniel Ricciardo explosion in his home country

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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 45 (+19)
SAI: 33 (+15)
VER: 25 (+25)
RUS: 22 (+10)
HAM: 16 (+1)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 78 (+34)
Mercedes: 38 (+11)
Red Bull: 37 (+37)
Alpine: 16 (+8)
Haas: 12 (+2)

>WEC Standings:
RIC: 122.45 (+47.62)
HAM: 106.45 (+82.44)
LAT: 101.14 (+63.39)

FP3 in 3 bongs

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gimi 1




me testing AT-21 in Sakhir -21

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stop spamming these shitty drawings

rain in 5

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gimiposters btfo by fujo art

gimi saves /f1/ once again

hello bros do you drink ,milk

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>inspector Amx
I lost it somewhere.

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>shitty drawings
stop spamming your shitty opinions

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bluu car

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straight from the breast, me


So /f1/, did your school have a Phantom Shitter too?

>all boys must make their way to assembly hall
>you just knew someone had stumbled across the latest crime scene
>The Dark Shite Rises

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Some user will sleep in and miss the quali


the flip lurks

Not in the school itself but in the dormitories we had to share bathrooms. We had a turd burglar who'd do the same thing Flipanon would do, he'd put it in a plastic bag and either dump it in the toilets, urinals or shower.

Coming to find out.... it was the pesky girls from the girls school as they had bfs in the dorms.

you were summoned to assembly because someone did a big poo ?

no but a 7th grader od'd in the bathrooms

Actually yes, I remember there was a shit in the urinal once
No idea how it got there or who done it


Flip anons favorite subject. Missing out senpai


oh I am sleepan, fuck formula 1 in non-european countries

yeah it was weird

Someone shat in the following over a short period:
>soap dispenser

The paranoia got insane when it was discussed it may not have been a single Phantom Shitter, but 1 lad shat in the urinal & it started a spate of copy cat shitters

>Rumours Porsche will supply Red Bull
>Audi negotiations with McLaren broke down, looking to supply Sauber
>And maybe Aston Martin
>FIA still not letting 11th, 12th and 13th team on the grid
It's like the worst possible outcome

Overdosed on what? Jelly beans?

>FP3 in 3 bongs
Alright. I need to get some fucking sleep. See you guys in a bit.

I liek milk!

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In college we had someone who would smear shit over the walls of the bathroom of the liberal arts academic building. We had deemed him Poopcasso.

>mfw just trying to take a piss while studying then finding a large smiley face created out of shit on the walls

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grim grimglish

my school was feral but at least poos were confined to the insides of loos

now I'm start guessing the german yaoicunt is actually the mindbroken hamspammer

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idk pills i guess, i just saw the ambulance in the front yard

Just report for spam and move on, don't fucking respond.

Not even a clue?

>Toto Wolff says that he would've claimed the trophy had the situation been reversed last year:
>"If the situation had been reversed, we would have claimed the trophy too and we would have been happy too."
"Max has been riding strong all season and has also missed a lot of points. He is a deserved world champion."

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For me it's some of the kids with druggie/alcoholic parents who decided to shoot fireworks into the toilet bowls shattering 3 of them before the teachers understood what was going on.

The rumour was they got sent to some special school for troubled children because we never saw them again.

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So...how's the rain going?

-Hamil asks

Lack of sunlight, shite weather & general norf life does this to us

>the time someone hit a Seagull with a 2p somehow
>people started drawing shit on it with marker
>by end of dinner it had a tux, monocle & a lit cig in it's mouth

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Imagine trying to recruit Max when your cars are shit.

I can't see racism in his likings neither bio
What the fugg? :DDDDD

What time is qualifying ?

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>Parents paid €20k a year for their daughters to go to an all girls school
>Boys from the all boys school and girls share the same dormitories but different bathrooms
>Daughters gets expelled for constantly pranking the boys by pooping in urinals, throwing used condoms in sinks and smearing the walls with menstrual blood.

This is private school Ireland for you guys

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oh yea we had a dude blowing up toilet bowls with kiinaris too

6 bongs I think

>all girls school girls
The dirtiest of the dirty birds

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We literally call "shitter" to the first guy who goes to the bath in the first day of class

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Not going to sleep just to see
>Car 44 knocked out in Q1

>all boys/girls schools
>share the same dormitories anyways

Checo on pole, i'm calling it.

Catholic school stuff bro. Back in the 60s the priests and nuns ran the schools here typically it was one big school split into the girls side and the boys side. The private schools were the same thing and so were the dorms.

Devilishly check'd

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That's not happening again. I stake my e-cred on it. Piche cabron.

>that kid who had the skin between his fingers cut with scissors over an unpaid debt

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>gets knocked out in Q2

Danny P20 tomorrow

More realistic. But still no.


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>R Jorj bins it during the race

>is always angry
Wow, great writing warhammer bros...

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end of q3
1) LEC
>2) VER
3) PER
>4) SAI
5) ALO
>6) OCO
7) BOT
>8) MAG
9) GAS
>10) ZHO

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