Why is Spain considered based but England considered cringe by their respective ex territories?

Why is Spain considered based but England considered cringe by their respective ex territories?

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Sir, this is the sports board.

I doubt thats true

Señor, esta es la tabla de deportes.

Have you seen how ridiculously butt blasted south americans on /int/ are towards Spain?

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Even in football you see this phenomenon

you guys love us, even our royal family is more popular in america than here
and aussies/kiwis are our frens

Otakus are butt blasted with anyone but Japan honestly

Tablón de imágenes*

we hate spain here, if you hear someone with spanish accent you immediately must make fun of him

We make fun of every spanish accent, like cuban or venezuelan (they sound funny)
But that doesn't mean we hate them

Both are cucks and cringe. The UK target is to spread the jewish-woke poisonous propaganda to english-speaking people and Spain is doing the same with south americans.

Not here, we don't love them but we also don't hate them, we just respect them like a son to his elderly father

Since when? Lmao

shut the fuck up

toca de acá, pirata

I don't care about spain.

Sex with English roses

Royal family is liked by post wall roasties. No man or woman worth a damn cares.

If I see any spaniards irl I get my javelins and start throwing

Lol you voted for their friend el.Borrico

Devuelvan el oro gallegos putos

meh, we cool

Argentinian women are insufferable though.

Because you don't speak Spanish and as such you cannot read the amount of salt some spic countries have over Spain.
I'm completely indifferent towards Spain. I may poke fun at it in an endearing way sometimes but that's it.

I only hate porteños man, everyone else is fine.
Also retarded burgers.

The crazy gang!

Someone needs to make a Spanish version of this image.

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You would need like 20 pepes for the spanish version


You are literally the same shit you stupid provincia

Nuke Buenos Aires and Uruguay


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Don't talk back to me subhuman provinciero.

Shut the fuck up you dirty porteño sissy, Uruguay and Buenos Aires are the same shit and deserve nothing but thermonuclear death

You are just part of us
If you ever wondered why most of the Uruguayans can't post images it's because they banned half of Argentines isp and what a surprise the province of Uruguay got also affected

You don't deserve your new president.

We are too busy fighting among each other like my friends in the posts above me

Oh shit I can't post images? Oh my good so terrible.
Except it's a lie you mongoloid.

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Spain has soul. Britain has old buildings.

You just got lucky like me retard

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Who consider spain based?

Yeah no, enjoy your fucking planeros ruining your country cunt.
If you were not so insufferable we wouldn't reject you like this, but nothing can be done about that, argies are insufferable always.

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You just need to learn to love us

I tried, but enough is enough. Porteños are insufferably cocky and provincianos are retarded except for platenses.

Most Americans like the Brits, we still even follow the royal family. We just like to give them shit, while they give it back to us. Some people on both sides hate the other, but they're usually small dick faggots.


Como le haria un buen BRBRBRRBRBRBR en el ojete a la Merula

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I like to change my surname to Argie everytime i talk to her and she always call me like that

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Why do Argentinians hate Buenos Aires

British colonies developed their own identities, Spanish colonies are all failed states who larp as Europeans

But my country is literally whiter than all the commonwealth mutties countries.

If you speak Spanish you’re automatically not white.

The fuck are you on? Getting colonized by Spain was the worst thing that could happen to Latin America. We literally got colonized by the shitty part of western Europe. Look at the English colonies, they're all doing great.

You don't hate your country's biggest city?

You know how Americans hate how woke and retarded California is? Well, Buenos Aires is that but 10 times worse.
Pic related, the average porteño.

Does Croatia have a province/state that is known for woke shit and its absolute abhorrent takes on literally every single subject?

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>Le 52% mutt thinking he can say something back
It doesn't work like that negro, also don't talk to me.

They are tsundere. We tried seceding once but they got so mad we went to war over it.

Sure, Myanmar and many Pajeetlands are doing great right now

See that's exactly what I'm talking about, your first thought for identity is just speaking about the whiteness of your country.

Yes you could dream your standard of living would be close to Australia but England also colonized Nigeria, South Africa, India, etc. Think what would be closer.

Rural Uruguay is more like Entre Ríos (and Uruguay is mostly rural) also the brazilian frontier seems like another country

I would move to an Anglophone Chile

What percentage of the indigenous Chileans survived? That's the real determining factor. South Africa is the best proof.

It's part of it, our culture is heavy unlike the brits that have barely any.

They hate it because reddit tell them to do it

Rivera is Kino.


You arnt white and you live in a shithole.

Americans love England. Look at hollywood. They are importing even black british and asian british actors

My man, I spent a month in your tiny little cunt. Beautiful places for sure, but you were not the brits I hoped you were. Pakis everywhere and asians too.
London is disgusting.

Yeah no, chink.

As always, the australian dog comes to defend his master
Keep the good work, pup, and they might even let you remove the cuck stamp from your flag

Maybe if you had a cuck stamp you wouldn't be a third world shithole. Food for thought

Pakis are like 3% of the country, that's like going to Chinatown and complaining the whole country is Chinese

USA literally has the most white people in the world by country. Do you have any idea how many that 52% is?

Everyone forgets about Belize when talking about English Colonies

The fact that subhumans who live in slums in a third world shithole can talk to me is disgusting. Take me back to the internet of the early 00s where English was less universal and these shitholes barely had running water let alone internet.

>South Africa is the best proof.
Not really, it was almost empty and many tribes immigrated there

But London is not the capital of England?

And the failure to keep them out is what caused it to shit the bed


Make your headcanon as you wish, china's bitch.
Your country is literally a police state and is basically an asian country in the making.

"If we are free, we have everything"
I don't expect you to understand, dog. After all, your forefathers were nothing but rapists, thieves and other scum that was brought to work in the prison colony you call country.

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You should stop falling for the memes on Yea Forums

I had internet back in 98, Peter.

you're old lol

Everyone forgets about Belize when talking about planet Earth.

Same should you retard. If we are a backwater shithole for you, then you are also a mutt infested country for me.