cricket yes my dearest no shitcoins here no sir

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jos my dear jos

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thankks for starting a cric

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>We had a match in Bengaluru and there was a get-together after that. So there was a player who was very drunk - and I won't take his name - he was very drunk, he just called me aside, and he took me outside and he hung me out from the balcony.



Indians should poo in loo before thinking about being good at cric

Bangladesh have wasted a great opportunity to win a test series in SA. Truly pathetic.

farting a bit this morning not sure why

>This is the second time this year Chahal has made such a big revelation about him being harassed. Earlier, he had revealed that his Mumbai Indians teammates James Franklin and Andrew Symonds in 2011 had tied him up, taped his mouth, left him in a room and forgot about him for a whole night


Based chads putting incels in their place

makes you suspect he's just a twat

things like this don't keep happening to likeable people

I hate iPhone so fucking much I hate so fucking much I hate iPhone so fucking much 3 hours to charge runs out in 1 hour threatening to ruin my life all over again I hate iPhone so fucking much buying xaomi next time never falling for this scam ever again I hate iPhone so fucking much

based sok

what is the fuck even happening?

This is so true on so many levels
You don't even have to be likeable to have it not happen to you. Just being neutral in likeability is enough not to get bullied

The guy has gloves so he can't drop the ball and then drops the eaistest catch in the world
The same guy is batting and the entire point is to stop the ball hitting the sticks. And he fucking steps on his own sticks
The perfect ball by the top ranked bowler to get out the top ranked batsman

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My dear boro mmmmmmmmmm very gd length

China simply makes the best phones
still repping the OnePlus 5T

China are the best at everything
They will dominate the world one day, very BEARISH for cricket though

Might learn Chinese

been considering it myself given our inevitable slide towards their sphere of influence with the decline of the USA

I for one, would like to say a very happy birthday, to former West Indies bowler kenny Benjamin

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Chinas rise is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow
Or like PARSIQ hitting 10 billion market cap

This is literally the best South African side in the last five years though because harmer is playing
Only casuals thought Bangladesh stood a chance

>best South African side
>without ragada patties and de cock
ah yes, the cerebral calculus of cric, everyone

De kock is shit
Rabada is the only player they are missing but harmer makes up for it

Rickleton and verreynne are clearly low key elite
Everyone knows it
Just saying what everyone else is thinking

olivier is better than rabada at the moment in my opinion

just wanted to say ragada pattice
nowt personnel

Hate heavily descriptive, ‘’atmospheric’’ ‘’’writing’’ by the ilk of fraudmac mcfraudmy
Books should be about what they are about

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Hello online friend simulator

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just not gay enough to get pleasure from dick in bum

Oh wowzers

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preferable to all the other elites fucking kids

why are pozzies and poopeelander like this? bad genes? bad upbringing? lack of civility? makes you think they're not humans at all.

business idea: Starship shaped strap on dildo

just banter mate jesus dont be racist

>lack of civility
t. gang rape goodnight

stop it

Am going to watch this /. league match... unless these cunts kneel.

This shit is awful.

no matter how much youre willing to suck white dicks, it won't work.

those are savage criminals but these are the people representinv your nation, are they in the same category?

When the hostess agency put out the call for attractive, well-dressed women, under the age of 35 and over 1.7 metres (5ft 7in) tall, it was inundated with responses from hundreds of Roman women.

Most seemed to think they would be bringing a little glamour to a gala dinner with the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Instead, they found themselves being lectured by him for two hours on the role of women and invited to convert to Islam. "We were at least expecting a snack", grumbled Silvia Figliozzi afterwards.

After a delay of an hour, Gaddafi appeared, in a black uniform with a black beret. As he launched into his address, female members of his entourage distributed embossed copies of the Qu'ran and the colonel's own great work, The Green Book.

Gaddafi, who arrived in Rome on Sunday for a summit of the UN's food and agricultural organisation, also told his audience he had it on good authority Jesus was not crucified. "God in heaven took him. They crucified someone who looked like him," the Libyan leader was quoted as saying by an Ansa reporter who posed as a hostess.

Claiming he was "for and alongside women", Gaddafi criticised the way they were treated in eastern countries. "They are often used like bits of furniture, changed whenever the man wants. And that is an injustice," said Gaddafi.

When it comes to surrounding himself with women, Libya's leader can outshine even Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. On his last visit to Rome, in June, he prevailed upon Berlusconi's government to gather several hundred women for a not dissimilar lecture. Further encounters with selected representatives of Italian womanhood are due to take place tonight and tomorrow.

At least one of the women who crammed into the Libyan ambassador's home on Sunday left feeling "offended" by Gaddafi's view of Christianity. But for another, Rea Beko, it turned out to be a life-changing experience. "He convinced me," she said. "I shall be converting to Islam."

I will NEVER not laugh at Root's mental disintegration in that clip. Literally had to touch grass.

it's literally banter

Knew a guy in primary who got bullied, despite not having anything outwardly wrong with him, just had a propensity for it. He went to a highschool with completely different people and copped the same treatment. Some people are just born to be bullied.

serves you right for being an adult and buying a fucking iphone.

i hate whites on Yea Forums as much as you do but you sperging out is just pathetic. you're also likely underage and shouldn't be here

>ywn be fucked by grimes with a strap on
If there wasn't test cricket there'd be no reason to live.

>i hate whites on Yea Forums
this website isn't for you

True but I wouldn't count elon out of that group just yet

you're here forever.
this general and a few boards are alright but it just starts getting annoying after sometime. i know this is a far right incels containment site but still.

Classic example of poojection

Across Friday evening to Saturday morning the game changes completely
Toil is already looming and it’s a cope to try suggest otherwise

almost time to rewatch Steins;Gate.


almost time to rewatch LotGH

Almost time to rewatch the 2005 ashes