Why was this scene from Lilo and Stitch altered for Disney+?

For the Disney+ version of 'Lilo and Stitch' (2002), Disney has an alternate edited version where Lilo is hiding behind a pizza box instead of a dryer. Could it be that Disney executives want to take Lilo out....FOR SOME PIZZA?!?!

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Hiding in a dryer is probably an "imitable act" that lawyers get worried about.

The film got monkeyed with in its original release, too. The bizarre shift in tone to extremely silly when Lilo's house is destroyed, only for that tone to rubber-band back to serious is an example. Another is the large alien spaceship Stitch pilots originally intended to be an earthly air-liner.

>Character is a problem child
>Does problematic things

What the FUCK?
I mean there's always the thing they tell kids not to play hide and seek in appliances cause they could get hurt, but this is insane.

>UK version on Disney+ in all territories
Just another reason for me not to care about this service.

Reminder that the TV show downplayed Jumba's past hard and even tried to tone it down via retcons.


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more of a liability issue. they don't want to be held responsible for kids who watch the movie, hide in dryers, and somehow get hurt.

How so?

You know what else is an imitable act?
Cliff diving. People get crippled and die doing that. Gonna edit that out of Pocahontas?
Or Gaston's gun? Or Simba eating bugs?

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Give it time, I'm sure they'll find a way to get worse

Trips gonna coom

>monkeyed with

Almost got me worried that they tried to make Nani's ass less big. Glad it was just a non-issue

So they changed the oven to a dryer, sho what?

As much as I'm against this sort of thing on principle, I'm not really bothered by this particular change, and I can see why they did it. Kids climbing into dryers is a good way for them to die. Just google "child killed by dryer"... it happens a lot.

to play devil's advocate, there is a layer of separation between children and Pocahontas and Simba (one is basically an adult and the other is a lion), and Gaston is the villain.

At some point or another you have to make parents accountable for their stupid decisions. We can't safeguard children from every little thing in cartoons, parents have to take the most responsibility themselves and teach their kids right

Movie made it clear Jumba was actually trying to hurt people. The show implies the vast majority of experiments are just misunderstood, fairly benevolent creations. It also generally tries to add details that make Jumba come off like he's not such a bad guy even on the surface level instead of a mad scientist who actually has a decent heart. I can't be more specific because it's been over a decade.

>Or Simba eating bugs?
Nah, that's actually quite progressive.

pizza pedophiles

yes, let's hold parents accountable for such stupid decisions as owning a dryer and not watching their children like Big Brother at all times