You fucken fagets want some fucken Spiderman Noir, dont cha? Well, open your mouth real fucking wide because here it comes

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OF COURSE. I'm hoping for a Marvel Noir resurgence in general, I love this pulpy shit.

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>Two guns
>Shoot two niggas at once
>Shoot one nigga twice

The possibilities are endless

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reading bump

Oh fuck yes I've been waiting for best boy to return.

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Fuck yeah.

Why is he eating a hard boiled egg

Is this a joke too ascended for me to understand

Dem quips

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>mention black cat
>but no reunion

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cheap, easy to make, nutritious

also, Hard Boiled.

Hold up, no one cares that he just spun a web?

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This is fantastic.

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Ah shit, nigga

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>RCO watermark
Fuck you OP

Ok, so that was awesomely pulpy but I really wanted a reunion with Felicia. And why does no one seem to care that he's Spider-man. I know his identity was revealed to the ladies in his life, but surely other people must wonder why he's shooting webs in the open?
Also Aunt May seems a bit more toothless than previously.

Doesnt look like Noir keep his identity a secret anymore

Fucker walks around with his costume in the open but with his mask taken off. That is some superman level shit

his "costume" is Regular Joe Clothes and a full-face mask.

remove the mask, he could be anybody

He doesnt even walk away from the scene, nigga just stand there eating his egg

I thought he was killed in the last SpiderVerse event, did he get resurrected since then or is this set in his past?

The spider-god that gave him his powers revived him in a cross-over with Miles.


Cool, what issue and series is it? I need to read it.
Also, I’m guessing from what some people are saying in this thread Felicia doesn’t know that he’s alive again?