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FUCK, you know what i'm talking about...

>2022 girl group comebacks in kpop
>10k albums cutoff
>if digital only t100 cutoff

>album sales (gaon)
* = hanteo higher

1.) 653k - red velvet >>> the reve festival 2022
2.) 544k - ive >>> love dive
3.) 476k - nmixx >>> ad mare
4.) 389k - kep1er >>> first impact
5.) *313k - le sserafim >>> im fearless

6.) 240k - stayc >>>
7.) 210k - gidle >>> i never die
8.) 141k - fromis9 >>> midnight guess
9.) 126k - dreamcatcher >>> apocalypse: save us
10.) 96k - oh my girl >>> real love

11.) 87k - billlie >>> the collective soul and unconscious
12.) 83k - weeekly >>> play game: awake
13.) 64k - apink >>> horn
14.) 50k - viviz >>> beam of prism
15.) 36k - purple kiss >>> memem

16.) 32k - brave girls >>> thank you
17.) 23k - cherry bullet >>> cherry wish
18.) 23k - wjsn chocome >>> super yuppers!
19.) 20k - rocket punch >>> yellow punch
>20.) *14k - classy >>> class is over *day 3*

21.) 11k - ily1 >>> love in bloom

>meIon daily 5/11
peak rank- peak UL- group >>> song
>green text is new peak

1- 528k- gidle >>> tomboy
2- 459k- ive >>> love dive
3- 445k- red velvet >>> feel my rhythm
3- 246k- got the beat >>> step back
5- 236k- stayc >>> run2u
=====Top 5=====
=====Top 10=====
=====Top 25=====
27- 152k- oh my girl >>> real love
>36- 137k- le sserafim >>> im fearless
58- 95k- brave girls >>> thank you
66- 88k- fromis9 >>> dm
68- 88k- apink >>> dilemma
90- 79k- nmixx >>> o.o
91- 75k- kep1er >>> wa da da
=====Top 100=====
110- 53k- viviz >>> bop bop!
203- 32k- billlie >>> gingamingayo
446- 17k- weeekly >>> ven para
548- 16k- dreamcatcher >>> maison
572- 14k- cherry bullet >>> love in space
586- 14k- wjsn chocome >>> super yuppers!
680- 15k- classy >>> shut down
-9k- rocket punch >>> chiquita
-7k- purple kiss >>> memem
-4k- ily1 >>> love in bloom

>2022 PAKs
gidle - tomboy

>show wins for 2022 releases
8 - ive
7 - stayc/gidle
3 - kep1er/got the beat
2 - fromis9/viviz/dreamcatcher
1 - apink/red velvet/oh my girl/le sserafim

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you haven't made 5 threads unless your silentarinposter

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garam is so damn hot

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I'm not a mind reader

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my wife

someone crop out the uggos

word she is

which one is she?

based trotnigga dabbing on korean benny hill

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i'm about to jihyoblast...


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sakura is absolutely disgusting

Are you sure that's a good idea?

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how does their worst album have 600k sales?

you are not but jihyo is and thats how she knows what we like

psy btfo

silent arin poster wtf you're not supposed to talk

my wife

i have no choice, jiyho has me under full control

why did twice fall so far behind other groups?

Top 5 Best-Selling Female Group Albums on Gaon (All-Time) (as of April 2022)
#1 Blackpink 'The Album'-1,505,615
#2 Twice 'Formula of Love: O+T=


fall behind who? rv/twice/bp literally at the top compared to gen 4 shitters


Maybe she does want it...

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>Behind 1 group

kariwiga vs wintawiga

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I was told FoL flopped, what gives


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they should be 4/5 top spots. now rv has caught up but twice's sales have barely grown.

billie won the nugu wars

give it to mommy, user...

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wait until twice comeback this year before talking shit

you mean our wife

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love billlie

i'm gonna do it for mommy...

spoken like a true roastie

considering the usa concert attendance twice next album gonna sell more than the album

>wait until twice comeback this year before talking shit
this aged poorly yikes

bella bro's... not like this...

my wife

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"g4ram is this, g4ram is that" just say u'r a jobless guy who loves to create unnecessary scenarios to hate her ://

she looks so happy when she gets it

thought this was leeseo in the thumbnail
I feel like I got scammed

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dubs and i post it

come on, user

siyoon is the best looking 4th gen idol but youngeun did kick it the best

this better count as dubs

our wife

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mommy's waiting

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why doesnt anyone make siyoon webms

2 millions seller coming up

those are trips...

bruh what the fuck is this open erping?
that jihyoposter made that user cum in front of everyone

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why are posters here so gay? you are literally erping with each other and pretending each other are cute korean girls. thats one step away from closing your eyes and fucking each other in the ass pretending its a girl

but it counts right


billlie member

are you new here

the hot one

>Kim Minju’s Contract With Urban Works To Expire Soon As She Also Receiving Many Love Calls From Other Acting Agencies As Well

my wife
you can go back to posting your crimson chin uggos

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