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comfy date

loona comeback in august

at least put links in op if you're going to make a new thread during a show

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>ELRISshitters cope

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thanks for the link bro! you are amazing for providing us with these links, a true chad!


i wonder if that's tying into their next comeback

reminder to thank the kpop gods that she didn't sign the contract

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remember when bolbbalgan4 girls sang sohee's solo?

based 2013 bro
make a new thread that you like link it here and I'll delete this one. promise

new elris song is great

bunch of gaypops and nugus

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holy shit bro LINKs? lemme suck yo dick

imagine dubu doing this

it's ok bro just do it right next time

yejibros we are listening to our 2008 top pop hits playlist

henlo rape henlo rape

it's not that people don't consider ELRIS a vocal group

it's just that no one considers them at all

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the good old days before gee ruined kpop

kpg more than any other community on the internet has made me understand why people who like feet are universally despised. i too like feet but they're not the only thing i think about. some of you make it your entire personality and talk about nothing else. it's genuinely repulsive.

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i didnt even post that
but why are you being so rude
i found 2 new music show links since iz blooming doesnt stream as often so i thought i could use some appreciation ;_;

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bahibruddas we are going to coom

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post sica mommy feety :3

love this blog

we, now was a great song
pow pow was a great memsong

we prefer taefeets

ignore them, we appreciate the links thank you

>it's just that no one considers them at all

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post her feet


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i like a lot of their songs
listening to like i do rn

what happens in queendom this week

wtf is elris

what is this

what the fuck

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loona kino

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>MCs call CLASSy global group
>MCs call LESERAFIM super rookie

sounds like CLASSy is much better

sinb and eunseo scissor live on national korean tv

where's lesserafim??

what a competion

roasties being roasties special episode

whos that between heej and yves

the dance stages + winner announcement
will be a good ep

yejibros what if kpg was real life
like we were all at tinny's filthy apartment
and when you want to post something you walk in front of everyone, in front of the mountain of piss bottles and put it up on a big screen
then the crowd yells stuff like omo or hul or my dick
or if its a pic of winter everyone pulls out their omostick and starts chanting anal angel

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wtf were they thinking choosing oribuggo over hyunjin

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this tomi is just for you, please enjoy it

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